Shocking Find of Three Decomposed Bodies Shakes Colorado Campsite

Find of Three Decomposed Bodies Shakes (1)

DENVER — In a secluded campsite in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the severely decayed remains of three individuals were discovered, with indications suggesting they may have been there since the end of the previous year, according to local law enforcement.

A passerby came across one of the bodies late on Sunday and promptly alerted the authorities. Upon their arrival at the campsite on Monday, the remaining two bodies were found, as reported by Gunnison County Sheriff Adam Murdie.

Two of the deceased were located within a compact, fully closed tent, while the third was found outside within the camp, situated in a distant forested region not usually traversed by hikers, Murdie explained. The site was scattered with personal items and tarps, and a makeshift shelter constructed from nearby logs was erected over a fire pit.


“This is far from a regular event, to say the least,” Murdie stated, emphasizing that the find does not suggest any imminent danger to hikers or campers in the vicinity.

The sheriff’s department is currently searching for any missing persons reports that could provide insight into the circumstances, but so far, none have been found, Murdie added. The identities of the deceased will remain undisclosed by the coroner until their next of kin have been informed.

Given the “significantly mummified” state and advanced decay of the bodies, it’s probable they’ve been there throughout the winter, and perhaps even since the previous autumn, Murdie suggested. Due to the severe decomposition, autopsies will be challenging and are expected to take a minimum of three weeks.

“It appears they may have succumbed to the cold during winter or a combination of starvation and freezing, but the exact cause of death will remain unknown until the autopsies are concluded,” the sheriff noted.

Murdie pointed out that it’s more usual for campers or hunters to perish from carbon monoxide poisoning due to the use of heaters in confined spaces. However, this case seems to be an exception, given the condition and location of the bodies. Colorado, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and abundant camping opportunities, attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.

Investigators are now working to “establish their purpose for being there and the reasons behind it,” Murdie stated.

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