30 Smallest Countries in the World in 2023 (by Population and Area)

The world is full of small countries, all with their own culture and history. These nations may be tiny in comparison to others, however they hold great value in the world’s economy and politics. This article will examine the 2023 list of the smallest countries in the world, based on both land size and population.

First off, we have Vatican City. It is the world’s smallest country, measuring only 0.44 sq km with a population of 800 people. Following this is Monaco, a popular tourist spot that covers two square kilometers of land with 39,000 inhabitants.

Next on our list are Nauru, Tuvalu and San Marino; each taking up less than 25 square kilometers of land. Most of these countries have diverse economies, such as tourism, financial services and offshore banking. As a result, they offer unique possibilities when it comes to trading and investing.

Pro tip: Though small, many of these countries have a rich history and culture. So, if you’re looking for an authentic experience, visiting one of these countries is a must. Small size doesn’t matter, but their land area may make your backyard look like a national park!
Country Land Area (sq. km) Population
Vatican City 0.44 800
Monaco 2.02 39,000
Nauru 21 10,000
Tuvalu 26 12,000
San Marino 61 34,000

List of 30 smallest:

  1. Vatican City – 0.44 sq km
  2. Monaco – 2.02 sq km
  3. Nauru – 21 sq km
  4. Tuvalu – 26 sq km
  5. San Marino – 61 sq km
  6. Liechtenstein – 160 sq km
  7. Marshall Islands – 181 sq km
  8. Saint Kitts and Nevis – 261 sq km
  9. Maldives – 298 sq km
  10. Malta – 316 sq km
  11. Grenada – 344 sq km
  12. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 389 sq km
  13. Barbados – 431 sq km
  14. Antigua and Barbuda – 442 sq km
  15. Seychelles – 455 sq km
  16. Palau – 459 sq km
  17. Andorra – 468 sq km
  18. Saint Lucia – 616 sq km
  19. Federated States of Micronesia – 702 sq km
  20. Singapore – 722.5 sq km
  21. Tonga – 747 sq km
  22. Dominica – 750 sq km
  23. Bahrain – 765 sq km
  24. Kiribati – 811 sq km
  25. Sao Tome and Principe – 964 sq km
  26. Comoros – 1,862 sq km
  27. Mauritius – 2,040 sq km
  28. Luxembourg – 2,586 sq km
  29. Samoa – 2,842 sq km
  30. Cape Verde – 4,033 sq km

Top 5 smallest countries by land area

Size may not be everything when it comes to countries, but it still matters. Many small countries have a big influence in their regions. Here are the top 5 tiniest countries by land area for 2023:

  1. – Vatican City (44 hectares)
  2. – Monaco (2 sq. km.)
  3. – Nauru (20 sq. km.)
  4. – Tuvalu (26 sq. km.)
  5. – San Marino (61 sq. km.)

Vatican City is the smallest state in the world. Monaco is famous for its casinos and hotels. Nauru used to be rich due to phosphate mining, but now it’s almost broke. Tuvalu is made up of nine coral atolls in the Pacific. San Marino is one of the oldest republics.

These small countries have unique features. For example, Vatican City has been ruled by the Catholic Church since 756. Nauru was once wealthy, until phosphate reserves ran out.

Small countries may not seem important, but their significance in history and modern life should not be ignored.

Top 5 smallest countries by population

Gazing at the 2023 projections, we can predict the world’s minutest nations by population. These countries have itsy-bitsy populations if compared to other nations in the world. Let’s study these countries based on their populations, geography and exclusive facts.

  • To begin with, Vatican City has a population of less than 1,000 people.
  • Nauru is a wee island nation in the South Pacific with a population of 10,000.
  • Tuvalu has a population of about 12,000 people spread across its nine coral atolls.
  • Palau consists of around 21,000 inhabitants living among its untouched beaches and available dive sites.
  • San Marino is known as one of Europe’s oldest sovereign states and still houses over 30,000 people.

It is noteworthy that while these nations are small in terms of population density, they are also small in size. While some may state that their little populations can restrict their impact on global affairs, these nations have unique cultures and histories that they can be extremely proud of.

Fun fact: Did you know Monaco is thought to be the second tiniest country on Earth? With an area spanning just above two square kmĀ² and a population size akin to San Marino, life here is both exclusive and luxury-driven. A patch of land the size of a postage stamp can still have a population bigger than your hometown!

Comparison of land area and population rankings

Analyzing countries’ rankings of land area and population is essential. Let’s take a look at the top countries in 2023. The table below has accurate and reliable data from reputable sources. It gives insight into countries with large areas but few people or vice versa.

Country Ranking by Land area Population ranking
Mauritius 1 (28km2) 143(1,291,456)
Nauru 2 (21) 197 (11,121)
Tuvalu 3 (26) 194 (10,868)
San Marino 4 (61) 215(34,017)
Liechtenstein 5 (160) 223(39,315)

Mauritius is the smallest land area, with over one million people. Nauru follows, with 21 km2 and less than 12,000 individuals. Tuvalu is almost as small, with 26 km2 and nearly 10,000 citizens. San Marino has 34,000 people.

Tip: Year-to-year data can show differences in economy and migration. These small countries may be small on a map, but they have big impacts.

Other notable small countries

Want to explore more than just the world’s tiniest countries? Here are five noteworthy mini-nations that deserve a visit:

  • Andorra, sandwiched between France and Spain high up in the Pyrenees mountains.
  • Bhutan, which prioritises Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product.
  • Liechtenstein, a small yet affluent European nation with a constitutional monarchy.
  • San Marino, the oldest republic on Earth, located on Mount Titano and surrounded by Italy.
  • Seychelles, an Indian Ocean island known for its breathtaking beaches and rich wildlife.

These countries boast incredible diversity, from Bhutan’s unique perspective to Liechtenstein’s politics. San Marino’s rich heritage is incomparable to Seychelles’ spectacular scenery.

Pro Tip: Don’t let size fool you – all of these places offer plenty of exciting experiences for those seeking alternatives to traditional tourist spots. It’s not about the size, but how they use their land…and their tax havens.

Conclusion: Why size doesn’t necessarily matter.

Size isn’t everything! Even though small countries may have limitations, they offer unique opportunities. Visitors can explore a distinctive culture, with easy diplomatic relations and breathtaking beauty. Plus, ancient monuments convey grandeur! But before you go, make sure to do research – small countries often need specialized documentation. So, explore the streets of Vatican City or Monaco – it’s worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the smallest country in the world?

As of 2023, the smallest country in the world is Vatican City, which covers an area of approximately 44 hectares or 0.17 square miles.

2. How many people live in the smallest country in the world?

As of 2023, Vatican City has a population of around 800 people.

3. Which is the second smallest country in the world?

As of 2023, the second smallest country in the world is Monaco, which covers an area of approximately 2.02 square kilometers or 0.78 square miles.

4. What is the smallest country in Asia?

The smallest country in Asia as of 2023 is the Maldives, which covers an area of approximately 300 square kilometers or 116 square miles.

5. What is the smallest country in Africa?

The smallest country in Africa as of 2023 is Seychelles, which covers an area of approximately 459 square kilometers or 177 square miles.

6. What is the smallest country in North America?

The smallest country in North America as of 2023 is Saint Kitts and Nevis, which covers an area of approximately 270 square kilometers or 104 square miles.

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