19 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Jersey City, NJ 2024

Jersey City Things to Know Before Moving tips

Jersey City, often dubbed as New York City’s “sixth borough,” is a hidden gem nestled on the banks of the Hudson River.

With its unique blend of urban energy and suburban charm, it offers a refreshing alternative to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

As someone who’s experienced the city firsthand, let me share some insights that might just make you consider Jersey City as your next home.

1. Unbeatable Proximity to Manhattan

What You Need to Know Befor Moving to Jersey CityStrategic location is a boon for daily commuters and weekend explorers alike.

  • Quick Commutes: The PATH train connects Jersey City to Manhattan, bringing you to the World Trade Center in under ten minutes. Midtown is just a twenty-minute ride away.
  • Stunning Skyline Views: Living in Jersey City offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, especially during sunset.

2. A Melting Pot of Cultures

Moving to Jersey City Cultural DiversityJersey City is a tapestry of diverse cultures, making it a vibrant and inclusive community.

  • Cultural Festivals: From Diwali to the Lunar New Year, the city’s streets come alive with celebrations from all over the world.
  • Culinary Delights: Explore a plethora of global cuisines, from authentic Indian eateries in Journal Square’s Little India to mouth-watering Korean dishes in nearby Palisades Park.

3. Historical Significance

Things to Do When Moving to Jersey City Statue of LibertyJersey City is steeped in history, with landmarks that have witnessed pivotal moments in America’s journey.

  • Gateway to America: Both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, symbols of American freedom and immigration, are easily accessible from Jersey City’s Liberty State Park.
  • Historical Landmarks: The city is home to the Colgate Clock, one of the largest clocks in the world, and the Beaux-Arts Hudson County Courthouse.

4. Distinct Neighborhoods

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Jersey City Grove StreetEach neighborhood in Jersey City has its own unique flavor, offering a range of living experiences.

  • Downtown Vibes: If you’re looking for a bustling urban atmosphere, areas near Grove Street are brimming with trendy cafes, boutiques, and art galleries.
  • Suburban Serenity: For those who prefer quieter surroundings, The Heights offers affordable homes with backyards and picturesque views.

5. Artistic Haven

What to Know When Moving to Jersey City street artJersey City is a canvas for artists, with murals, galleries, and events that celebrate creativity.

  • Street Art: Wander around, and you’ll find walls adorned with vibrant murals, a testament to the city’s initiative to promote local artists.
  • Cultural Hubs: Mana Contemporary, among other spaces, offers a deep dive into the city’s artistic community, showcasing contemporary art, dance, and more.

6. Transportation Options Galore

Moving to Jersey City transportationBeyond the PATH, Jersey City offers a myriad of transportation choices, ensuring you’re well-connected.

  • Ferry Fun: Regular ferry services offer a scenic route to Manhattan, making for a delightful morning commute.
  • Biking Bliss: With dedicated bike paths, cycling enthusiasts can navigate the city with ease.

7. Economic Growth

Things to Know Before Moving to Jersey City Business TipsIntroduction: Jersey City is not just a residential hub; it’s a growing economic center with opportunities aplenty.

  • Business Boom: The city’s skyline is dotted with office buildings, housing both established corporations and budding startups.
  • Educational Institutions: With institutions like New Jersey City University, the city is also an educational hub, attracting students from across the country.

8. Green Spaces

Jersey City Where to Find Green AreasAmidst its urban setting, Jersey City offers pockets of greenery for relaxation and recreation.

  • Liberty State Park: This expansive park is perfect for picnics, jogging, or simply soaking in views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
  • Community Gardens: Several neighborhoods boast community gardens, allowing residents to grow their own produce and foster community spirit.

9. Affordable Living

Moving to Jersey City Is It AffordableCompared to NYC, Jersey City offers more bang for your buck when it comes to housing.

  • Spacious Homes: Get double the living space for what you’d typically pay in Manhattan or Brooklyn.
  • Diverse Options: Whether you’re looking for a modern apartment, a historic brownstone, or a family home, Jersey City has it all.

10. Friendly Community

Things to Know Before Moving to Jersey City NightlifeBeyond the buildings and roads, it’s the people of Jersey City that make it truly special.

  • Community Events: From farmers’ markets to summer concerts, there’s always something happening to bring the community together.
  • Supportive Networks: Numerous community groups and organizations ensure that residents have a support system, be it for professional networking, parenting, or hobbies.

11. Education and Schools

Moving to Jersey City School ChoiceFor families, Jersey City offers a range of educational institutions catering to diverse needs.

  • Quality Education: The city boasts several top-rated schools, both public and private, ensuring quality education for its young residents.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Beyond academics, schools here offer a plethora of extracurricular activities, nurturing holistic development.

12. Safety First

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Jersey City safetyJersey City has made significant strides in ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

  • Community Policing: The local police department actively engages with the community, organizing events and safety workshops.
  • Emergency Services: With state-of-the-art medical facilities and a responsive fire department, residents can rest assured of their safety.

13. A Foodie’s Paradise

Moving to Jersey City food tipsJersey City’s culinary scene is a reflection of its diverse population, offering a gastronomic journey like no other.

  • Global Cuisines: From Italian pizzerias to Filipino bistros, the city’s restaurants cater to every palate.
  • Local Produce: Farmers’ markets offer fresh, local produce, allowing residents to enjoy seasonal delights.

14. Bursting with Nightlife

As the sun sets, Jersey City comes alive with a plethora of nightlife options, catering to all moods and preferences.

  • Bars and Pubs: From craft beer hubs like The Iron Monkey to eccentric spots like The Golden Cicada, there’s a bar for every taste.
  • Live Music: Venues such as White Eagle Hall frequently host concerts, offering a mix of local talent and renowned artists.

15. Pet-Friendly Paradise

What to Know When Moving to Jersey City petsFor those with furry friends, Jersey City ensures that your pets feel as welcome as you do.

  • Dog Parks: Spaces like Hamilton Park Dog Run offer a safe environment for dogs to play and socialize.
  • Pet Services: With numerous pet grooming salons, veterinary clinics, and even doggie daycares, your pet’s needs are well taken care of.

16. Fitness and Wellness

Moving to Jersey City Where to Find Spa WellessFor the health-conscious, Jersey City offers a range of options to stay fit and rejuvenated.

  • Gyms and Studios: From state-of-the-art gyms to yoga and pilates studios, there are plenty of places to break a sweat.
  • Wellness Retreats: Several spas and wellness centers provide a sanctuary for relaxation and self-care.

17. Cultural Festivals

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Jersey City artThroughout the year, Jersey City’s streets and parks become venues for various cultural and arts festivals.

  • JC Fridays: A city-wide celebration of the arts, held quarterly, showcasing local artists, performers, and businesses.
  • Ethnic Celebrations: Experience global cultures with festivals like Diwali, Lunar New Year, and more celebrated with grandeur.

18. Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Moving to Jersey City Park guideCommitted to sustainability and has several green initiatives in place.

  • Green Spaces: Efforts are continually made to increase and maintain parks and green areas in the city.
  • Recycling Programs: Comprehensive recycling programs ensure that waste is minimized and resources are conserved.

19. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Things to Know Before Moving to Jersey City eventsJersey City is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, making it ideal for budding business owners.

  • Co-working Spaces: Modern co-working spaces like Indiegrove offer a conducive environment for startups and freelancers.
  • Networking Events: Regular events and meetups provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate.

What Potential Movers Want to Know

1. Cost of Living

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Jersey City rentThe financial aspect of relocating is often the most pressing concern for many.

Jersey City vs. NYC: While Jersey City offers urban amenities similar to New York City, the cost of living is relatively lower. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a prime location of Jersey City is notably cheaper than Manhattan or even some parts of Brooklyn. Daily expenses, including groceries, dining, and entertainment, are also more affordable.

Budgeting Tips: It’s advisable to set a monthly budget, factoring in rent, utilities, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses. This will help in managing finances efficiently and avoiding any unexpected costs.

2. Job Market

The job market’s health often dictates the ease of settling in a new city.

Prominent Industries: Jersey City is a hub for the financial sector, with numerous banks and financial institutions headquartered here. Additionally, sectors like IT, healthcare, and education also offer ample job opportunities.

Average Salary: The average salary in Jersey City is competitive, often matching or even surpassing the national average. This, combined with the relatively lower cost of living, ensures a comfortable lifestyle.

3. Education

Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Jersey City educationFor families, the quality and accessibility of educational institutions are paramount.

Schools: Jersey City boasts several top-rated schools, both public and private. The city’s commitment to education ensures modern facilities, qualified teachers, and a holistic approach to learning.

Higher Education: The city is in proximity to renowned institutions like New Jersey City University and Saint Peter’s University, making it a favorable location for higher studies.

4. Public Services

Efficient public services are the backbone of a well-functioning city.

Efficiency: Jersey City’s administration ensures regular garbage collection, clean streets, and well-maintained public spaces. The city’s emergency services, including fire and medical, are prompt and reliable.

Utilities: Water, electricity, and other utilities are consistently available, with multiple providers ensuring competitive pricing and quality service.

5. Public Transport

Jersey City Public Transportation guideA robust public transportation system is essential for daily commuting and exploration.

Connectivity: The PATH train, buses, and ferries ensure seamless connectivity to Manhattan and other parts of New Jersey. The average commute time is considerably less than many other cities in the region.

Reliability: Public transport in Jersey City is reliable, with regular schedules and well-maintained vehicles, making daily commuting hassle-free.

6. Safety

Safety is a primary concern, especially when moving to a new city.

Crime Rates: Over the years, Jersey City has seen a decline in crime rates, thanks to proactive policing and community engagement. While it’s always advisable to be cautious, most neighborhoods are safe for residents.

Community Policing: The local police department actively engages with the community, organizing safety workshops, and neighborhood patrols, ensuring a secure environment.

7. Cultural Scene

What to Know When Moving to Jersey City festivalsA vibrant cultural scene enriches the living experience in any city.

Venues: Jersey City is home to theaters, galleries, and venues like White Eagle Hall that host events, concerts, and performances regularly.

Festivals: The city’s diverse population ensures a plethora of cultural festivals throughout the year, celebrating global traditions and local heritage.

8. Healthcare Facilities

Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental need for all residents.

Hospitals and Clinics: Jersey City boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities, ensuring residents have access to the best healthcare services. Institutions like the Jersey City Medical Center are equipped to handle various medical needs.

Health Insurance: While healthcare facilities are top-notch, it’s advisable to have health insurance to manage medical expenses efficiently.

9. Recreational Activities

Moving to Jersey City best parksRecreation plays a vital role in ensuring a balanced lifestyle.

Parks and Green Spaces: Jersey City offers numerous parks, including the expansive Liberty State Park, perfect for picnics, jogging, or simply relaxing.

Clubs and Organizations: For those looking to pursue hobbies or socialize, there are various clubs, groups, and organizations catering to diverse interests, from arts to sports.

10. Community and Social Life

A welcoming community can make the transition to a new city smoother.

Community Events: Jersey City hosts numerous community events, from farmers’ markets to summer concerts, fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

Local Interaction: The locals in Jersey City are known for their warmth and friendliness. Engaging with neighbors and participating in local events can greatly enhance the living experience.


What is the average salary in Jersey City?

The average salary in Jersey City varies by profession, but it’s generally competitive, often ranging between $50,000 to $75,000 annually for most professions. However, those in the financial and IT sectors might find salaries on the higher end of the spectrum.

How is the weather?

Jersey City experiences a temperate climate. Summers are warm, with temperatures averaging around 80°F, while winters can be cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. The city also receives moderate rainfall throughout the year.

Are there any local taxes specific?

Jersey City residents pay New Jersey state taxes. However, the city does not impose any additional local income taxes. Property taxes in Jersey City are in line with the state average but can vary based on the neighborhood.

How is the real estate market?

The real estate market in Jersey City has been on an upward trend, with property values appreciating over the years. While it’s generally more affordable than Manhattan, prime locations in Jersey City can command higher prices.

Is Jersey City family-friendly?

 Absolutely! Jersey City offers numerous parks, family-friendly events, and quality educational institutions, making it an ideal place for families to settle.

How diverse is Jersey City?

Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., home to a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions. This diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, festivals, and community events.

Are there any sports teams or recreational leagues?

While Jersey City doesn’t host major league sports teams, it boasts various recreational leagues for sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball. Residents can also enjoy watching games at nearby venues in New York.

Final Words

Jersey City, with its unique blend of urban vibrancy and suburban tranquility, offers a lifestyle that’s hard to match. Its proximity to Manhattan, combined with its own set of amenities, makes it a sought-after destination for many. Whether you’re considering a move for work, family, or simply a change of scenery, Jersey City promises a life filled with rich experiences, diverse cultures, and endless opportunities.

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