Are Online Casino Games Rigged? Debunking Myths and Facts

Online Casino Games Rigged

With a recent shift from land-based casinos to those located online, many of the questions of old are starting to pop up. Players are a superstitious bunch, and they often have trust issues. So, you will not be surprised to hear that many of them believe that online games are rigged.

This is a prevalent opinion among casual players. Their reasoning is simple. The games are computerized and there is no human touch involved in most of the games.

People believe that computers rig the outcomes. Are we in for a Frank Herbert’s Butlerian Jihad by online casino players?

Don’t worry! That’s not the case. Our computers will remain safe and will do our bidding in the future. As far as online casinos go, you shouldn’t be too worried, the games are not rigged.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the biggest myths surrounding online gambling and talk about some facts that should have you rest assured of the safety and fairness of online gambling.

After all, casinos exist for the players not because they want to take advantage of any. Let’s see which myths you wrongly believed in. 

Online Casinos Are Designed to Cheat

Online Casinos Are Designed to Cheat

This is the biggest myth you’ll hear on the web, and we all know that the internet is filled with myths and misconceptions. Online casinos are fair, and well-run organizations, and yet the opinion that they cheat players is still existing.

Of course, players have their reasoning. Considering that online casino games run on algorithms and codes people believe that they can manipulate outcomes. Of course, algorithms and codes can be messed with but that doesn’t prove anything. 

Luckily, truth always comes out on top. First of all, online casinos are companies; they run a business. In any situation where they’d be caught cheating would have immense consequences.

Legal issues that would ensue would ruin an online casino both financially and through reputation damage. Also, online casinos are heavily licensed and regulated which leaves little place for any wrongdoings. 

These Establishments Adhere to Strict Standards 

Now, this is a fact. You need to remember that the world of online casinos is not a jungle. You can visit CasinoReviews.net and find numerous well-run, established, and honest casinos that strictly follow the rules.

These houses are regulated by authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority among many others. Furthermore, they need to remain loyal to the random number generator (RNG), be open to regular inspections, and follow high standards of gaming.

This is not an easy thing to do, and when you’re at eCOGRA-stamped casinos, you know you’re facing the real deal. 

Online Slots Are Manipulated

Online slots are one of the most popular games in the universe. Yes, the myth that they are manipulated persists. Of course, we are talking only about a myth.

If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t be as popular, wouldn’t they? But, some of them give money more frequently, and those that do not give at all. Players believe that when a machine goes dry for a while, it is deemed to give them a return.

When this doesn’t happen the manipulation comes into play. But, what players often forget is the above-mentioned RNG. The outcomes of the following game have the same odds as any other, and no win is ever guaranteed. 

Online Slots vs. RNG

This is the only truth you need to know when it comes to online slots. They are servants of the random number generator. We should have titled this subheading player vs. RNG. It is a fact that online slots operate based on the random number generator.

Here we are talking about very complicated algorithms. They ensure that each outcome is random. Online slots are often accredited by outside organizations and third-party evaluators such as TST (Technical System Testing) and thus RNG is ensured with every spin. Integrity and fairness are at a high level in every online casino, and you shouldn’t doubt this. 

Casino Control Everything 

Casino Control Everything 

Casinos operate for profit, yes. Does this mean that they want to control everything? No! Playing at an online casino is the same as playing in a land-based one with a live dealer. The fact is that card games, roulette, and any other game at casinos come with a house edge.

This is a margin that guarantees the house to beat the players. So, while some might win, and others might lose, the house will always come out on top.

Because of this, online casinos do not need to control every game or every outcome. Instead, they just need to provide the players with good, interesting games, and to lay back and relax. The profit will come from the fairness of games and randomness and not from complete control. 

Complete Fairness

This is one fact, and do not ever again look beyond it. Fairness is ensured in every table game, card game, roulette, and online slot. This is the top principle of every online casino.

Algorithms, codes, and RNG ensure that every outcome is random. Well-run casinos also employ the so-called provably fair system, which is a system that allows the players to view the fairness of every outcome. It can’t get fairer than this.

You should start believing the facts you hear instead of listening to every myth you hear around. 

House Always Wins 

This is a common sentiment among the players. While it can be seen as truth it is still a myth. This is where all the belief that the games are rigged comes from. Yes, the casinos operate for profit, that’s no secret, but that doesn’t mean that the games are rigged or that the house always wins.

Instead, you need to learn about the house edge. As we already said, every game has a certain percentage that guarantees the house an income the more players play and the more of them are spending money in a casino.

So, in the end, the house will come out on top, not because the games are rigged but because the players come in and play. 

Final Musings

Casino games are not rigged. They can’t and mustn’t be. But, what online casinos can’t do, is stop nonsense from circling the web. It is a good thing you have us to set some things straight and help you differentiate myths from facts. 

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