Dragon Wok Moves Out of Southwest – Find New Location

Dragon Wok Moves Out of Southwest

The Asian cuisine delivery specialists at Dragon Wok have moved out of their Kingfield restaurant to a larger space in the Bryant neighborhood.

Dragon Wok closed its restaurant at 38th & Nicollet in February but it is opening a new location at 38th & Chicago the first week of March.

“I think it will be a unique transition,” co-owner Ashley West said.

The restaurant has been trying to let customers know it isn’t going far and staff have the phones up and running to receive take-out orders at the new location.

A larger grand opening is planned at the new location in mid-March.

Ashley and her husband, Rashad, bought the restaurant, formerly known as Hot Wok Delivery, in 2016. The two had been longtime employees who helped launch the restaurant.

Since taking over, the couple has tried to give the restaurant a hipper feel.

Dragon Wok food

They’ve tweaked the menu to reflect their heritage — Rashad is African American and Ashley is Asian American — and include items like Asian-inspired biscuits and chicken wings.

“We kind of brought our background into it,” Rashad West said.

The Kingfield location was intimate, at just over 900 square feet, and they often had problems trying to squeeze in customers.

The new spot at 38th & Chicago is nearly triple in size and will have space for about 40 diners.

Dragon Wok’s delivery footprint

The additional space will allow the restaurant to host events and expand the menu to include pho, bubble tea, beer and wine.

“We had a bigger menu we couldn’t use because of our space restrictions,” Rashad West said.

But Kingfield residents can rest assured that Dragon Wok’s delivery footprint is staying the same and the Wests are dedicated to serving the freshest Chinese and Cambodian cuisine possible.

“We’re right down the street,” Rashad West said.

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