How Old Are NewJeans Members 2024: Ages and Profiles of the K-Pop Sensations

NewJeans band member profiles

NewJeans, a South Korean girl group formed by ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels, has quickly become a favorite among fans globally since their debut. With a young and energetic sound, the group consists of five members whose ages span the teenage years, adding a fresh and approachable charm to their music.

Their youthfulness is a key factor in their artistic expression, shaping their dance routines, musical themes, and engagement with their audience. By focusing on the ages of the NewJeans members, fans and observers can gain a deeper appreciation of the group’s special role in the music world.

Key Takeaways

  • NewJeans debuted in 2022 with youthful energy, under ADOR and HYBE Labels.
  • Their ages (15-19) and fresh sound make them stand out in K-pop.
  • Minji (May 7, 2004): Eldest, singer-songwriter, $1.5M net worth.
  • Hanni (Oct 6, 2004): Vietnamese-Australian, dancer-vocalist.
  • Danielle (Apr 11, 2005): Korean-Australian, top popularity, vocalist-dancer.
  • Haerin (May 15, 2006): Second youngest, South Korean, vocalist-dancer.
  • Hyein (Apr 21, 2008): Youngest, South Korean, vocalist-dancer.


NewJeans is a South Korean girl group formed under ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels according to Variety. They made a noticeable entry into the K-pop scene with their debut single, “Attention,” released on July 22, 2022, followed by their self-titled EP, “NewJeans,” which was unveiled to the public on August 1, 2022.

NewJeans is composed of five members: Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. Each member brings a distinct flavor to the group, contributing to a diverse range of music and performance styles. The group quickly garnered attention for their fresh take on K-pop, channeling a unique and youthful vibe.

The name “NewJeans” symbolizes their ambition to set fresh trends in the music industry, akin to the timeless fashion staple of jeans. Their debut has been widely recognized for its originality and appeal across a broad audience, setting the tone for their subsequent artistic endeavors.

Member Roster

  • Hanni: Lead Vocalist
  • Minji: Main Dancer, Vocalist
  • Danielle: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
  • Haerin: Main Vocalist
  • Hyein: Maknae, Vocalist

The group has established a multi-faceted image, marked by their multinational lineup and multilingual capabilities, which have allowed them to connect with a global fanbase. With their early career marked by a series of successful releases, NewJeans continues to establish a footprint in the K-pop industry.

Individual Member Ages

K-pop group NewJeans ages

NewJeans Member Current Age Date of Birth
Minji 19 years old May 7, 2004
Hanni 19 years old October 6, 2004
Danielle 18 years old April 11, 2005
Haerin 17 years old May 15, 2006
Hyein 15 years old April 21, 2008

Min-ji’s Age

NewJeans How Old is Minji

Kim Min-ji (Korean: 김민지) known by her stage name Minji, is the oldest member of the South Korean K-pop group NewJeans. Born on May 7, 2004, in Chuncheon, South Korea, she is currently 19 years old by international age and 21 by Korean age calculations. Before joining NewJeans, Minji trained at JYP Entertainment and now contributes to the band as both a singer and a songwriter.

Hanni’s Age

Pham Ngoc Han (Korean: 팜응옥한) – who performs under the stage name Hanni, is the Vietnamese-Australian K-pop idol and the second oldest member of NewJeans. Her birthday is October 6, 2004, and she was born in Melbourne, Australia. According to international age, she is 19 years old, but in Korea, she is considered 21 years old. Hanni plays a key role in NewJeans as the main dancer and vocalist.

Danielle’s Age

How Old is Danielle NewJeans

Mo Ji Hye (Korean: 모지혜) known as Danielle, is a Korean-Australian K-pop artist in NewJeans. Born on April 11, 2005, in Newcastle, Australia, she is 18 internationally and 20 in Korean age. Danielle serves as a vocalist and dancer for the group.

Haerin’s Age

Kang Haerin (Korean: 강해린) also known as Haerin, is the second youngest member of the South Korean K-pop group NewJeans. She was born on May 15, 2006, in Gimcheon-si, South Korea. According to international age, she is 17 years old, but in Korea, she is considered 19 years old. Haerin contributes to the band as both a vocalist and a dancer.

Hyein’s Age

NewJeans Hyein age

Lee Hye-in (Korean: 이혜인) known as Hyein, is the youngest NewJeans member, born on April 21, 2008, in Incheon, South Korea. Internationally, she is 15 years old and 17 in Korean age. Hyein serves as a vocalist and dancer for the group.

How Koreans Calculate Age?

Let’s break it down with a straightforward example. Consider someone born in 1993 and the current year is 2019. In Korean age, the formula is as follows: Korean age = (2019 – 1993) + 1, which equals 27 years. In contrast, the Western system might show them as 26 years old until their birthday in 2019, after which they’d also be 27 years old.

For fans of Korean culture, let’s apply this to a well-known figure, Jungkook from BTS, born on September 1, 1997. By Western calculation, he turns 22 in 2019. However, in Korean age, he’s considered 23: he’s 22 + 1 after his birthday, but effectively 23 throughout the year.

Another example emphasizes the difference: a child born on December 31 is only a day old in the Western system but considered two years old in Korean age because they’re born as a 1-year-old and gain another year on January 1.

Age Distribution in NewJeans

NewJeans member bios

The members of the K-pop girl group NewJeans exhibit a narrow age range, demonstrating the youthful spirit they bring to the music industry. The group comprises five members, each with a noteworthy talent that complements the team. The age ranking within NewJeans spans from the oldest, Minji, to the youngest, Hyein, all of whom were teenagers at the time of their debut.

Oldest Members:

  • Minji was born on May 07, 2004, making her 19 years old.
  • Hanni, sharing the same birth year, was born on October 06 and also stands at 19 years old.

Middle Range:

  • Danielle, slightly younger than her peers above, was born on July 11, 2004, and is therefore 19 years old as well.

Younger Members:

  • Haerin, whose birthday is on February 15, 2006, is 18 years old.
  • Hyein represents the youngest of the group, being born on April 21, 2008, and is 15 years old.

This close-knit age distribution is common in K-pop, and it often facilitates a cohesive group dynamic, with members sharing similar stages of personal growth and development. Each member of NewJeans brings their unique energy to the group, resonating with fans across various age demographics.

The group made a poignant entrance into the music scene with their debut single “Attention” on July 22, 2022, followed by their debut extended play, “New Jeans,” which was unveiled to the public on August 1, 2022.

Comparison with Peer Groups

NewJeans youngest member

Group Debut Year Approximate Average Age at Debut
NewJeans 2022 16.8 years
BLACKPINK 2016 19.75 years
Red Velvet 2014 20.4 years
TWICE 2015 18.9 years

Given the industry’s competitive nature, younger groups like NewJeans often get a head start in building a long-term fanbase, providing a wider window for group activities and evolution. To illustrate, members of NewJeans are between the ages of 16 and 18, which is a strong point highlighting their appeal to the increasingly younger demographic of K-pop fans.

Their positioning also showcases the strategic planning of ADOR and HYBE Labels, considering the longevity and developmental potential of NewJeans within the fiercely competitive K-pop sphere. Comparatively, the group’s age not only offers a fresh perspective within the industry but also hints at their sustained growth potential over the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which NewJeans member has the highest net worth?
Minji tops the wealth chart among the NewJeans members, boasting an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023, according to a report by IBTimes.
Who ranks as the most favored NewJeans member?
Danielle leads in popularity within NewJeans, securing a brand value of 3,530,278 points, as highlighted in the Korean Business Research Institute’s June 2023 analysis.
Which NewJeans member is considered the least popular?
Hyein holds the position of the least popular member, with a brand value of 1,247,037 points, based on findings from the Korean Business Research Institute’s June 2023 report.

Final Words

NewJeans, emerging under ADOR and HYBE Labels, has made a significant impact since their 2022 debut with their youthful energy and innovative approach to K-pop.

With members aged between 15 and 19, their diverse talents and multinational backgrounds have quickly garnered a global fanbase, distinguishing them in a competitive industry.

Their fresh sound and dynamic performances promise a bright future, making NewJeans a group to watch.

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