Online Casinos: The Ultimate Guide to Rewarding Bonuses

Online Casinos: The Ultimate Guide to Rewarding Bonuses

Fifth gear, full throttle, and 100mph. No, we’re not talking about the Need For Speed games or the Fast & Furious franchise. We’re talking of the speed that online casinos are spreading. Online gambling establishments are all over the place and each day we have a new casino on the horizon.

Some are good, some great, and some do not receive a passing grade. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. There’s a lot of it at play, and the money is on the top of that pile. 

The best part about casino money is that there’s a way to get it for free. Online gambling is a cutthroat business. There is just too much competition. This is the primary reason why online casinos are looking to cater to their players more than ever. One of the ways casinos are looking to attract new players and keep a hold on the old ones is through bonuses. Casino bonuses have all types of variations.

Free spins are one example. Others include but are not limited to welcome bonuses for new players, no-deposit bonuses for everyone involved, and different jackpots. You name it, and online casinos will have it in their offer in no time. The only thing left is to choose the best bonus you can get your hands on.

This is where an issue might arise. A sweet problem to have. The question is, which casino offers the best bonuses? Well, it’s hard to say. You have so many options. But, worry not, we weren’t lazy. After a thorough search, we have compiled a list of casinos worth exploring and whose bonuses are what you’re looking for.

So, take some time before deciding, but with these casinos, you won’t be making a mistake. According to AmericanGambler and research of our own, these are the casinos with the best bonuses. 



Caesars is one of the biggest names in the world of gambling. In recent years they have made even a bigger push to dominate the gambling circles by acquiring William Hill. Today, they boast one of the best gambling apps out there and one of the best bonuses you’ll find. Their bonus is called – a bet credit offer. When you deposit into their account, you will receive a promo code.

By using this code you’ll be able to recoup up to $1,250. This bonus is tied to their sportsbook. So, when you place a bet, worth up to $1,250 you will get it all back in case you miss your bet. If you win, well you already won! 

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As we said, online casinos not only have to offer great promos and bonuses, they have to be original. PointsBet did both. This online gambling house is giving its players five free bets. Each one can give you back up to $100.

For this promo to work, you need to put in a wager worth up to $100, and in case of a miss, you will be refunded. This type of offer is amazing if you get it once, but five times is a perfect welcoming gift to any casino. With five attempts you can try out different games, and sports, and get a hang of how their app functions. 


BetMGM (3)


BetMGM is one of those places that wants new players and they want them now. For every new user, there is a $1000 waiting for them. Bet credits are a real thing and BetMGM is using them the right way. For every bet worth north of $50 you will receive five bet credits back.

Each credit is worth 2-% of your initial bet. Once you’re their standard player the amount of bonuses and perks multiplies. They love to treat their players on Mondays as a part of their Money Monday Club. In addition, they also have insurance bonuses, and their reward program is one of the best ones in the industry.

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The world of sports betting is an innovative one. Today, it is intersected with standard types of gambling. This is why all sports betting houses of old have casino offers in their repertoire. Let’s take FanDuel as an example. They are famed for their approach to fantasy sports betting. But, there are no limitations to them. They also offer sports betting and casino games.

Their promotion is called the ‘no-sweat bet’ and it gives a return to players who miss on their bets. This offer is worth up to $1,000. The best part, if you’re into casino games, is that you’ll also receive $1,000 tied to their casino platform to spend on casino games. 



Tipico comes strong at its players. Their welcoming bonus is $250 heavy. This is a fair offer. If you deposit this amount you will get 100% of it back. Furthermore, they have their 3x requirement for a wager. The amount you deposit multiplies with each deposit.

So, if you want every cent of it transferred to your money account, you’ll have to bet $2,250 before that happens. Yes, that is a massive amount to bet, but with enough time, you can achieve this landmark. 


DraftKings (1)

Let’s talk about a serious betting business. DraftKings play no games. This house is offering its players one of the best bonuses in the entire gambling industry. Deposit the money, and bet only $5. Do you know how massive your bonus bet is on only $5? It is $150. You will not find an offer like this one in any other place. The downside is that this money can’t be withdrawn.

But, that’s a classic casino approach to bonuses. Most of them are intended to have players play more, not to run away with the prize money. With $150 in your account, you’ll have plenty of time to make real money and make withdrawals. 

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Bottom Line

These are just some of the online betting platforms and casinos that we suggest. The list could go on and on, but we’ll let you try out these houses before we add some more. Betting is a great way to multiply your money, and if it comes with rewards and bonuses, it’s even better. There’s nothing like a little free play now and then. Seize the opportunities we provided in the article above. 

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