9 Tips and Rules for Writing a Personal Statement Assignment

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Applying for a university is not a straightforward task. There are layers to it. Being a good student and passing all the entrance exams or admission tests sometimes is not enough. How so?

Well, there are always plenty of people who do that too. Many of them will do it better. Also, there is a situation where you won’t stand out in the crowd of similar students.

What can you do to stand out? You can always excel in writing your personal statement assignment. Here’s how to do it. 

1.  Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Writing this assignment is not a must at many colleges. This doesn’t mean you can neglect it. Approach this issue as if it will be an obstacle down the road. Plan everything about it. What you want to write, and how you want to say it.

Plan in detail, and do not leave anything out. Being unsure from the start is not a good sign when it comes to achieving success. To be able to reach your objectives tied to the university, you need to have a framework in place. This is where it all starts. 

2. Create Outlines

This is where your focus needs to lie. Create outlines that will clearly state why you want to enter a certain graduate program and where your ambitions aim.

Many people believe that being vague in this department is enough and that classic answers will cover the field. This is not enough. Everyone wants to be a part of the school where they’re enlisting their application. You don’t need to be only motivated.

The committee that will be looking at your personal statement assignment just wants passion and commitment. You need to clearly outline why, how, and when you will approach your studies, and envision the path that will lead you to your end goal

3. Use Examples

you love to read

The theory is great. We all love it. Being philosophical about some matters will impress people. This is not a situation where you should be abstract. What’s required is concrete action. Avoid generalizing matters. Talk about our inspirations through concrete examples.

If you love books, don’t just say that you love to read. List the books you’ve read, how they affected you, what you learned while reading, and how you’ll apply that knowledge going forward. The better your examples are, the better impression you’ll leave on the committee. 

4. Talk of Your Accomplishments

As far as personal statement goes, modesty needs to be left at home. The reason why you believe you are good enough for a certain university is based on your past accomplishments.

During your studies, you have learned a thing or two about things and even become an expert in a few. When you write this assignment, you must cover all the aspects of your previous education and the success you’ve had while at it.

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5. Moderately Praise Your New School 

Moderately Praise Your New School 

There are plenty of reasons why you want to continue your education in a certain school. All of those reasons are certainly praiseworthy. But, this is where you need to find that thin border that will set your praise aside from wanting to get the committee on your good side.

No one loves to be flattered too much. People will start believing that you have aside interests and that you’re not completely honest. To avoid this, you need to be moderate in your praise. That shouldn’t be too hard – just keep your focus on the facts. 

6. Pinpoint Your Focus Early On

The focus of your essay needs to be on the reasons why you want to join that particular program. Before getting to that point, you could lose yourself in describing why you’re the ideal person for a certain school.

While talking about yourself is great, you shouldn’t lose focus. These committees go through thousands of these papers each year, and this is why you need to keep their attention from the start.

If there’s a main point of our personal statement assignment, you need to mention it early on, captivate the reader, and slowly lead them to the core of your essay.

7. Be Positive

Your writing needs to be positive. This is the happiest time of your life. All of your previous work is being judged, and you are looking at a better tomorrow at a place that will open many doors for you in the future. There is no place for negativity in your writing.

The tone of your assignment needs to remain positive. While sometimes it is not possible to avoid being a little negative, you should refrain from it as much as possible. 

8. Draft, Draft, Draft 

Draft, Draft, Draft 

Practice makes perfect. We hope that you don’t believe that only one version of this assignment is going to suffice. That’s not the case. You need one, two, and then some. Create multiple drafts. Only then you’ll know which one suits your goals and your future college the best. By only focusing on one draft, one version, you might be tying yourself to an incoming failure.

Also, it would be wise to consult one of your previous professors or a writing expert to go through your essay before submitting it. This way you’ll have a second opinion, and you’ll be one step closer to a perfect product. 

9. Be Professional 

In essence, we’re talking about your language. It needs to be professional. You can’t write like you’re writing an English language essay in middle school. It needs to be better than that. Do not use phrases such as ‘extremely’, ‘like’, ‘love it’, or similar ones. You need a serious, professional, adult tone.

After all, you want to impress a bunch of academics, and not your Sunday league buddies. Have this in mind from the first word you write up until the last one. 

Bottom Line

When writing a personal statement assignment, you need to have an idea of what you’re doing. This article, and similar ones you’ll find on the web, should help you stay on the path.

Just keep your head high, your focus straight, and get down to work. It’s your dreams you’re chasing. So chase them in this order. 

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