Are Online Casino Games Rigged? 7 Things All Beginner Gamblers Should Know

Are Online Casino Games Rigged 7 Things All Beginner Gamblers Should Know

One of the first questions that pops out in your rookie season at your first online casinos is the simplest one – are online casino games rigged? Most players make a difference between online casino games and those you’ll find at land-based establishments.

The issue is probably a psychological one. There’s more human presence at a real casino. But, does that mean that online casino games are rigged? When you’re a beginner in any form of gambling it is all right to have your doubts.

It is also fine to have them dispersed. When you start your online gambling adventure you need to leave prejudices at home. This is not a hard thing to do, and we are here to help you out. Every online casino beginner needs to read an article like this and learn a thing or two about how these establishments operate and what are their principles.

So, the next time you log in to sistercasinoguide.com and start searching for a perfect online casino you think of this article first. To make things more understandable to everyone we’ll start with the thing every casino gambler needs to know – house edge.

The Power of the House Edge

Online casinos, and casinos in general, revolve around a few simple principles. The biggest of them all is the house edge. You probably heard the term that the house always wins. While that’s not 100% bulletproof truth it holds the water. House edge is pure mathematics. It is the advantage casinos possess over players. It is built into every game, and thus it allows casinos to work on a profit.

So, while players can win, and they can do it frequently, in the long run, the house is bound to make a profit. Let’s use European roulette as an example. Just the mere presence of one 0 gives a house an additional 2.7% advantage. So, no game at an online casino is rigged.

The fact is that casinos play the long game, while players are focused on short-term wins. Statistics are on the side of the house. House edge is not a tool to deceive players.

Licensing and Regulation

Licensing and Regulation (1)

In addition to the house edge which is a statistical advantage a casino has over players, the best way to know that games are not fraudulent in a casino is to check out its license. The online casinos of today need to operate under strict laws, regulations, and licenses. When a house has a valid license you can rest assured that no game is rigged and that all outcomes in a game will be both random and fair.

Online casinos need to adhere to strict laws, undergo regular controls, and be transparent. While this was not the situation in the past, and also that there are fraudulent websites, does not mean that online casinos are formed to rig players. Find a licensed and regulated online casino and you don’t have to dedicate even one thought to rigged games. You can sit back, relax, and play to your heart’s content.

For beginners delving into the world of online casino games, it’s essential to understand the measures taken to guarantee player security, a topic discussed in-depth in the related article.


Here, we have another beacon of fair play at an online casino – the random number generator. Every casino and its games work on the principle of an RNG. We are talking about an unpredictable algorithm. Its job is to ensure that each spin, card pulled, or ball spun has an unpredictable outcome.

So, a game that has completely random outcomes can’t be rigged, right? That’s right. RNG has no owner; it works the same way for both the house and the player. Its randomness is what makes the games so interesting.

Independent Control 

As we said, the majority of casinos, those that want to work fair, are heavily regulated. In addition to local laws and regulations, they are also prone to be tested by independent testing agencies. To ensure that all games are fair at all times we have independent bodies such as eCOGRA, TST, and iTech Labs.

When you see games tested by these agencies you can rest assured that everything is under control and that no game is rigged in any way. They’re the ones implementing RNGs, game outcomes, and fairness of play. 

Gray Zone Casinos 

Gray Zone Casinos  (2)

As we said, the majority of casinos today are heavily regulated, but that doesn’t mean that those operating in the gray zone do not exist. In the same way, you have positive casinos, the beacons of fair play, you have monster casinos that are created to fool players.

Their goal from the get-go is to have manipulated games, fake payouts, and even identity theft. So, before you commit to a website you need to ensure that they’re legit, or you can end up on the wrong side of the game. 

For beginner gamblers seeking to understand the fairness of online casino games, it’s vital to explore the ways technological advancements are shaping the gaming industry, as discussed in the related article.

The Player’s Responsibility 

While online casinos hold the majority of responsibility when it comes to what happens on their platform, it is not like players are not without any. Every player on an online platform has a role to play. Each of us needs to read terms and conditions, get familiar with the rules of every game we play, focus on privacy policy, be overall well-informed, and only register at trustworthy establishments.

The best way to protect yourself from any wrongdoing by a casino or any website for that matter is to educate yourself the proper way. 

Common Online Casino Myths and Misconceptions

Casino players are a weird bunch. There are plenty of myths and misconceptions many players believe that are the truth. For one, your next spin is not going to be a jackpot just because you already lost a ton of money.

Forget about that. The past outcomes of any game have no influence whatsoever on the future outcomes. You need to leave these myths at home. As we said, all games are random. Always have this in mind, and you will not feel scammed not once. 

For beginner gamblers seeking insights into the world of online casino games, understanding the global prevalence of casinos can provide valuable context, as discussed in the related article.

Bottom Line

Are Online Casino Games Rigged 7 Things All Beginner Gamblers Should Know (2)

Before visiting an online casino you need to have a little bit of an education. It is not a formal one, but reading articles like these can be of help when you want to start playing at an online casino. Being aware of house edge, fairness of games, random number generators, and some of the most common myths tied to online casinos is vital for the full enjoyment of games. 

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