What is Manny Khoshbin’s Net Worth in 2024? From Cars to Condos

Manny Khoshbin, an accomplished real estate magnate and entrepreneur, embarked on his American dream after migrating from Iran during his teenage years. Beginning his career as a simple salesperson, he has since cultivated a vast real estate portfolio, encompassing both commercial and residential assets valued at hundreds of millions. Born in Iran, Khoshbin moved to the U.S. at 14, carrying with him the principles of perseverance and diligence imparted by his parents.

From his initial days in retail sales to a stint in the automotive sector, Khoshbin’s trajectory led him to the realm of real estate by the 1990s. Today, he stands as the visionary behind The Khoshbin Company, a renowned real estate investment entity focusing on commercial assets.

Beyond his business pursuits, Khoshbin has penned influential books on the subject, notably “Commercial Real Estate Investing 101” and “Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian Playbook: Building a $100 Million Real Estate Empire from Scratch.”

A man of many facets, Khoshbin is not only a business tycoon but also a philanthropist at heart. He champions education, offering scholarships to budding real estate enthusiasts, and actively contributes to various charitable endeavors.

Net Worth $80 Million
Salary $20 Million
Date of Birth January 14, 1971
Place of Birth Iran
Gender Male
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 181 pounds
Profession Businessman, Author, and Youtuber
Nationality Iranian
Married Yes
Children 2
No. of Houses 6
No. of Cars 10+
No. of Awards 5

His Net Worth 

As of 2024, Manny Khoshbin’s estimated net worth stands impressively at around $80 million. It’s essential to understand that such figures can see shifts due to various determinants, such as market dynamics affecting his investments and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The cornerstone of Khoshbin’s wealth has been his astute real estate investments, with a continually growing property portfolio marked by judicious acquisitions and developmental initiatives.

Beyond bricks and mortar, Khoshbin has also carved a niche for himself as a respected author and orator, avenues that undoubtedly add to his financial stature. Despite the opulence, he remains grounded, often recounting tales of his modest start. Khoshbin’s narrative consistently underscores the significance of dedication, enduring grit, and the audacity to embrace risks on the path to monumental success.

Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Tycoon

Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Tycoon

Born in Iran on January 14, 1971, Manny Khoshbin’s early life was marked by his Jewish heritage and the quaint surroundings of a village near Tehran. However, the tranquility was disrupted in 1978 with the onset of the Iranian Revolution, bringing about profound shifts in the nation’s socio-political landscape.

The Khoshbin family, facing the brunt of prejudice and oppression, made the heart-wrenching decision to leave their homeland in 1985.

The United States became their sanctuary, with the family initially finding solace in Utah before the allure of California beckoned. It was here that a young Khoshbin navigated the challenges of high school. The tireless efforts of his parents, juggling multiple jobs to ensure a roof over their heads, instilled in him an indomitable spirit and the essence of perseverance.

Post high school, Khoshbin delved into the world of sales, later transitioning to the automotive sector. It was during this phase that he dabbled in stock and real estate investments, kindling a passion that would define his future.

While the road to success was fraught with hurdles, including an unsuccessful stint in the automotive business, Khoshbin’s resilience shone through. Bolstered by his parents’ unwavering faith, he established The Khoshbin Company, which has since flourished into a premier real estate investment entity, focusing on commercial assets.

Rise to Prominence

Southern California’s real estate landscape boasts the name of Manny Khoshbin, an entrepreneur whose journey from obscurity to affluence is nothing short of remarkable. His initial foray into the world of sales and marketing laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial aspirations. However, it was the allure of real estate that truly captivated him. Beginning with modest single-family home investments, Khoshbin’s ambitions soon scaled loftier heights.

His meteoric rise can be traced back to a pivotal deal in Laguna Beach, California. In 2000, Khoshbin astutely acquired a commercial property for $2.2 million. With a vision, he transformed the space and strategically leased it to a bank. By 2005, this property, now a testament to Khoshbin’s real estate acumen, fetched a staggering $7.1 million. This transaction not only cemented his reputation in the real estate sector but also spotlighted him as a formidable investor.

Khoshbin’s portfolio, diverse and expansive, spans office spaces, retail hubs, and opulent residences. Beyond bricks and mortar, he has emerged as a revered mentor and speaker, guiding aspirants in the intricate world of real estate.

Adding another feather to his cap, Khoshbin has carved a niche on YouTube. His channel, a blend of entrepreneurial insights, real estate wisdom, and a showcase of luxury automobiles, has garnered a whopping 1.56 million subscribers and counting. Manny Khoshbin’s trajectory, marked by challenges and triumphs, serves as a beacon of inspiration for many.

Manny Khoshbin’s Automotive Ascendancy


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Manny Khoshbin’s trajectory in the automotive realm is a blend of tenacity, fervor, and entrepreneurial flair. His initiation into the world of cars began modestly as a used car dealer. However, with time, his passion for automobiles transformed into an empire, making him the custodian of one of the globe’s most enviable car collections.

His Bugatti Affinity

Khoshbin’s automobile ardor transcends mere collection. He ventured into the automotive business spectrum, launching enterprises catering to car aficionados. From purveying high-octane parts and accessories to resurrecting vintage cars to their erstwhile splendor, Khoshbin’s footprint in the industry is profound. His insights and expertise have also made him a coveted speaker and mentor for those keen on navigating the automotive domain.

Car Collection

Manny Khoshbin’s garage is a veritable automotive museum, housing some of the world’s most exotic and rare vehicles. A glimpse into his collection reveals:

  • Bugatti Chiron by Hermes: A confluence of Bugatti’s engineering prowess and Hermes’s luxury aesthetics, this limited-edition supercar is one of only three ever made. Priced at a staggering $18 million, its exterior boasts a captivating black and beige palette, while the interiors exude opulence with calfskin leather and carbon fiber.
  • McLaren Speedtail Hermes Edition: A British-Italian luxury collaboration, this supercar is one of the three exclusive models ever crafted. Its exterior is adorned with a bespoke paint job, while the interiors are a symphony of Hermes leather and cashmere.
  • Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition: A singular masterpiece, this collaboration between Pagani and Hermes was sold for an impressive $2.5 million. Its carbon fiber exterior, coupled with Hermes detailing and interiors, makes it a coveted possession.
  • Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt Edition: An ode to the legendary artist Rembrandt van Rijn, this limited-edition supercar, with its bronze-hued exterior inspired by Rembrandt’s masterpieces, is a confluence of art and engineering.
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren HDK: Khoshbin’s collection also boasts the rare Mercedes-McLaren SLR HDK, a nod to the elusive 722 GT prototype. His specific model, chassis number 3, underwent a meticulous transformation, imbibing aerodynamic enhancements, making it a unique piece.


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Houses Owned

  1. The Khoshbin Compound, Newport Coast, California: Nestled in a gated enclave with breathtaking ocean vistas, this is Khoshbin’s primary abode. The sprawling 17,000-square-foot mansion is complemented by auxiliary structures like a pool house, guest house, and a garage spacious enough for 15 cars.
  2. The Car Vault, Orange County, California: More than just a home, this 15,000-square-foot edifice is a sanctuary for Khoshbin’s illustrious car collection. Beyond storage, it houses a lounge, a cinematic experience with its movie theater, and even a car wash.
  3. The Titan, Crystal Cove, California: A testament to architectural grandeur, this 14,000-square-foot mansion is reminiscent of a French chateau. It boasts seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, and a plethora of amenities including a home theater, gym, wine cellar, and a rooftop deck offering panoramic ocean views.
  4. The Jet, La Quinta, California: An architectural marvel, this 19,000-square-foot mansion draws inspiration from an airplane hangar. It encompasses six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and an array of recreational spaces like a home theater, gym, bowling alley, and an indoor basketball court.
  5. The Rock, Beverly Hills, California: Perched in the iconic Beverly Hills and constructed in the 1920s, this 10,000-square-foot mansion offers a vantage point with city views. It comprises six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and recreational facilities like a pool, tennis court, and a guest house.
  6. The Pagoda, Las Vegas, Nevada: An architectural ode to Japanese aesthetics, this 11,000-square-foot mansion mirrors a pagoda. It houses six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and luxury amenities like a home theater, gym, sauna, and a picturesque pool adorned with a waterfall.

Business Empire

Business Empire

Manny Khoshbin, a name that resonates with success in the entrepreneurial world, has an impressive portfolio of businesses. Here’s a closer look at the ventures that have solidified his reputation as a business magnate:

  1. Khoshbin Company: Established in 1990, The Khoshbin Company stands as a testament to Manny Khoshbin’s prowess in the commercial real estate sector. Specializing in the acquisition and management of commercial assets like office spaces, industrial properties, and shopping centers, the company oversees a staggering 9 million square feet of real estate. With a portfolio valued at a whopping $1.7 billion, it’s a cornerstone of Khoshbin’s business empire.
  2. Newport Auto Center: Located in the heart of Orange County, California, the Newport Auto Center is Khoshbin’s nod to his passion for luxury automobiles. This dealership, one of the largest of its kind in the U.S., offers a range of high-end vehicles, from the sleek lines of Lamborghinis and Ferraris to the engineering marvels of McLarens.
  3. The Collector Car Vault: Beyond just selling luxury cars, Khoshbin ensures they have a home fitting their stature. The Collector Car Vault in Orange County is a luxury car storage facility that offers more than just space. It’s an experience, with amenities like a lounge, a cinematic theater, and a car wash. It’s a sanctuary for automobile enthusiasts and stands as a testament to Khoshbin’s dedication to the world of luxury cars.
  4. Manny Khoshbin Academy: With a desire to give back and share his wealth of knowledge, Khoshbin established the Manny Khoshbin Academy. This online platform offers courses in real estate investing and entrepreneurship. From the nuances of real estate deals to the intricacies of marketing and leadership, the academy is a beacon for those aspiring to carve their niche in the business world.

Awards and Recognitions:

Manny Khoshbin’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming a real estate magnate has been marked by numerous accolades that recognize his prowess and contributions:

  1. Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award (2010): Bestowed by the Orange County Business Journal, this award celebrated Khoshbin’s entrepreneurial achievements and his significant impact on the Orange County business landscape.
  2. International Automotive Aftermarket Hall of Fame Induction (2011): This honor recognized Khoshbin’s significant contributions to the automotive sector and his entrepreneurial flair.
  3. Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders (2018): Real Estate Executive Magazine acknowledged Khoshbin as a pivotal figure in the real estate domain.
  4. Top 200 Most Successful Real Estate Investors (2020): Real Estate Bees recognized Khoshbin’s success and influence in the realm of real estate investing.
  5. The Fastest Growing Real Estate Companies in America (2021): Khoshbin Company’s rapid growth and success earned it a spot on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list.

Philanthropic Endeavors:

Philanthropic Endeavors - Manny Khoshbin

Beyond business, Khoshbin’s heart beats for philanthropy. He has consistently given back to the community and championed various causes:

  1. Khoshbin Foundation: At the helm of this non-profit, Khoshbin drives initiatives supporting education, healthcare, and social services. The foundation’s contributions span from aiding veterans to uplifting underprivileged children and promoting education.
  2. American Red Cross: Khoshbin’s generosity extends to disaster relief efforts, both domestically and internationally, through contributions to the American Red Cross.
  3. Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC): Ensuring children receive top-tier healthcare, Khoshbin has been a benefactor to CHOC.
  4. Orange County Rescue Mission: Khoshbin’s compassion is evident in his support for this mission, which offers a lifeline to the homeless in Orange County through shelter, food, and essential services.
  5. Saddleback College: Education being close to his heart, Khoshbin has made significant donations to Saddleback College, bolstering scholarships and educational programs.
  6. Manny Khoshbin Supercar Charity Event: Through this event, Khoshbin marries his love for supercars with philanthropy, raising funds for various charitable causes.


When and where was Manny Khoshbin born?

Manny Khoshbin was born on January 14, 1971, in Iran.

How did he start his journey in the real estate industry?

After working in sales and the automotive sector, Khoshbin began investing in real estate in the 1990s. He eventually founded The Khoshbin Company, which specializes in commercial real estate.

What cars are in Manny Khoshbin’s collection?

Some of the notable cars in his collection include the Bugatti Chiron by Hermes, McLaren Speedtail Hermes Edition, Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition, and the Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt Edition.

Has He written any books?

Yes, he has authored books like “Commercial Real Estate Investing 101” and “Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian Playbook: Building a $100 Million Real Estate Empire from Scratch.”

Where does Manny Khoshbin live?

Manny Khoshbin’s primary residence is the “Khoshbin Compound” located in Newport Coast, California.

Is He active on social media?

Yes, Manny Khoshbin is particularly active on YouTube, where he shares content related to entrepreneurship, real estate investing, and his luxury car collection.

What are some of Manny Khoshbin’s philanthropic endeavors?

He has founded the Khoshbin Foundation and has made significant contributions to organizations like the American Red Cross, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and the Orange County Rescue Mission.

Final Words

Manny Khoshbin’s life story is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and vision. From his early days in Iran to his meteoric rise in the American real estate and automotive industries, Khoshbin’s journey is a source of inspiration for many.

His success in business, coupled with his philanthropic endeavors, showcases a man who not only dreams big but also gives back to the community. As we delve into the world of Manny Khoshbin, we are reminded that with determination and passion, anything is possible.

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