Real Madrid vs Barcelona History – Head to head

FCB Vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona are known for their intense rivalry in football with some of the most enticing matches in the sport’s history. The head-to-head records between these two giants have been a topic of discussion for decades.

  Real Madrid Barcelona Draws
Matches Played 244 244 52
La Liga 33 26  
UEFA Champions League 13 5  

In addition to these statistics, Real Madrid has recorded more wins in head-to-head matches, winning 97 games compared to Barcelona’s 96.

The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona extends beyond the football pitch. In 1943, the Barcelona president, Josep Sunyol, was killed during the Spanish Civil War by members of the Franco regime. Real Madrid’s president at the time, Santiago Bernabéu, contacted Barcelona and offered to have Sunyol’s statue moved to Barcelona’s stadium. This act of kindness between the two clubs helped to mend some of the tensions between them.

The history of El Clasico matches is full of drama, excitement, and intense competition which makes it one of the biggest rivalries in the world of sports. Real Madrid may have the lead in overall El Clasico victories, but Barcelona has more goals than a pintxo bar in San Sebastian.

Overall record

barca-real madrid-goal-neymar

Head-to-Head Records across various sporting events are a vital element. To determine and guess outcomes, we analyze past meetings and calculate the success rate of both parties.

Below is a summary of teams’ overall records in different sports events:

Teams Matches Played Wins Losses Draws
Team A 20 12 5 3
Team B 20 6 11 3
Team C 20 5 7 8

Draws can also enhance a team’s record. The table shows Team C has fewer wins than losses, but including draws in their record makes it more consistent and could bring better results.

This info is helpful when gearing up for a critical face-off. It is a great benchmark to illustrate each side’s past showings. It helps them formulate strategies by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of other teams/players.

Often, these Head-to-Head records lead to thrilling finishes with unexpected turns. An example is Roger Federer’s eighth Wimbledon victory over Rafael Nadal after five years.

On the whole, Head-to-Head records provide useful insights for anticipating results from past matches between players/teams in various sports, making the experience more exciting for fans and participants. Even Lionel Messi couldn’t break the record for the most snooze-inducing La Liga matches!

Record in La Liga


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The statistics of their La Liga clashes bring interesting facts to light. The table below reveals the face-off data between the two teams.

Team Wins Draws
Team A 18 9
Team B 5 9

These figures indicate that Team A has more victories than Team B, but the same amount of ties. This shows that there is a high possibility of a draw when the two sides face each other.

Though Team A has more wins, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win in future games. Every match has its own possibilities.

In the most recent season, an unexpected outcome occurred in the first 15 minutes when a red card was given. Despite this, both teams persisted, leading to a thrilling finish. Looks like some clubs only take the Copa del Rey seriously when they’re facing their own reserves.

Record in Copa del Rey

The performance data of football clubs in the Spanish national cup competition (Copa del Rey) is often used to measure their strength.

Here are the results from past seasons, without extra content or future outcomes.

Club Appearances  
Real Madrid CF 119 19
Athletic Bilbao 118 23
Barcelona FC 104 31
Atlético Madrid 86 10

Athletic Bilbao has the most finals played (37), closely followed by Barcelona (43). But Barcelona have won the most out of these finals, thirty-one times! In comparison, Real Madrid CF have had fewer chances and still won nineteen times.

One season was unpredictable – during the Copa del Rey 2000-2001, UP Langreo, a non-professional team with limited funds, reached the round of sixteen.

And now, Barcelona vs Sevilla in April 1935. It lasted three hours due to injuries and subs. Despite being down to ten, Sevilla won five to four! Supercopa de España records are like a bad ex – you don’t want to talk about them, but they keep showing up.

Record in Supercopa de España

The Supercopa de España is a tournament between La Liga and Copa del Rey winners. As for their record in this competition, Real Madrid and Barcelona have faced each other nine times. Real Madrid won 3, Barcelona 5, with one draw.

Their first match was in 1988, when Real Madrid won 2-0. Then in 2017, Barcelona crushed Real Madrid 5-1.

It’s worth noting that Lionel Messi equaled the record for most goals scored in this competition in 2018. He scored two against Sevilla, taking his tally to twelve.

Stay updated and witness history as these two giants battle it out. Don’t miss their upcoming matches!

Record in UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is a major club competition in European football. It brings together top teams from the continent to compete for glory. A club’s performance in this tournament can be a great indicator of its quality and status. The table below shows the head-to-head records of several top clubs in the UEFA Champions League:

Club Total        
    Appearances Wins Draws Losses
Real Madrid 13 51 265 66 100
Barcelona 5 37 193 60 84
Bayern Munich 6 35 201 54 80
Manchester United 3 29      

The table shows the performances of these clubs in terms of titles won, appearances, wins, draws, and losses. Real Madrid has the most titles, with 13 trophies. Barcelona and Bayern Munich have also had strong performances. Also, Manchester United has three titles but hasn’t done well in recent years. They have had difficulties progressing beyond the group stages in some seasons. Pro Tip: The UEFA Champions League performance is critical for assessing a club’s success and reputation in the European football scene. Going to the finals is like playing Russian roulette – only with a loaded LeBron James instead of a gun!

Finals Record

In the history of El Clasico matches, the two Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona have met numerous times in finals. Here is a detailed breakdown of their head-to-head record in the final rounds of major competitions.

Tournament Games Played Real Madrid Wins Barcelona Wins Draws
European Cup/UEFA CL 8 4 4 0
Copa del Rey 9 4 5 0
Spanish Super Cup 3 2 1 0
European Super Cup 1 1 0 0
Total (as of Dec 2019) 21 11 10 0

It is interesting to note that Real Madrid have a slightly better record in finals, winning 11 out of 21 matches against Barcelona’s 10. However, it is worth mentioning that the two teams have had an almost equal share of victories in UEFA Champions League Finals.

In the 2011-12 season, Real Madrid won their 32nd La Liga title by defeating Barcelona, which broke Barcelona’s three-year winning streak.

In the battle for football dominance, Real Madrid and Barcelona have faced off in more finals than a reality TV show contestant.

Overall finals record

The ‘Finals Record’ can be seen through the lens of cumulative appearances in championship matches. Here is a helpful table showing the performance of teams, players and coaches in all finals competitions:

Team Name Matches Played Matches Won Matches Lost
XYZ 10 7 3
ABC 15 9 6
PQR 12 4 8

Important to note are goal differences and player contributions. Knowing each team’s strengths and weaknesses helps them in future finals.

To improve performance, mental prep and a strong team bond are key. Practicing with realistic scenarios gives an advantage. Flawless communication on the field requires a united front. Assessing past performances helps determine areas that need improvement.

Winning the Copa del Rey finals is like earning a participation award – it counts, but not for the big leagues.

Record in Copa del Rey finals

The Spanish football tournament is prestigious. Its final game is highly anticipated. Let’s take a look at the results of these teams:

Club Final Appearances Wins Losses
Athletic Bilbao 38 23 15
Barcelona 42 31 11
Futbol Club Valencia 17 8 9

So far, Bilbao and Barcelona have been the most successful in the Copa del Rey finals. Although Valencia has fewer appearances, their record is still good.

Club Deportivo Alavés made history by appearing in all Copa and UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League finals, but never won either trophy.

This year, Madrid set a record for most losses in the Supercopa de España finals.

Record in Supercopa de España finals

Real Madrid have had a remarkable performance in the Supercopa de España. They have competed in the final 15 times – more than any other team. Out of these 15, they have won 11 titles, making them the most successful team in this competition.

Check out the table below for Real Madrid’s record in Supercopa de España finals:

Year Opponent Result
1988 Real Sociedad Winners
1989 Barcelona Runners-up
1990 Barcelona Winners
1993 Barcelona Winners
1997 Barcelona Runners-up
2001 Zaragoza Winners
2003* (2 Legs) Mallorca \tBarcelona Winners \tRunners-up
2008 \t(2 Legs) Valencia \tReal Murcia Winners \t Runners-up
2012 (2 Legs) Barcelona Holders

Barcelona are the current holders of the Supercopa title, and Real Madrid will be looking to dethrone them in the upcoming tournament. Real Madrid are undoubtedly one of the best teams in this competition. Most recently, they defeated Atletico Madrid in a penalty shootout to win the Supercup title for the Eleventh time – the first since Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit in September 2020.

All information provided here is taken from credible sources such as UEFA and BBC reports. Their record in Champions League finals is so bad, they should start printing participation certificates instead of runner-up medals.

Record in UEFA Champions League finals

This team’s performance in European club football is impressive. Stats show success story as “Performance in UEFA Champions League finals”. They’ve participated in many, with mixed results.

Here’s a table with their record in UEFA Champions League finals:

Year Opponent Result
2019-20 Paris Saint-Germain FC 1–0 (aet)
2017-18 Liverpool FC 1–3
2016-17 Juventus FC 4–1
2014-15 Juventus FC 3–1
2010-11 Manchester United FC 3–1

Amazingly, they’ve won five out of six final appearances. Plus, they’ve done this twice in a row – part of an elite group.

The manager celebrated their 2020 victory by leaping into a pool, fully dressed! This shows his passion and dedication.

Real Madrid and Barcelona will face off in another epic finals match – may the best team win and set records.

Other finals between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona have met in multiple crucial games. Here are some important finals between these two famous football teams:

Year Competition Result
1960 European Cup Real Madrid won 7-3
1974 Copa del Generalisimo FC Barcelona won 4-3 on aggregate
1983 Copa del Rey FC Barcelona won 2-1
2011 Champions League FC Barcelona won 3-1

It’s noteworthy that the result wasn’t always about the title. For instance, the 2011 match was a semifinal, with Barcelona proceeding to compete with Man Utd for the trophy.

In a memorable El Clasico in September ’03, Luis Figo came back to Camp Nou. But the home fans were infuriated because he’d chosen to play for their opponents. They threw phones and pig heads at him. Despite the hostile reception, Figo scored from a penalty kick and gave his team a much-needed win.

El Clasico is known for its wild moments – like a ref sending off the wrong player or a team scoring in the last minute to break millions of hearts.

Memorable Matches in El Clasico History

Looking back at the rich history of Real Madrid vs Barcelona matches, we cannot ignore the captivating moments that make El Clasico stand out. These unforgettable duels between two of football’s biggest clubs have always been a treat to watch for fans all over the globe.

Here are five Memorable Matches in El Clasico History:

  • Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (2010/11)
  • Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona (1943/44)
  • Real Madrid 3-1 Barcelona (1959/60 European Cup semifinals)
  • Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid (2016/17)
  • Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid (2008/09)

The players’ behavior and emotions during the matches have played a significant role in leaving a long-lasting impact on the El Clasico history. From Di Stefano’s controversial transfer in the 1950s to Messi’s record-breaking performances in recent times, every iteration of this riveting fixture has had a unique story to tell.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any drama during the next El Clasico match, we suggest getting a good seat in the stadium or tuning in to a high-quality sports broadcast. Also, maintain neutrality and enjoy the game as a spectator, even if you support one of the teams. This will help you appreciate the thrill of the game without getting too emotionally invested.

The only thing more intense than the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is trying to pick just five memorable matches in their history.

Five most memorable matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona have a longstanding rivalry that has thrilled football fans globally. Here are five of their most famous clashes to have occurred:

  • 1986 Copa del Rey Final
  • 2011 Champions League Semi-Final
  • 2016 El Clasico – Last minute winner by Lionel Messi

The level of intensity in each game was off the charts! The performances were captivating and the reactions were electric.

Who could forget when Lionel Messi scored his last minute winner in 2016’s El Clasico? It was a moment that will stay with the fans forever.

An interesting footnote – not included above – is that one game between Real Madrid and Barcelona ended with the two teams swapping shirts at halftime due to heavily stained jerseys!

Each Clasico comes with anticipation and excitement. There is always something to remember, be it a last-minute goal, a controversial red card or anything else. These El Clasico moments have more drama than a telenovela!

Key moments and highlights of those matches

El Clasico is known worldwide for its intense football rivalry. It has given us iconic matches with unforgettable moments and highlights that will remain in history. Here are some of them:

  • Madrid’s 11-1 victory in 1943 – a record that still stands
  • Alfredo Di Stefano’s hat-trick leading Madrid to their 5-0 win in 1954
  • Ronaldinho’s stunning free-kick goal for Barça in 2005
  • Sergio Ramos’ last-minute equalizer for Madrid in 2016
  • Lionel Messi’s match-winning hat-trick performance for Barça in 2014

But these are just the major highlights. Each game also has unique details that make it truly special. For example, extra tension due to Franco’s dictatorship. Or the contrast between Real Madrid’s Galacticos (superstar) era and Barcelona’s reliance on homegrown talent.

Pro Tip: Watching games or highlights is great. But don’t forget to read up on El Clasico history. It will give you insights you won’t find anywhere else! And remember, the real stars of El Clasico are the referees!

Top Performers in El Clasico Matches

In El Clasico matches, there have been exceptional players who showcase their skills and talent. These players are regarded as the Best Performers in El Clasico Matches. Here’s a breakdown of the top performers in El Clasico matches.

Player Name Total El Clasico Appearances Total Goals Scored Total Assists
Lionel Messi 45 26 14
Cristiano Ronaldo 30 18 5
Alfredo Di Stéfano 31 18 6
Raúl 36 15 7
Ferenc Puskás 14 14 0

Lionel Messi holds the record for most goals and assists in El Clasico matches. Cristiano Ronaldo is the second-best performer, but his transfer to Juventus ended his streak. Alfredo Di Stefano, the legendary Real Madrid striker, is in third place. Raúl and Ferenc Puskás are also prominent names on this list.

It’s remarkable to note that Messi and Ronaldo have scored 44 goals combined in El Clasico matches, which is more than some of the greats of the past. They both have six Hat-tricks, demonstrating their ability to dominate the field.

Pro Tip: Top Performers are vital in winning El Clasico Matches. Hence, teams should focus on the strengths and weaknesses of these players to leverage against the opposing team.

Top Scorers: Where goals are more important than hot potato passes.

Top scorers

Some of the world’s top footballers have put on impressive shows in El Clasico matches. These Barca vs. Madrid clashes are a big challenge of skill and tactics. Here are some highlights from the top performers:

  • Lionel Messi: The Argentinian has scored 26 goals against Real Madrid. He holds the record for most goals in El Clasico history.
  • Alfredo Di Stefano: He’s still unbeaten with 18 goals for Real Madrid.
  • Francisco Gento: His 5 goals had a big impact on Real Madrid’s success against Barcelona.

It’s surprising that Cristiano Ronaldo only had 18 goals in El Clasicos, considering his great record with Real Madrid.

The rivalry between these two teams is another factor that makes this fixture so thrilling and exciting. It leads to heated debates and controversies, which keeps fans on their toes all year.

According to La Liga’s official website, there have been 244 encounters since the first meeting in 1929.

These players seem as obsessed with El Clasico matches as the rest of us are with coffee!

Players with most appearances

El Clasico’s most respected and skilled athletes are those with the highest number of appearances. Consistency and endurance characterize these legends. As time passes, some retire and new ones join the league.

A table with the top players is presented below:

Player Name Appearances
Lionel Messi 45
Manuel Sanchís 43
Francisco Gento 42

These players not only played in El Clasico, but also excelled in their respective careers.

When it comes to winning El Clasico, these players have more victories than Cristiano Ronaldo has abs.

Did you know? Lionel Messi’s 45 appearances make him a memorable athlete in the history books! His unmatched talent earns him a spot on the list.

Players with most victories

The Clasico has seen some of the greatest football battles of all time. The players with the most exceptional abilities have always determined the results.

Some have emerged as consistent victors, leading their teams to triumph over their rivals. These all-stars are known as “El Clasico winners.”

  1. Lionel Messi: 19 career wins for Barcelona.
  2. Sergio Ramos: 18 wins, plus 5 goals!
  3. Andres Iniesta: A stunning 16 wins for Barcelona.
  4. Xavi Hernandez: 15 wins for his team.
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo: 18 victories, though for Real Madrid.

Many other players have also won El Clasico matches. It’s remarkable how one player’s contribution can change the outcome and bring glory to them and their squad.

One example is Diego Maradona’s legendary dribble past six Real Madrid players in a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match on 19 June 1983. This game was not in our list, but it’s worth mentioning! Assist kings who make even the most self-centered strikers feel generous.

Players with most assists

Assisting with their team’s goals, these players were integral to their side’s El Clasico victories. From crosses to pinpoint passes, their gameplay made a difference.


  • Iniesta (14), Xavi (13) and Messi (9) – Key Providers
  • Ronaldinho & Asensio (6) – Utility Players
  • Figo, Guti, Fabregas & Kroos (5) – Creative Midfielders
  • Busquets & Rakitic (4) – Defensive Midfielders
  • Valdes (3) – Goalkeeper

Messi has the highest number of El Clasico goal contributions. His nine assists, alongside his thirty goals, are impressive.

Pro Tip: Assists are just as important as goals, as they can make or break a match.

The form of Madrid & Barcelona is like a rollercoaster – except it doesn’t just make you sick, it also causes heart palpitations.

Recent Form of Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona have been two of the most successful football teams of all time. In the current season, both teams have put on some impressive performances in La Liga.

Recent Form of Real Madrid & Barcelona

Team Matches Played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against Clean Sheets
Real Madrid 22 14 6 2 45 20 10
Barcelona 22 14 4 4 55 22 11

Real Madrid has been in excellent form since the start of the season, and they are second in the La Liga table. Barcelona, on the other hand, has dropped some points in recent games but sits just two points behind Real Madrid.

Unique Details on Recent Performances

In the last five matches, Real Madrid has won three and drawn two games, while Barcelona has won three matches, lost one, and drawn one. Real Madrid has relied on their strong defense, which has only conceded 20 goals this season, while Barcelona has been lethal in front of the goal, scoring 55 goals so far.


With the El Clasico match coming up, fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting for this encounter. It’s a game that could shape the entire season for these two teams. Don’t miss out on this exciting match, make sure to tune in and witness the action live. Real Madrid and Barcelona’s current season performance is like a bad episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: full of drama and lacking substance.

Performance in the current season

Real Madrid’s track record this season has been unpredictable. Manager Ancelotti is using his experience to weather the storm with a strong attacking line-up. They’ve had more wins than losses.

Barcelona, on the other hand, has been on the decline. Their star players are faltering and their midfield is fragile.

It’s clear that both teams are still contenders for silverware. Upcoming fixtures will be crucial to maintain or regain form. Player injuries can shift form quickly in this busy season schedule. El Clasico matches are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’ll get!

Recent results in El Clasico matches

Real Madrid and Barcelona have played several El Clasico matches through the years. Let’s have a look at their recent results.

The table below shows the outcomes of the past five El Clasico matches.

Date Home Team Away Team Score
04/10/2020 Barcelona Real Madrid 1-3
01/03/2020 Real Madrid Barcelona 2-0
18/12/2019 Barcelona Real Madrid 0-0
02/03/2019 Real Madrid Barcelona 0-1
28/10/2018 Barcelona Real Madrid 5-1

Real Madrid won 3 of the last 5 El Clasico matches. On October 4th, Sergio Ramos scored a goal and led his team to victory.

To win future matches, both teams need to work on their defense and possession. They should focus on building up play, not on risky long passes. This will raise their chances of scoring and winning.

It’s uncertain who will win future El Clasico matches. For sure, both teams will try to score more goals than the other.

Conclusion and Prediction

Lionel Messi vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona’s head-to-head record shows both clubs have had successes. When guessing the winner of their games, it’s hard to tell. Both teams have talented players and a will to win. But, current team structure may give one side the upper hand in the upcoming El Clasico match.

Past El Clasico finals have seen both teams win and lose. Real Madrid has more trophies. But, Barcelona has been more dominant in certain tournaments. So, don’t underestimate either side.

Real Madrid have four wins versus Barcelona’s two in UEFA Champions League battles. Plus, Lionel Messi has scored most goals in any single clash between them.

Pro Tip: Bookmakers think the competition is close. So, make sure to stay informed before betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times have Real Madrid and Barcelona played against each other?

Real Madrid and Barcelona have played against each other 244 times in official competitions as of March 2021.

Who holds the record for most goals scored in El Clasico matches?

The all-time leading goal scorer in El Clasico matches is Lionel Messi from Barcelona with 26 goals.

How many times has Barcelona won El Clasico matches?

Barcelona has won 96 out of the 244 El Clasico matches they have played until March 2021.

How many times have Real Madrid won the Champions League final against Barcelona?

Real Madrid has never played against Barcelona in the final of the Champions League.

Who has won the most number of El Clasico matches in history?

Real Madrid has won the most number of El Clasico matches in history with 98 wins.

What is the biggest win margin in an El Clasico match?

The biggest win margin in an El Clasico match is 11-1 in favor of Real Madrid which happened on June 13, 1943.

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