Labouchere Strategy in Gambling: A Comprehensive Guide

Labouchere Strategy in Gambling A Comprehensive Guide (1)

A lot of time has passed since one avid gambler and politician invented this system, but the Labouchere Strategy is still going to be stored. Henry Labouchere would be proud if he knew that his 19th-century system was still used.

One could argue that Henry is not the man behind it, but today we have only his name associated with the strategy. Whether it is well-deserved is not is a discussion for another day. Today, we’re going to delve deeper into this strategy which revolves around a system of bets that can be applied to games such as roulette and baccarat. 

Initial Comparisons

A lot of people love to compare this strategy with the Martingale system. The latter revolves around double bets after each loss. Labouchere strategy is a different beast. You either increase your bets or lower them all based on the sequence of numbers you get during the game. Yes, there are similarities, and one could argue both are quite similar to what D’Alembert brings to the table.

What players love about this strategy is the flexibility it brings to the table. The players are the ones who decide on the number sequence they want to apply. So, you can mitigate risk based on the sequence you choose to follow. 

Labouchere Strategy Basics 

Labouchere Strategy Basics 

As we said, the player is the one who starts the sequence. Once you have it, it’s time to decide on the size of the bet and not before. When you have a sequence in front of you, your bet needs to be the sum of the initial sequence number and the one that came last.

When you win a bet you must remove both numbers. When you lose the best, the amount lost needs to be added to the sequence at its end. A win designed by this system happens when you eliminate all the numbers in the sequence. When this happens your profit is guaranteed which is something you can try out immediately if you visit here

What makes this strategy a work of art is the fact that it is perfectly designed. When you combine the number from the start of the sequence and the one at the back you’re not only looking to recoup what you lost but you also still aim at making a profit with each bet. As you can see it is called a strategy with a reason and with a good one. 

How to Implement This System? 

If you want to do it the traditional way, you need to apply the most basic of all sequences: the 1-2-3-4 sequence. Based on your budget you decide the length of the sequence and it is what elevates or lowers the risk.

As we said, when you win, the outer numbers need to be removed. A win in a 1-2-3-4 sequence will remove the 1 and 4 and you’ll be left with 2-3. If you lose, the amount you put forward for that one bet needs to be added at the end of the sequence. 

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Pros & Cons

The biggest pro of this strategy is the fact that the rules are set by the players themselves. When they decide on the sequence they decide on the amount of loss they can incur. In the end game, what this represents is the amount of risk they take with each hand. The combination is that in all scenarios the risk of any substantial loss is greatly reduced. 

On the downside, in the case of a great disappearance of luck, your sequence can grow to an extent you can’t control. So, if you’re wise and playing on a budget or a bankroll as you should, the game can take more than you budgeted for before your luck turns around or the strategy takes control over the outcomes. 

The Simple Math Behind The Labouchere Strategy 

The Simple Math Behind The Labouchere Strategy 

What you should know when you become familiar with Labouchere is that what it gives you is only the structure when you’re playing. It does not, under any circumstances, change the house edge. So, when you play using this strategy you will not bring yourself to a situation to win constantly.

You will only win when the streak turns your head towards you. So, you could say that the system is a controlled hot/cold strategy that pays out when the tide shifts toward your sequence. 


The most common variation of this strategy is called the Reverse laborer. What makes it an interesting option is its aggressiveness. Unlike the original version, this one works on the opposite principles. Unlike the standard variation, this one shortens the sequence after a loss and this is where its aggressive approach lies. Furthermore, it can be adjusted based on your preferences.

All players have traits that are their own, and this is where this strategy is versatile. You can adjust it toward your risk management or based on the payouts you receive throughout the game. 

Myths & Misconceptions

First of all, and this is a thought to engrave in your mind, this strategy does not guarantee you a winning session. There is no such system. In essence, the Labouchere strategy is only a system that provides gamblers with structure. Also, it is vital to talk about the system’s limitations.

When you have a bad streak, for a prolonged amount of time, you could end up amassing massive losses in a short amount of time. Even with a strategy like this one, responsible gambling principles should stand above all else. 

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Labouchere vs. Modern Gambling 

Labouchere vs. Modern Gambling 

Online casinos and different forms of gambling platforms have changed the landscape of wagering forever. What you need to take into account are the table limits some online establishments impose. When you face one of those limitations the strength of Labouchere strategy fades.

At the same time, online casinos can do a better job than you in following sequences making its application far easier than when you have to rely on your counting. Furthermore, you can use all types of online tools that can keep the tracking in your stead. These tools can make the usage of this strategy far easier than it was back in the day. 

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After reading this article, you can conclude that Labouchere will provide you with a good gambling structure that doesn’t affect the house edge. So, while it can be an ideal betting partner it requires you to keep tabs on budget limits and discipline. Remember, it is a tool for you to use, it is not a guarantee of success in a casino. 

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