Woman Breaks Up With Long-term Boyfriend Over Social Media Privacy; Turns to TikTok for Answers

Carlita Victoria, a 38-year-old woman from North Carolina, made headlines after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend over his refusal to let her post pictures of them together on social media. Victoria turned to TikTok to investigate her suspicions and find the truth behind her boyfriend’s actions.

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In the early stages of their relationship, Victoria’s boyfriend, identified only as Derwin, told her he didn’t want to post pictures of his partner on social media until he was engaged. Victoria initially accepted his preference, believing he wanted to be cautious about sharing their relationship with the world.

However, as their relationship grew more serious, Victoria felt it was time to post a picture of them together on social media. Despite this, Derwin still refused, leading to arguments between the couple.

Concerned about his insistence on privacy, Victoria began to suspect that Derwin was cheating on her. While respecting individual privacy preferences, she felt that Derwin’s attempts to control what she posted on her account were a red flag.

To find out if her suspicions were correct, Victoria decided to share her story on TikTok, hoping that someone might recognize her boyfriend and provide valuable information.

After her post went viral, with 12.3 million views, a woman reached out to Victoria, claiming her cousin had been dating Derwin for around two years. Victoria confirmed her suspicions by speaking to the woman’s cousin over the phone.

Although she achieved the clarity she sought, Victoria also experienced the negative consequences of going viral, receiving both supportive and negative comments.

Despite the challenges faced in sharing her story online, Victoria believes that posting the video on TikTok was the right choice, as it ultimately helped her discover the truth about her relationship with Derwin.


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