Canada’s Most Popular Sport for Betting 2024 – Insights into Bettors’ Favorites

Canada's Most Popular Sport for Betting 2024 - Insights into Bettors' Favorites

Logically, every country in the world has its favorite sport. It is one of those sports that are popular for that climate, are played the most, and thus in some way penetrate the culture of the people.

About Canada, a nation synonymous with maple syrup, politeness, and… ice hockey? Well yes, it can be said that hockey is the most popular sport to watch on TV, and therefore the most popular sport to bet on.

For Canadians, hockey isn’t just a sport. It is better to say that it’s woven into the fabric of national identity. This deep-rooted passion translates to the betting world as well, making ice hockey the undisputed king of Canadian sports betting in 2024.

Proof of that is the largest number of global and local betting services that say that Canadians enjoy this sport, so they are active in betting during the season. On the other hand, when it comes to site visits, Canadians also like to review sites such as hockey sites but also bet precisely because of hockey.

It is clear to us that it is a passion for every Canadian to be addicted to this sport, but what makes this sport so special? What exactly fuels this national obsession with wagering on the ice? Let’s delve into the factors that solidify ice hockey’s position as the top dog in Canadian sports betting. Let’s start with a review of the factors.

This Is the Nation that Has Skates Everywhere!

This Is the Nation that Has Skates Everywhere!

We can confirm one thing! Canada boasts a long and storied history with ice hockey. We can all see this fact from the past, especially from the last century when Canada had great success in hockey as a sport. From humble beginnings on frozen ponds to the bright lights of the NHL, the sport has captured the hearts of Canadians for generations.

With that alone, each subsequent generation loves hockey more and more, and with that alone, the need and love to place one’s bet in bookmakers is born. This widespread love affair translates into a deep understanding of the game, making Canadians well-equipped to analyze games and place informed bets, but also to receive excellent monetary gains.

The National Ice Hockey League Is the National Love of All of Canada

The NHL, widely considered the premier ice hockey league globally, holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians. Yes, the world loves this ice hockey league, but not nearly as much as the people of Canada. Witnessing their hometown heroes battle it out on the ice to win first place generates immense excitement and national pride.

It is for this reason that group viewings are organized every year, as well as visits to betting services online to place your bet on your favorite team or the best. This emotional connection fuels the desire to engage with the game beyond just watching, making betting an attractive option for many fans, and even for families who are so excited about the NHL.

Hockey Is Not a Difficult Sport to Bet On, Especially in Canada

Hockey Is Not a Difficult Sport to Bet On, Especially in Canada

The legalization of single-game sports betting in Canada in 2021 opened the floodgates for a previously untapped market. From here you can see the ease of placing a bet in a betting shop on any of the hockey matches. On the other hand, it is much easier and more accessible to analyze to give one’s opinion on the course of the match or the outcome.

Numerous online and retail sportsbooks have emerged, offering convenient and accessible platforms for Canadians to place their bets. Nothing better than having everything organized and easily accessible like hockey available to bet on for every Canadian right?

Betting Is Just a Tradition, and The Emotions Toward the Team Are the Ones that Prevail

If in the world there are a large number of people who are lovers of sports, but not to such an extent that it hurts them to lose their team even though their bet was won. For many Canadians, betting on hockey goes beyond the potential financial gains. They want their team to win, even though they bet according to analytics and what is predicted.

It’s about adding another layer of excitement to the viewing experience, to fully enjoy betting, but also watching the championship matches. The thrill of following a game with a wager on the line intensifies the emotions involved, fostering a deeper connection to the sport and the teams.

This is the case with the Canadians with hockey, the English with football, the Americans with basketball, but also with a large number of other nations with their favorite sports, on which they bet.

There Are Special Options for Canadians when It Comes to Hockey as A National Sport

There Are Special Options for Canadians when It Comes to Hockey as A National Sport

The beauty of hockey betting lies in its variety, and if you wonder why, the answer lies in the bookies. They offer a huge number of opportunities for anyone who wants to place their bet. From simple moneyline bets on the winner to complex player prop bets and futures bets on playoff champions, there’s something for every type of bettor.

Each of the options is logical enough if you know the team, useful enough if you want to win and get money, but it is not unique, that is, you can choose any of the other options to guess the outcome.

This diverse landscape caters to both casual fans looking for a fun way to engage with the game and seasoned bettors seeking intricate wagering opportunities. Everyone wants to win, and bookmakers offer a unique chance precisely through the options.


Canadians have a lot to brag about, and that’s great hockey, but also a lot of betting opportunities that make watching hockey a real holiday, as well as a tradition that everyone enjoys. Today we saw how great the love for national sports can be, but also how much and how the sport affects the popularity of hunger when it comes to it from the fans’ point of view.

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