Feminized Seeds for Beginners: Get Your Grow on

Do you aspire to venture into cannabis growing? Then you should be seriously thinking about the seeds’ quality because you can have all the money and everything else but fail in this area. Eventually, you will grow plants and expect a harvest from your seeds. That means your choice directly determines your growing project’s success or failure.

Please note that different seed types suit growers of various experience levels. Therefore, some seeds are ideal for beginners, while others are best suited for experienced growers only. So, what are the best feminized seeds to buy in 2024, and how do you select them? Our post shares the top six feminized seeds a rookie can easily grow. It also offers valuable insights into selecting the best seeds for your cultivation venture. Let’s start your growing experience on a successful note!

What Are Feminized Seeds for Beginners?

Before examining the best feminized cannabis seeds to grow this year, let’s shed more light on feminized seeds as such. Any aspiring grower should know that only female cannabis plants produce buds. The male plants only cross-pollinate their female counterparts, lowering their yield power. So, feminized seeds are those bred specifically to produce female plants.

Growing regular seeds means you will only harvest half your investment because they will produce 50% female and 50% male plants. Feminized seeds come in handy at this point because they’re bred to produce only female plants by up to 99%. These seeds are ideal for beginners because they give high yields that encourage your growing journey and protect your plantation from the occasional pollination by males.

The Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Rookies in 2024

So, what are the best feminized cannabis seeds you can choose from this year? Here are the top picks we selected for you.

1. Blue Cookies Feminized

Blue Cookies are a crossbreed of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry strains. The strain is 60% indica and 40% sativa, producing a calming effect. The Blue Cookies seeds are every beginner’s best bet because of their cultivation simplicity. A novice can easily harvest up to 550g of buds per plant. The seeds produce plants with beautiful purple leaves and buds. The strain is also rich in trichomes essential for a pronounced therapeutic effect.

2. Northern Lights

You can start your growing journey on a flying note with Northern Lights. This strain is a classic in the cannabis market and one of the most popular choices among growers. Northern Lights is also among the top five cannabis strains of all time because of their harmony between mild nature and immediate practical effects.

These feminized seeds grow into plants 1.2m tall indoors, but it will stretch to over 2m tall when grown outdoors. They produce relatively wider internode spacing, with long thin leaves, demonstrating their sativa background. During flowering, they produce dense, resin-covered nuggets which form all over plants. Eventually, the seeds produce giant main colas.

3. Special Kush 1

These seeds come from a strain that boasts a long list of winning qualities. They are pretty expensive, priced at €4 per seed, assuring rookies of high-quality indica. You can grow these seeds using LED lights and organic nutrients to produce high yields cost-effectively.

4. Feminized Kali Mist

The seeds produce plants with fewer leaves but higher yields. They are excellent for beginners and easily grown indoors, where they flower after 70-80 days. When Kali Mist is grown outdoors, you can expect to harvest the flavorful buds in early to mid-November. Feminized Kali Mist seeds (https://askgrowers.com/seeds/forbidden-fruit-seeds-feminized) are another optimal pick for newbies seeking to grow a top-quality Sativa hybrid.

5. Royal Dwarf

Do you want to start your growing journey on a speedy note? Then you need a strain that grows fast. Royal Dwarf is one breed you can bank on as you venture into cannabis cultivation. The seeds produce shoots that stand at a mere 70cm at maturity.

These seeds grow fast and mature for harvest within two months. The most beautiful side about them is that their yield capacity isn’t proportional to their size. If you grow Royal Dwarf seeds under optimal conditions, you can harvest as much as 200g/m² after their flowering stage. The seeds are some of the best bets when optimizing space or keeping things on a low profile.

6. Skunk XL

Skunk XL is a great choice if you want seeds that guarantees high yields. This breed maintains a compact side during its growing cycle. Indoor growing gives you an average yield of 65-75g per plant or between 600-650 g/m2, under a 600w light. When cultivated outdoors, the seeds thrive in a warmer climate, such as in Spain, Italy, or California. Optimal growth conditions help produce over 600g of buds per plant.

7. Strawberry Kush CBD

This strain is another favorite choice for beginner growers. Feminized Strawberry Kush seeds grow into plants with buds containing high CBD levels. The seeds grow well in sunny/Mediterranean climates and start flowering after 50-70 days. When grown indoors, they yield 475-525 g/m² with a height of 85-110 cm. The outdoor plants mature for harvest in September/October, yielding 575-650 g/plant, reaching a height of 110-200 cm.

How to Choose the Best Seeds for Beginners

So far, you know the top six seeds a beginner can buy this year. But how do you choose the best-feminized cannabis seeds for your cultivation? Here are guidelines to help you make the right choice.

1. Seed Bank Reputation

We recommend buying seeds from certified seed banks inside and outside the US. Choosing the wrong supplier can waste your time, effort, and money. So, double-check a seed bank’s reputation before ordering from seeds.

2. Germination and Delivery Guarantees

Only buy seeds with a germination guarantee because your journey to successful growth starts there. If the seeds can’t germinate, then you will be growing nothing. This point ties back to the first one—a reputable seed bank.

3. THC Content and Potency

You should also establish your chosen seed’s THC content levels. Don’t forget to ensure they have the desired potency that meets your growing goals.

4. Yield Seeds

Your seeds’ yielding capacity is another key factor to consider when selecting feminized cannabis seeds. Yes, it’s good for your seed to germinate; and that is just the beginning. The germinated cannabis seeds must also produce yields that will give you real value for your investment—time, energy, and money. Remember to check out a strain’s yielding capacity in reputable grower reviews before settling for it. Even at this starting point, ensure that the strain can give you moderate yields of at least 14 oz.

5. Flowering Time

Speed is another factor to consider when selecting feminized cannabis seeds. While you don’t expect them to grow overnight, the seeds should grow as fast as possible. Good seeds should have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. If the breed exceeds this period, ensure their yields are high enough to warrant the longer waiting period.

6. Ease of Growth

Ease of growth is a critical consideration because you are a novice. You don’t want to have unnecessarily hard times at the beginning of your cultivation process. Choose seeds that are easy to grow by rookies to give you convenience and peace of mind.

7. Cost

Lastly, don’t ignore the cost when selecting feminized cannabis seeds. Most beginners are hobby growers without huge chunks of money to invest in their cannabis plantations. Therefore, go for cost-effective seeds that will guarantee you at least moderate yields and scale up slowly. Just ensure that the cheap seeds you buy don’t have flawed genetics.

Parting Shot

There you go with our list of the best feminized weed seeds you can use as a beginner. You also know what to consider when choosing a specific cannabis feminized strain. Go ahead and use this information to make a smart choice to start your growing endeavors. We wish you the best of luck in your new journey.

Denys Svirepchuk, a writer at AskGrowers, is a dedicated cannabis enthusiast specializing in blogging and SEO marketing. He writes about various cannabis topics and spreads word of mouth to educate cannabis enthusiasts. He also has strong bonds with various cannabis brands specializing in medical and recreational weed cultivation.

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