Earning Through Gaming – Top 5 Strategies for Making Money in 2024

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The gaming market is huge these days, with a value exceeding the music and movie industries. Interestingly, eSports is now considered a real sport, with live tournaments. We will watch some popular games at the next Olympics.

And while the main reason so many people are into video games is pure entertainment, you could turn it into income. This article explores the different ways how you can earn money by playing video games. 

Streaming Platforms

Digital Entertainment Platforms for Gaming

This one makes it simple for anyone to start. You can create a page on YouTube, X, or Twitch. The best detail is that you can earn through different ways, such as:

  • Ad revenue
  • Donations
  • Paid sponsorships
  • Subscriptions

Considering the wide range of games in different genres, you don’t need to worry about the audience. Besides the typical video games, we saw a rise in channels that stream online slots. This option is attractive because a lot of online casinos are interested in sponsoring a channel that will promote them.

But before you start with this one, it is recommended to explore the games and learn more about their features. Using a demo version is the best way for that since you don’t have to spend real money. In that matter, check out free-slots-no-download.com.

Share Tutorials and Insights

Share Tips and Wisdom

Even though this one is quite similar to the first model, the approach is different. You will need more than just showing your exceptional gaming skills. The goal here is to provide your followers with instructions and help on how they can become better in the same game.

One of the best examples is Kripparrian. He has channels on YouTube and Twitch and a combined 2.5 million followers on these platforms. 

So, his approach is quite simple. He is known as a Hearthstone player. Most of his videos are interesting combinations of tutorials but made in a fun way. You can watch him play and learn a lot about different combinations and strategies to use and rank higher in this game.

You can do the same, just pick your favorite game, and determine a proper structure in which you will aim to inform others about winning strategies, updates, and other insights.

Create a Blog

This one may seem a bit old-school. Many people would rather choose the video, right? Well, not always. You can do a lot with a blog in this niche. For example, to share articles with instructions, information about the most recent changes, and more.

The important part is that you must integrate multimedia in your posts, such as pictures, videos, and links to streams and other content. The whole point is that you don’t need to stick to only one model. 

I mean, why would you only share a live stream, when you can do so much with additional tutorials on YouTube, and written format shared on your blog? That can significantly improve your channel, it’s called branding.

Once you become a more recognizable face in the niche, you can expect a lot of people to be interested in paying you to sponsor them, share their platforms, and more. 

For example, I already mentioned the streaming of slot games. Add a blog, and you will multiply the available income sources. However, starting a blog will require skills and experience, the essentials are:

  • To determine a niche
  • To write high-quality and engine content
  • To be unique

Game Testing

Testing Games

It might seem less common. But most companies that are making video games will go through this process. So, they will hire a team of testers, and then consider their reviews and experience. 

You can look for such opportunities on the official websites of companies. My tip – don’t just aim at those large names like Activision, Ubisoft, or Sony. Keep in mind that many smaller companies would need a tester even more, and might pay even more for testing. 

You can find everything from indie games, and mobile games, to some more complex ones. Moreover, it could become an introduction to getting a job in some big company. The average salary for this position is over $30k annually.


I left this one to be the last for a reason. First of all, it is not as simple as it sounds. You can’t just go out there, become a member of a team, and start paying official tournaments. In most cases, it demands years of practice, dedication, and hundreds of hours spent while playing a particular video game. 

The interesting fact is that the most popular tournaments are for the games that have been around for over 20 years, like Dota and Counter-Strike. But these players are on a whole new level. If you think that you are good enough, the first step is to find a team. And that can be challenging.

The most important features of a good team are:

  • clear communication
  • proper strategy
  • preparation
  • ability to work together and resolve various challenges

For example, if you are playing Dota 2. There are 124 heroes, each one with a unique abilities. Some may have a serious advantage over another one. For instance, a carry would easily deal with a support hero. However, that all changes in a 5vs5 game where the right strategy will prevail.

The reason why I am so focused on Dota 2 is because it has the biggest tournaments at the moment. When we look at the top 10 list of highest-paid events, the first 7 places are Dota 2, 8th is Fortnite, and then we have Dota 2 again. The biggest prize pool is over $40 million, while all of those in the top 10 are over $15 million. 

I also have to mention Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Arena of Valor, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six Siege as the games known for high prize-pool tournaments, all exceeding $3 million.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the models I mentioned provide a lot of flexibility, and you can easily adjust according to your skills and experience. 

And for the first 4, the essential part is to focus on building a brand. That is the only way to retain followers and create a group of loyal ones. So, just pick your favorite game, and start sharing interesting content. 

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