Tesla “Chill Mode”: Everything You Need to Know (7 Typical Questions)

Chill Mode

As a former mechanic who has tested a plethora of vehicles, I’ve seen my fair share of innovative features. However, Tesla’s “Chill Mode” stands out as a unique addition to the electric vehicle world. Let’s dive deep into this feature, answering some of the most common questions and providing insights from a seasoned car enthusiast’s perspective.

What Exactly Does Chill Mode Do on a Tesla?

Tesla vehicles are renowned for their rapid acceleration, often compared to supercars. However, not every driver is comfortable with such intense speeds, especially when they’re just looking for a relaxed drive. Enter Tesla’s “Chill Mode.”

Chill Mode is essentially a setting that allows Tesla drivers to experience a more gradual acceleration, reminiscent of traditional gas vehicles. Instead of the breathtakingly quick acceleration Tesla is known for, activating Chill Mode gives drivers a more controlled and gentle acceleration.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who aren’t accustomed to the rapid acceleration of electric vehicles or simply prefer a smoother driving experience.

Benefits Beyond Comfort

While the primary purpose of Chill Mode is to offer a gentler ride, it has other advantages as well. For instance, it can conserve battery life to some extent, depending on the model.

Additionally, Chill Mode can enhance traction on slippery roads, making it a valuable feature during rainy days or winter months. Furthermore, if your insurance company monitors driving habits, using Chill Mode might lead to safer driving records and potential discounts on premiums.

Do All Tesla’s Have Chill Mode?

Every Tesla Model

With the increasing variety of Tesla models available, potential buyers often wonder if Chill Mode is a standard feature across the board.

Universal Availability

The answer is a resounding yes. Whether you’re eyeing the Model S, Model Y, Model 3, or Model X, you can rest assured that Chill Mode will be an option in your vehicle’s console.

Moreover, since all Tesla models come equipped with autopilot, they inherently include the Chill Mode feature. So, regardless of the model you choose, Tesla ensures that every driver can tailor their driving experience to their preferences.

How Do You Turn Chill Mode On and Off?

Tesla Chill Mode turn off and on

For those new to the Tesla ecosystem, navigating through the myriad of features can be a tad overwhelming. Here’s a simple guide to activating or deactivating Chill Mode.


  1. Tap on “Control,” followed by “Pedal and Steering.”
  2. Press the “acceleration” option.
  3. Select “Chill.” Once activated, your instrument panel will display “chill” above the driving speed, indicating that Chill Mode is active.


To switch off Chill Mode, simply follow the steps mentioned above and choose a different driving mode, such as Standard, Sport, or Ludicrous. Remember, each Tesla model might have specific modes based on its production date, so it’s a good idea to consult your owner’s manual for clarity.

Does This Mode Extend Your Tesla’s Range?

tesla Driving

One of the most frequently asked questions about Chill Mode is its impact on the vehicle’s driving range. Given that electric vehicle owners are always keen on maximizing their mileage, it’s essential to understand how Chill Mode plays into this.

Tesla’s Official Stance

According to Tesla, Chill Mode isn’t explicitly designed to extend the driving range. Its primary function is to moderate acceleration. However, real-world experiences and reports suggest that Chill Mode might indirectly contribute to improved range.

Practical Findings

Several Tesla users and external sources have reported that combining Chill Mode with standard “hypermiling” techniques can lead to increased range. For instance, a study by a Tesla user found that using Chill Mode resulted in a 4% energy saving per mile over 20 drives. While this might not seem significant, it can add up over longer drives, providing extra miles.

How Does It Interact with Autopilot?

Full Self-Driving

With Autopilot being one of Tesla’s standout features, it’s natural to wonder how it interacts with Chill Mode. Does one override the other, or do they work in tandem?

A Gentler Autopilot Experience

When both Chill Mode and Autopilot are active, drivers have reported a noticeably smoother ride, especially in traffic conditions. The vehicle tends to accelerate even more gradually, ensuring a calm and relaxed driving experience. However, some drivers feel that this combination might be too slow for their liking, especially when they’re in a hurry.

Balancing Comfort with Speed

While the combined use of Chill Mode and Autopilot offers a gentler ride, it’s essential to understand your preferences and adjust the settings accordingly. If you’re someone who values comfort over speed, this combination might be perfect for you.

How Fast is Tesla’s Chill Mode?

0-60 in CHILL Mode -

Given that Chill Mode modifies acceleration, many wonder about its impact on the vehicle’s overall speed. Does it significantly reduce the car’s performance?

Chill Mode vs. Standard Mode

It’s crucial to note that Chill Mode doesn’t make your Tesla slower; it merely alters the acceleration curve. For instance, a Tesla Model 3 can reach 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds in standard mode. However, with Chill Mode activated, it takes around 7 seconds. Similarly, the Model S 100D achieves 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds in standard mode and 7.2 seconds in Chill Mode.

A Perspective on Speed

For avid speed enthusiasts, Chill Mode might seem a tad slow. However, for the average driver, especially those transitioning from gas vehicles, Chill Mode offers a comfortable and familiar driving experience. It bridges the gap between the traditional driving feel and the futuristic Tesla experience.

Does Chill Mode Impact Insurance Premiums?

Tesla Insurance_

With the rise of telematics and insurance companies monitoring driving habits, it’s worth exploring if using features like Chill Mode can have a financial impact on your insurance premiums.

Driving Habits and Insurance

Many insurance companies are now offering usage-based insurance (UBI) policies, where they track driving habits to determine premiums. Safe driving habits, like gentle acceleration and braking, can lead to discounts. Given that Chill Mode promotes smoother acceleration, it’s plausible that consistent use could be viewed favorably by insurers.

Potential Savings

While not all insurance companies might offer discounts specifically for Chill Mode usage, the driving habits it promotes can lead to safer driving records. Over time, this can translate to potential savings on insurance premiums, especially with insurers that reward safe driving.

Chill Mode vs. Other Tesla Driving Modes

Tesla offers a range of driving modes to cater to different driving preferences. How does Chill Mode stack up against them?

Diverse Driving Experiences

Apart from Chill Mode, Tesla vehicles come equipped with various driving modes like Standard, Sport, Insane, and Ludicrous. Each mode offers a unique driving experience, from the calm and relaxed Chill Mode to the adrenaline-pumping Ludicrous mode.

Choosing the Right Mode

While Chill Mode is perfect for those seeking a gentle drive, modes like Sport and Ludicrous are tailored for speed enthusiasts. It’s all about understanding your driving preferences and selecting the mode that aligns with them.

FAQ: Tesla’s Chill Mode

1. Can I switch between Chill Mode and other driving modes while driving?

Yes, you can seamlessly switch between Chill Mode and other driving modes even while the vehicle is in motion. However, for safety reasons, it’s always best to make such changes when the car is stationary or moving at a slow speed.

2. Does Chill Mode affect the braking system of the Tesla?

No, Chill Mode primarily impacts acceleration. The braking system remains unaffected, ensuring consistent and safe braking performance.

3. Is there a noticeable difference in battery consumption when using Chill Mode for extended periods?

While Chill Mode can lead to some battery conservation due to gentler acceleration, the overall impact on battery life for everyday driving might be minimal. However, over longer drives, the cumulative effect can be more noticeable.

4. Can Chill Mode be used during track days or high-performance driving events?

While you can technically use Chill Mode during such events, it’s not recommended. Chill Mode is designed for a more relaxed driving experience, and for high-performance events, modes like Sport or Ludicrous would be more appropriate.

5. How does Chill Mode impact the overall wear and tear of the vehicle?

Using Chill Mode can potentially reduce wear and tear on certain components, especially those related to acceleration. However, regular maintenance is still essential to ensure the vehicle’s longevity.

6. Are there any plans to introduce more customization options within Chill Mode?

While Tesla continuously updates its features, as of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding further customization for Chill Mode. However, given Tesla’s track record, enhancements are always a possibility.

7. Can Chill Mode be used in conjunction with Tesla’s towing features?

Yes, Chill Mode can be used while towing. However, drivers should be aware that towing can impact acceleration and battery range, regardless of the driving mode selected.

Final Words

Tesla’s Chill Mode is more than just a feature; it’s a testament to the brand’s dedication to offering a diverse driving experience tailored to individual preferences.

As electric vehicles become the norm, features like Chill Mode will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the transition is smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable for all. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or someone who cherishes a relaxed drive, Tesla’s innovations ensure that the future of driving is in good hands.

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