Classic vs. Modern Slots: Which Should You Play?

Classic vs. Modern Slots Which Should You Play

Slot machines have been one of the most popular choices in casinos for decades already. There are many reasons for that, such as simplicity, no need for advanced strategies, and a great chance to win big prizes even with wagers lower than $1.

Also, these games are constantly evolving with the introduction of new technologies. When we compare the most recent titles with some older versions, we can notice a lot of differences that are related to both visual and technical details. 

Before you make a choice and start testing your luck, the essential part is to find a safe and trustworthy gambling platform. Relying on reviews is an excellent approach. In that matter, check out topratedbingosites.co.uk

After you determine which website is the best solution, you should learn more about the different available games. Slots as a category include numerous games, and we can divide them into various sub-genres. Two of the most popular are classic and modern slots. Here are details about them that will help you choose the right one. 

Why Are Classic Slots Still So Popular?

Why Are Classic Slots Still So Popular

It is quite simple to understand the core reason for such high popularity even though there are advanced versions available, and that is related to simplicity. In the early days, slots had only between 1 and 9 lines and 3 reels. 

Those with 1 or 3 lines are especially unique. When you play such a game, you don’t have to pay attention to any additional features, bonus games, or collecting scatters. The main focus is only on combining more valuable symbols. 

The 3-reel game with “sevens” as a most valuable symbol was the most popular choice for a long time. There are some similar games popular today, such as Mega Joker, Alchemist Lab, and Triple Diamond. 

Mega Joker is great for beginners and players who only want to have some fun since you can spend only 10 cents per turn. On the other hand, Triple Diamond is for those who are chasing bigger prizes, and the coin size minimum for this game is over $200.

Main Benefits

We already mentioned simplicity, but there are other advantages of these games. For example, the prizes are usually much higher since there are fewer lines available. Also, it is common for such games to offer very high jackpot prizes, including the progressive jackpot. When you are playing a machine with a progressive jackpot, your chance of hitting a big win will improve with each spin. 

Some of the biggest jackpot prizes were recorded in Las Vegas, and the current record is near $ 40 million on Mega Joker in Excalibur Casino. There are some online gambling platforms where players manage to win huge prizes, such as Grand Mondial, where a player wins around $ 19 million. 

Most Popular Games

Besides the Mega Joker and Triple Diamond, we also have to mention Break Da Bank. It is a mid-range machine when it comes to betting limits, and the minimum is $5 per spin. The good part is a very high return rate of over 95%.

Double Whammy is even better when it comes to odds, and you can expect to get at least the least valuable combination in 96% of turns. 

Couch Potato, inspired by classic machine slots, is another very popular option. It is quite simple to understand the values of combinations since they are provided next to the reels. Also, there is a Wild symbol as an additional feature, and the return rate is very high, at over 97%.

When deciding between classic and modern slots, it’s enlightening to delve into the rich history of slot machines, from the iconic Liberty Bell to the evolution of online slots, providing a comprehensive understanding as discussed in the related article.

Modern Games As A Leader in the Market

Modern Games As A Leader in the Market

This option is perfect for people who want to enjoy advanced graphics and modern features. It is quite common that these games offer multiple ways of winning, besides the standard roll-out of symbols in a single turn. 

For example, there are special symbols that you can collect to win additional prizes, free spins, or even a jackpot prize. Also, there is an Autoplay feature, which most players find quite convenient. You can play your favorite game while playing a video game, waiting for a bus, or having a drink in a bar. 

When it comes to the latest trends, we have to mention the Bonus Buy option. A well-known fact is that the most exciting part of the game is when you unlock the special feature. You will need to collect special symbols for that.

However, developers made it easy by implementing a feature where you can skip the annoying waiting for three or more scatters to appear, and check out your luck during free spins or some similar feature. The price of Bonus Buy depends on the game. In most cases, you will have to spend x100 of the coin value. 

Main Benefits

The best thing about modern games is that you can have a lot of fun and always play around with new titles and features. Popular providers like Pragmatic Play, IGT, NetEnt, and others are known for constantly adding new games that will attract even more players and ensure a more exciting experience. 

Furthermore, you can change settings to adjust the game according to your preferences. For instance, you can set Turbo Play and combine it with Autoplay if you want to make the game faster. 

You can go ahead and enjoy playing slots to relax from a long day or have fun with friend playing online together. If you are playing in tournaments and you choose a team, here are some memorable unique squad name ideas.

Most Popular Games

Even though it is available on some very old machines, Book of Ra is still among the most popular options in both land-based and online casinos. There are multiple versions available, and the most popular one is with 10 lines. 

The main focus is on getting three special “Book” scatters, which will give you 10 free games. During these spins, there will be a special symbol that can spread over other lines. The most recent updates include a model with 6 reels, which means that the chance of getting 3 Books is even higher. 

Another game that we have to mention is called 9 Pots of Gold. There are multiple ways of winning money while playing it. Besides the regular combinations of symbols, there is an additional scatter called The Pot of Gold, and you will need to collect at least 3 of them to win.

However, that will only return the value of one spin, while collecting more of them in a single turn can lead to much bigger amounts. For example, 8 of them on a $ 1 bet is worth $500.

Last Words

Classic vs. Modern Slots Which Should You Play (2)

As you can see, the selection of these games is great, and that is related to both classic and modern options. When it comes to deciding which model is better, that is up to your preferences. The best way to determine the best one for you is to explore both models. 

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