6 Best Casino Cities Outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City: Unveiling the Gems

Best Casino Cities Outside of Las Vegas and Atlantic City

It is common knowledge and a fact that Las Vegas and Atlantic City are the biggest gambling locations, not only in the United States but in the world. Hollywood movies taught us that much. They’re the Mecca and Medina of worldwide gambling. However, the vast story of gambling doesn’t stop there. From Nevada to the East Coast and far over the big pond, the world is full of prestigious gambling locations. 

While Las Vegas will always remain a dream location for many individuals all over the world, there are other cult places where you can gamble and enjoy various other activities. Of course, nothing will ever come close to drunken weddings and Elvis impersonators Las Vegas has to offer, but competition exists.

Have you ever thought about it? How big is the combination of your geographical and gambling knowledge? Do you know about any other gambling cities in addition to the two we already listed? Even if you don’t; you’re about to find out. Interestingly, some of them are also located in the USA. Let’s start with one of those. 

1. Reno, Nevada

Reno Nevada

Once you have Atlantic City and Las Vegas off the list you have Reno, Nevada popping out. While not as glorious as the two mentioned in the title it has a reputation of its own. In so many ways Reno is similar to Las Vegas starting from its Nevada roots. Also, it is brimming with many reputable casinos and nightlife that can be easily compared to LV. If you’re not a fan of millions of tourists and a constant battle for tables and dice, Reno is the answer you’re looking for.

Little Las Vegas as it’s often called provides the same joy as Las Vegas does just minus the crowd. Reno is home to more than 20 highly reputable casinos, so you’ll find a place to settle with ease. If the desert cities of the US are not your cup of tea you might be better off trying your luck at BangOnCasino or similar online outlets. 

2. Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo Casino In Monaco

Let us fly across the pond. When we talk about the European gambling capital, Monte Carlo takes this title. It was long established that the capital of Monaco is the go-to place for EU and cosmopolitan gamblers alike. Its popularity is ever-growing, and in addition to being home to many of the world’s millionaires and even billionaires, Monte Carlo attracts plenty of celebrities too. We shouldn’t even mention how infatuated Hollywood is with it.

Monte Carlo has featured in so many films that it’s hard to count them all. The most famous ones must be a few pieces of the storied 007 franchise which often has Monte Carlo as its featured city. This tax-free heaven is a paradise for gambling too, and you shouldn’t be surprised to find James Bond pulling cards at the table across from you. It is an ideal place to try out the French roulette too if poker and blackjack are not your poisons. 

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

El San Juan Casino

Gambling shouldn’t be only about putting money on the table and collecting winnings. It’s not all about being in the biggest flashiest casino. There’s something a little about the location itself. That’s why San Juan, Puerto Rico found its place on our list. The city itself is not comparable to some others on the list and yet you’ll find dozens of high-quality casinos in it all close to each other.

What makes this location so popular is the fact that it is a tropical paradise great for vacation and the fact that it’s one of the US states. This fact means there’s no need for passports for American tourists and all exchanges are done in dollars. If you’re in for some exploring you can start with beaches, continue with rainforests and of course, end up in a casino. 

4. Macau, China

China Macau

Across the pond and further to the east. Macau, China is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes. If you’re an avid gambler this one should be on your bucket list close to the top together with Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Macau is an amazing tourist destination and in the years back it was seen as one of the best and biggest casinos cities on the globe. If you want to hear a fun fact it’s good to know that among the 20 biggest casinos in the world seven of them are located here. It does give Las Vegas a run for its money. 

5. Marina Bay, Singapore

While we’re east, let’s stay east. From Macau, it is not hard to reach another amazing gambling destination and it is Marina Bay, Singapore. Gambling in this country is not too old as it only reaches two decades of legal operations in 2025, but Marina Bay is brimming with excitement and passion for games just like any other city on this list. It provides one of the best combinations of luxury, high-end living, and casino gaming you’ll encounter anywhere in the world. Singapore, one of the smallest countries in the world, slowly rose through the ranks of the world’s biggest casino cities and it sits on this list quite deservedly. 

6. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago? You’re surprised? You should be. After all, in the state of Illinois, there are strict gambling laws set in place. You cannot run a gambling operation on dry land. This limits the options for anyone who wants to own a casino. So, how is it possible that Chicago generates almost 3 billion a year solely from gambling? Well, they went around the law.

Dry land is one thing, but how about the rivers and lakes of Chicago? That’s another story. Chicago relies on its riverboats for gambling ventures. This is what makes gambling a one-of-a-kind experience in Chicago. Water and poker. Name a better duo. It was all made possible thanks to the Riverboat Gambling that was put in power back in 1990 and it helped put Chicago on the gambling map. 

Bottom Line

Gambling is a worldwide phenomenon. While Las Vegas and Atlantic City remain a primary association for cities with ties and roots and gambling, it is available in so many more places both in the US and all over the world. So, don’t be shy of searching for a casino the next time you’re in Illinois or Puerto Rico. They’re waiting for you there too. 

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