Is Texas Being Haunted by a Cow-Killing Entity? The Truth Unveiled

The Mystery of Dead Cows Found in Texas

In Texas, a series of bizarre cow deaths has left investigators baffled and ranchers on edge. The cows were found with their tongues cut off, but no blood or signs of struggle were present.

This eerie scene bears a striking resemblance to the mysterious happenings on the History Channel’s show, The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch.

Mysterious Cow Deaths in Texas

In three counties in east-central Texas, seven cows from different pastures and herds were found dead in a matter of weeks. All were lying on one side with a mutilated part of their face exposed, and their tongues removed. The cows were discovered in Madison, Brazos, and Robertson counties.

The Madison county sheriff’s office described the cuts on the cows’ faces as clean and precise, leaving the meat underneath untouched. Two of the cows also had their anus and external genitalia removed in a similarly precise manner. No predators or birds appeared to have scavenged the remains.

While some people attribute the strange incidents to supernatural forces, a closer look at the unsolved mystery involving cows found dead with severed tongues in Texas might shed more light on the enigmatic events.

Unexplained Livestock Deaths: Aliens or Rituals?

The strange incidents have reignited conspiracy theories about livestock mutilations dating back to the 1970s in the US. Some believe that aliens are responsible, while others suspect ritualistic killings. In 1979, the FBI’s Operation Animal Mutilation investigated similar cases in New Mexico but concluded that natural predation was the cause.

For one of the recently deceased cows, a postmortem exam determined pneumonia as the cause of death. However, it did not provide any explanation for the injuries. The Madison county sheriff’s office is actively coordinating with other agencies to find answers.

Ranchers on High Alert

Local ranchers are understandably concerned for their cattle. Mark Enloe of Enloe Ranch, who lives near the site of the recent killings, is keeping a close watch on his herd. His neighbor has installed cameras around his cows for added protection. Steve Cole, Madison county’s justice of the peace and Enloe’s friend, is also worried, as one of his cows died of unnatural causes recently, although it was not mutilated.

At B&B Cattle Company, owner Brad Barrett relies on his dogs to alert him to any unusual activity. The sheriff’s offices in all three affected counties have not yet commented on the situation.

A $5,000 reward is being offered by the Animal Legal Defense Fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the cow deaths.


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