13 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Sacramento, CA 2024


Sacramento, the crown jewel of California, is often dubbed the hidden gem among the state’s bustling cities. While it might not always steal the limelight like its Californian counterparts, Sacramento is celebrated for its chill vibes, thriving economic scene, culinary delights, and a plethora of vineyards and craft beer spots. It’s no wonder that Sacramento ranks high on the list of California’s top living spots!

Boasting a vibrant community of 500,930 folks, there’s a growing trend of Bay Area tech enthusiasts and families setting their sights on Sacramento, lured by its unbeatable quality of life and pocket-friendly housing options.

The city isn’t just a treat for the eyes but is also a haven of cleanliness, set against a backdrop of stunning mountains, and is home to the warmest of neighbors.

Just a breezy drive of ninety minutes to San Francisco and a stone’s throw from some of the country’s most iconic national parks, location is nothing short of prime. And while tourists might flock here, the city ensures its locals are never short of excitement. Dreaming of that quintessential Californian vibe? 

Stuff You Should Know

Sun-Kissed & Rarely Snow-Brushed! 

Sacramento, the city where the sun doesn’t just shine; it throws a party! With summers that sizzle up to a hot 100 degrees, it’s the ideal spot if you’re chasing after that toasty tan without the sweaty stickiness of humidity.

But before you think it’s all about the summer sun, the city knows how to cool things down. Thanks to its riverside real estate, evening breezes dance through, whispering sweet nothings to soothe your sun-kissed skin. July and August? Oh, they’re the sun’s favorite months to show off.

Then comes January, the city’s coolest dude. Rocking an average high of 56 degrees and nightly lows of 37, it’s more of a light jacket scene than a winter wonderland. And if you’re thinking of snowball fights, you might have to rewind to 2009 – the last time Sacramento saw snowflakes. Don’t bother with that snow shovel; it’s more of a decorative piece here!

Rain? It pops by occasionally, mostly in January, with only catching about 20 inches of its annual visits. It’s like the sky’s version of playing hard to get!

So, if you’re down for sunny summers, mild winters, and breezes that feel like nature’s air conditioning, Sacramento’s weather is calling you!

Relatively Affordable Housing

While living costs might strut 21% above the national average, it whispers modesty among California’s choir of expensive cities. Standing proud at number 22 on the pricey city hitlist, Sacramento may ask residents for a comfy annual handshake of $90,000, but those who slide in with an average salary of $138,000? They’re dancing under a money shower, with ample space for savings jigs and rainy-day waltzes.

Now, before you slap the “expensive” tag , let’s add some perspective. With LA swinging its costly bat at 46.6% more than Sacramento and San Diego flaunting a 35.4% heavier price tag, suddenly Sacramento feels like the secret budget-friendly Californian club!

This city’s charms aren’t staying secret for long. Families, young trailblazers, and those looking to sip on the sweet nectar of retirement are fleeing the gold-plated confines of the Bay Area and LA. In this era of digital desks and virtual meetings, many from Silicon Valley are trading their Bay Area views for Sacramento sunsets, all in the spirit of keeping those coins jingling.

COVID-19 might have shaken the world, but Sacramento stands strong with a median home price tag of $430,000. Compared to San Jose’s wallet-weeping $1.2 million median, it’s a breath of fresh fiscal air. Dreaming of Californian sunshine without breaking the bank? Sacramento might just be your golden ticket.

Employment Paradise Under the Sun:

job opportunity

Hunting for a job? Well, the odds are smiling at you! In 2021, employment surged by 9%, dangling the keys to nearly 989,000 jobs across the cityscape and neighboring counties. From the whirr of transportation to the steadfast pillar of government, agriculture’s green touch to the deep roots of mining, Sacramento’s job market is as diverse as its culture.

In recent times, the techies, healers, builders, educators, and hoteliers have joined the bandwagon, enriching the city’s professional terrain. And while it might not have the techie titan names of San Fran or San Jose, Sacramento beams with pride for being home to heavyweights like PORAC, Sutter Health, McClatchy, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and (of course!) our Sacramento Kings.

For the Love of the Game – Sacramento’s Sports Saga:

Sacramento kings

It’s not just about work; there’s plenty of play! The city’s heartbeat synchronizes with the dribble of basketballs, the crack of bats, and the rhythmic cheer of soccer fans. The Sacramento Kings reign supreme here, painting the town in hues of purple and silver. Catch their basketball magic unfold at the Golden 1 Center, and you’ll quickly realize why they’re the city’s crown jewels.

Yet, the sporting spirit doesn’t stop there! Baseball aficionados can bask in the thrill of the Sacramento River Cats, who swing it out as affiliates of the San Francisco Giants. And for those whose hearts beat faster to the chorus of ‘GOAL!’, the Sacramento Republic FC’s soccer showdowns at Hughes Stadium are nothing short of exhilarating.

Whether you’re looking to carve out your career or cheer your heart out, the city of endless promise and pulsating passion!

University Heights:

Elevate your academic aspirations at California State University! Established in 1947 and standing as the California State University system’s eleventh gem, it’s not just a campus – it’s a legacy. Boasting illustrious alumni like Tom Hanks and Lester Holt, your journey here intertwines with prestige.

With a sprawling 300 acres, 29,000 buzzing minds, 60 undergraduate and 40 graduate programs, the choices are as diverse as the learners. And the learning feast doesn’t end here! From Sacramento City College to the nearby University of California, Davis, your intellectual appetite will be more than satiated.

School Bells & Success Stories

Young scholars, get ready for an enlightening ride! With the Sacramento City Unified School District guiding the way, there’s diversity in learning and an abundance of resources. From the scholarly corridors of West Campus High School to the nurturing environment of Phoebe A. Hearst Middle School, Sacramento’s schools are where futures are molded.

Coffee Chronicles:

coffeeshops in the Sacramento

Ah, coffee! Every cup tells a story, every sip is a celebration. Known for its renowned roasters, Sacramento’s love for beans is legendary. Whether you’re a latte lover or a cold brew buff, the city’s coffee havens are sure to elevate your caffeine quest.

  1. Temple Coffee Roasters: Dive into the rich espresso and java, and soak in the alluring ambiance.
  2. Insight Coffee Roasters: Nestled in downtown, it’s your go-to for aromatic brews, delightful sandwiches, and pastries.
  3. Old Soul Co.: Immerse yourself in its industrial charm, delightful fare, and signature drinks, all while lounging on the patio.
  4. Milka Coffee Roasters: Your cozy retreat downtown, where handcrafted drinks like vanilla lattes await in a homey setting.
  5. Tupelo Coffee and Roasting: A chic hub offering the enchanting Thai mocha and a cold brew twist with oat milk. Plus, with free Wi-Fi, it’s where coffee dates meet deadlines.

Where Hops Meet Grapes! 

Hops & Brews: Got a knack for craft beers and diverse brews? Sacramento, with its beer-soaked heritage dating back to the 1800s, is a hophead’s paradise. Dive into the city’s dynamic beer culture, sampling everything from refreshing IPAs to rich stouts, while toasting to the evening in local tasting rooms and cozy pubs.

Just an hour away, the world-famous Napa Valley beckons with its lush vineyards. And right within the city, over 200 wineries are ready to be explored, making it a perfect setting for wine-filled weekends and memorable celebrations. And who can miss the liquid magic flowing from the Sacramento River Delta at Bogle Vineyards?

Liquid Gems:

  1. Fieldwork Brewing Company: A mosaic of flavors awaits – lagers, ciders, and more! And for your furry friends, a paw-friendly patio is just the spot.
  2. New Glory Craft Brewery: A brewing adventure all year round! Dive into their array of IPAs and enjoy a guided tasting tour, immersing yourself in the world of craft beer.
  3. Track 7 Brewing Company: Your hub for delightful microbrews and camaraderie. Every visit is a new flavor experience, especially with a rotating roster of food trucks ready to tantalize your taste buds.
  4. Frasinetti Winery: Embrace history and flavor at Sacramento’s oldest family-run winery.
  5. Scribner Bend Vineyards: A symphony of wine, music, and gastronomy! Perfect for a delightful day out.
  6. Bailarin Cellars: Although their vineyards are nestled in Sonoma County, their tasting room in Sacramento is a gathering spot for wine enthusiasts, captivating many with its top-notch wines and chic ambiance.

Nights: Brews, Mermen, and Mermaid Tales!

When the sun dips below the horizon in Sacramento, the city’s vibrant nightlife springs to life, brimming with intoxicating vibes and unforgettable experiences.

1. Capitol Beer and Tap Room: This iconic haunt offers an ever-changing selection of brews that can tantalize any beer enthusiast’s palate. Not only a bar, but it’s also a place where stories brew, friendships strengthen, and memories ferment.

2. Karma Brew: Step into this funky spot for a harmonious blend of vibes, music, and beverages. The drinks are crafted with care, and the atmosphere is imbued with good karma. It’s where spirits are both served and lifted!

3. Dive Bar: For a dash of whimsy, Dive Bar is your ticket to an underwater fantasy. As you sip on your cocktail, watch in amazement as “mermaids” and the occasional “merman” gracefully glide and twirl in a massive aquarium overhead. It’s not just a bar; it’s an aquatic spectacle!

So, while Sacramento offers an abundance of craft beers and tasting rooms to explore, it’s the city’s unique bars that make the nights truly magical. Let your nocturnal adventures in Sacramento be filled with cheers, chuckles, and charming “sea creatures”!

You Will Need A Car!

driving in sacramento

In the vast expanse of Sacramento, your trusty car becomes more than just a vehicle—it’s your ticket to freedom! The city spreads out its arms wide, and while bicycles have their charm with a Bike Score of 69, you’d need a little more horsepower to venture beyond the heart of Sacramento.

Sure, there’s a transit system, but with scores in walking and transit lingering at 43 and 33 respectively, most Sacramentans would advise you to keep those car keys handy. And hey, who wouldn’t love those breezy 24-minute commutes?

A Symphony of Colors and Sounds

Whispering tales of bygone eras, the walls of the Crocker Art Museum beckon visitors to dive deep into Sacramento’s artistic ocean. But that’s just the beginning! On the Second Saturday of every month, the city transforms into a massive open gallery, with the Art Walk unveiling masterpieces at every corner.

Got a soft spot for street art? Roll up your sleeves and join the vibrant ‘Chalk It Up Sacramento’ event, turning the city pavements into rainbows.

Melodies, on the other hand, find their rhythm in the sweet symphonies of the Sacramento Music Festival, the soulful performances of the Sacramento Jazz Orchestra, and the foot-tapping beats of the Sacramento Jazz Festival.

But for those who seek magic under the canopy of stars, the open-air dramas at Fair Oaks Theatre Festival and the Shakespeare Festival offer captivating tales, from passionate romances to heart-wrenching tragedies. And for the adventurers? The wild and wacky world of Trash Film Orgy promises an experience like no other!

Unleash the Imagination: Adventures Await

Sacramento is a treasure trove of family-friendly delights! Start with a roaring adventure at the Sacramento Zoo, where the majestic African lions and elusive snow leopards await your gaze. But if carousel tunes and whirls of tea cups are more your pace, Funderland Amusement Park promises a nostalgic trip down the lanes of joy.

Step into a world of make-believe at FairyTale Town, where classic tales come to life. Walk across Humpty Dumpty’s Bridge, skip along the Yellow Brick Road, and perhaps share a honey pot at Pooh Corner.

For the little scientists and creators, Sacramento Children’s Museum offers an interactive space with fun experiments at the Peek-a-Boo Friend Wall or light patterns at Sparky’s Light Wall.

All aboard the River Fox Train! Chug along scenic routes for a memorable family outing. With all these, it’s evident: Sacramento promises delightful days, filled with giggles, wonder, and cherished memories.

Crime in the City: Caution and Awareness

Despite the city’s myriad of attractions and unique charm, one cannot deny the stark realities that come with it. Sacramento, much like many urban areas, grapples with its share of crime. With a violent crime rate that sits above the national average at 35.6, compared to the national average of 22.7, the city’s streets demand caution and vigilance.

The woes don’t end there, as property crimes also soar above national rates, with Sacramento clocking in at 46.9 versus the nation’s average of 35.4.

However, it’s worth noting that not all areas of Sacramento are affected equally, and many communities within the city work tirelessly to ensure safety and camaraderie among residents. Before calling Sacramento home or even for those currently residing, it’s essential to be informed, proactive, and take all necessary precautions to ensure safety. Joining local community groups, investing in security measures, and staying updated with local news are just a few ways to navigate the city securely.


Is it worth moving to Sacramento?

Sacramento, as the capital of California, offers a unique blend of cultural, recreational, and economic opportunities. Compared to other Californian cities, especially those in the Bay Area, Sacramento provides a more affordable cost of living. However, the decision to move should consider personal and professional factors.

How much money do you need to live comfortably?

To live comfortably in Sacramento, it’s estimated that residents should earn at least $90,000 annually. This figure can provide a decent lifestyle while allowing for savings and unexpected costs.

What is so great about Sacramento?

Sacramento boasts a rich history, cultural diversity, and a growing job market. It has a mix of urban and natural attractions, from its vibrant downtown to the American River Parkway. It’s also strategically located close to both mountains and coast, making weekend getaways possible.

What part of Sacramento is good to live?

Several neighborhoods in Sacramento are highly recommended for their safety, amenities, and community vibes. East Sacramento, Land Park, and Midtown are among the popular choices for families and young professionals.

What is a good salary for a single person in Sacramento?

For a single person to live comfortably in Sacramento, an annual income of around $60,000 to $70,000 is suggested. This takes into account housing, transportation, groceries, entertainment, and other living expenses.

Where do millionaires live?

The affluent often reside in areas such as the Fabulous Forties in East Sacramento, Granite Bay, and El Dorado Hills. These areas offer luxurious homes, privacy, and proximity to high-end amenities.

Is Sacramento walkable?

Sacramento has some walkable neighborhoods, particularly around downtown and Midtown areas. However, the city as a whole has a Walk Score of 43, indicating that a car might be necessary for most errands. On the upside, bicycling is quite popular due to its relatively flat terrain and bike-friendly infrastructure.

Final Words

The capital city of Sacramento has a lot to offer, with its thriving economy, top-rated educational system, endless options for entertainment, artistic scene, rich food culture, and mild winters. However, summers in this city are hot, there’s a high crime rate, and the cost of living is higher than the national average. 

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