Surprising Reveals: 2024’s State-by-State Average Penis Sizes in the US

Surprising Reveals: 2024's State-by-State Average Penis Sizes in the US

Measuring penis size is a daunting task. A hard one. This is a subject which is difficult to talk about and be honest about it. Add various myths and misconceptions to the mix, and the picture becomes even blurrier. Good luck, we have scientists.

Some people will provide us with this information without being subjective about it. Average size by US state is an interesting subject to talk about. If you’re interested, let’s take a few steps on this journey together. To best understand this subject as a whole it is important to start with myths and facts.

Myths and Facts About Penis Size

In this department data matters above all else. But we will take a different route. Penis size is surrounded by too many myths. This is happening forever and will continue before we set myths from facts.

For one, size doesn’t equal sex performance. It is more about individual needs and different body types. You also shouldn’t pay attention to the media and the internet and delve too much into the fictional perfect size.

Your sexual performance is not all about size nor you’re a bigger man with a bigger tool. Health, age, and genes are way more important.

To get too many worries from your mind it is better to learn how exactly to measure your penis first.

Penis Size Measurement

For one, and you’ll love this. Penis is sized only when erect. That is the size that matters. You need to measure the entire surface from the base up to the tip. Visit this website if you want to see a product that depicts the perfect size perfectly.

By measuring it like this, scientists and data collectors from the United States of America have reached the real number of an average penis length. The magic number is 5.16 inches which translates to 13.12cm. 

What you need to know is that the info we are using is from 2015 so it could be that the Americans have grown in the meantime. The named study was done by the British Journal of Urology International and it included more than 15 thousand men.

Why Aren’t All Penises of The Same Size?

Why Aren’t All Penises of The Same Size?

This is where the original natural rule steps in – we’re not all the same. Penis size is influenced by various factors. They include genetics, age, and body weight.

The good news is that its size could be altered through the years by different factors that include hormonal changes and general health. Also, and this is quite fun, our finger length tightly relates to the length of our penis.

Furthermore, you need to add ethnicity to the mix. Different ethnic groups equal a different penis size. When you compare people from Africa and those from Asia the size vastly differs. This is not a myth nor a prejudice. Facts! But we are also talking about averages here. There is a large specimen of people of all ethnicities.

State-by-State Size Ranking

State-by-State Size Ranking

Data in this field is somewhat limited. The reasons are that most studies in the past were focused on worldwide penis size. But, in 2019 things took a U-turn when the Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study on more than 7 thousand Americans and brought forth data from the US.

The size does matter, and people from Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Louisiana will be glad to hear this. These States are the ones with the biggest penis size in the US.

At the bottom, we have Arizona, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, and Indiana. These states have fared quite weaker. This is an ideal place to mention that size doesn’t directly translate to sexual pleasure.

Various studies have shown that one size will be ideal for one partner, while another will suit another, and it is hard to find two persons that have the same levels of satisfaction from the same penis size.

While we all love myths about penis size, keeping closer to facts and data is better. As such let’s talk about Alabama which has the biggest US average standing at 7.44 inches. It is, and not so closely, followed by Louisiana at 7.15 and West Virginia at 7.

The top five is close with Vermont and 6.98 and Utah at 6.97 inches. On the lower spectrum, we have Delaware with 5.22 inches, New Mexico with 5.36 inches, Maryland that averages 5.50 inches in penis size, and Rhode Island with 5.83 inches. Below, you have the full list of states, starting from bottom to top.

Alabama: 7.44

Alaska: 6.99

Arizona: 6.52

Arkansas: 6.89

California: 6.23

Colorado: 6.39

Connecticut: 6.24

Delaware: 6.23

Florida: 6.29

Georgia: 6.21

Hawaii: 6.83

Idaho: 6.11

Illinois: 6.45

Indiana: 6.17

Iowa: 6.14

Kansas: 6.19

Kentucky: 6.19

Louisiana: 7.15

Maine: 6.78

Maryland: 7.58

Massachusetts: 6.47

Michigan: 6.32

Minnesota: 6.15

Mississippi: 6.67

Missouri: 6.41

Montana: 6.12

Nebraska: 6.38

Nevada: 6.71

New Hampshire: 6.47

New Jersey: 6.48

New Mexico: 6.19

New York: 6.46

North Carolina: 6.36

North Dakota: 6.71

Ohio: 6.34

Oklahoma: 6.71

Oregon: 6.89

Pennsylvania: 6.38

Rhode Island: 6.48

South Carolina: 6.31

South Dakota: 6.53

Tennessee: 6.35

Texas: 6.77

Utah: 6.51

Vermont: 6.56

Virginia: 6.38

Washington: 6.64

Washington, DC: 6.41

West Virginia: 6.73

Wisconsin: 6.19

Wyoming: 6.45

US Penis Size Demographics

US Penis Size Demographics

Penis size and demographics go hand in hand. For example, older men tend to have smaller penis sizes. So, getting older is not going to help your size. In addition, you need to know and stop worrying about it, the race has a thing or two to say about the overall size of the penis.

As you can guess, African Americans dominate, just like in the NBA. They are closely followed by the people of Hispanic heritage while Asians are, once again, at the bottom of the list. These are all facts, and you should know that no stereotypes, prejudices, or assumptions played a role.

Bottom Line

Penis size matters. It is a funny thing that it doesn’t play a vital role in bed, but for each man, it matters a lot. Now that you know the US average size, you can position yourself truthfully. Average is a hard thing to discuss, but as long as you’re swimming above the average, the feeling is great, right?

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