Statistical Relationship Between Age, Gender, and Casino Game Preferences

demographics role - choosing the right casino game for yourself

You can say a lot of things about gambling but it doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Of course, you can’t play if you’re underage and that’s about it. It is available to both males and females, old people and youngsters, and everyone in between.

What’s even better is that everyone plays. In some cultures, gambling is mostly seen as a male activity. But, is that the case? No, not really. As we said, ladies play too. In less-regulated parts of the world, you’ll even see children play which is something we highly discourage. 

This introduction brings us to your subject for today, and that is the correlation between game preferences and gambling in general and the age and gender of those who participate. As we already mentioned this is the area of gambling which is filled with prejudices.

Do only men gamble? Is it reserved for older men? Where do women fit in? Do young people even play? Let us provide a few interesting answers to all of these questions. After all, gambling is a massive part of our society and it covers all genders and age brackets. What’s left is for you to learn which ones and how much. 

Who Gambles More? 

Who Gambles More statistics for men and women

Is it a prejudice if it’s true? Of course not! So, all of you and all of us were right – men do gamble more and that’s a fact. That’s not all. When engaged in gambling men also tend do put higher stakes out. When you look at it from a statistical perspective more than 50% of the entire world population got engaged with gambling at certain points in their lives.

That’s a big part of the population but, after all, gambling is really popular. When it comes to the men/women division, men have the lead – 69% of the male population engages in gambling one way or another. The ladies have more self-control and only 36% of them ever touch a slot machine or sit at the poker table. Also, when females play they take more time to make decisions and are not prone to risky gambling but take a slow and steady approach. 

The Role of Age When Gambling

age bracket role for men and women when gambling

As we said, there is an age limit when you can start to gamble. Unfortunately, some of us get in contact with it before we’re mature enough. That’s unfortunate, but the good news is that in the age bracket between 16 and 24, only 6% of all people gamble.

As we get older, the chances that we are going to engage with outlets such as casumo.com and start enjoying casual gambling and a lot of fun and entertainment grow.

The next age bracket is 25-34 and interestingly only 17% of both men and women in this department gamble. You’ll notice that as people get older their gambling habits exponentially grow. That’s why you’ll find 30% of those aged between 35 and 44 gamble.

This number rises to 39% for those between 45 and 54 years of age and it is elevated even higher when you reach that 55 to 64 level and it stands at 44%. In the end, you’ll be surprised that 39% of those older than 65 years of age gamble regularly.

How do Their Game Preferences Differentiate? 

gamblers game choice - How do Their Preferences Differentiate

As you can see, gamblers come in all shapes and sizes. However, at the end of the day, age and gender mean little. What differentiates the gambles the most is their game selection. What’s interesting to see is that males and females always choose different games to play.

When it comes to our ladies they prefer to focus on games such as slot machines. In addition to pokies, they are also attracted to all forms of lotteries which include games such as bingo or keno. Beyond that, they’re often more attracted to roulette and raffles compared to their male counterparts. 

The reasons for these decisions are simple. Women love to get involved in gambling but under a presumption of low risk. For them, it is all about playing steadily, taking as little risk as possible, and having fun. This is what makes their decision to play low-risk, fixed bet, and facing the dealer and no other players, so logical. 

Men, on the other hand, are quite different. Most of us love to strategize when gambling. Because of that, the type of games we as demographics choose is different. Men love to focus on the games where they have input on the outcome, or at least believe that’s the case.

Furthermore, men love to engage in games where other players participate and where the outcome is by no means predetermined. It is all closely correlated with the excitement and expectations that the adrenaline rush of gambling can do. 

In correlation with everything we said you can already guess which types of games men love. For one, their primary focus is sports betting and horse racing. The Alpha and Omega of gambling. When it comes to casino games the focus is always on table games involving cards. As you can guess, and as Hollywood has taught, men prefer to engage themselves in poker and blackjack before anything else. 

What Makes All The Difference?

who is more prone to become a gambler - men or women

Truth be told, men are more prone to become gamblers than women. There are a few reasons, and all of them are easy to understand. At the end of the day, age and game preference mean little when it comes to the direct difference between male and female gamblers and their connections to the activity. Males are more prone to succumbing to over-gambling. Why? 

1) Men are exposed to sports from an early age. They start as fans, and soon enough they believe that they know more about football, basketball, or tennis than anyone else and that their knowledge could lead to money through betting. We shouldn’t even mention the number of betting ads during matches. 

2) Secondly, men love to spend time outside, gambling. Women are more likely to get engaged with online casinos, which is an even better option. Men, they love to have nights out and spend time in land-based casinos. A night out is a night out. 

3) At the end of the day a man is a man regardless of his age. This translates well to being impulsive, prone to playing under pressure, and bets based on emotions. 

Bottom Line

One thing that always needs to be remembered when it comes to gambling is that it is a fun activity that should be practiced responsibly. None of us is immune to part-time wagering and that’s fine. As you can see, regardless of age and gender gambling will find a way to become a part of your life. All you need to do is to be careful. It’s fun to play; it’s even more exciting to win!

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