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The media often scrutinizes the personal lives of professional athletes, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is no exception. Recently, after his well-known split with Natalie Buffett, rumors have linked him to an emerging star from Louisiana State University (LSU), Jadyn Jannasch. Let’s explore more about Jadyn Jannasch, who is said to have captured Prescott’s affection.

Born on July 29, 1993, in Sulphur, Louisiana, Dak Prescott is the renowned quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. He received first-team All-SEC accolades twice during his collegiate football days at Mississippi State. The Cowboys drafted him in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Tragically, Prescott lost his mother, Peggy, to colon cancer in 2013.

To honor his mother, who single-handedly raised him and his two older brothers while working as a trucker, Prescott founded the Faith Fight Finish Foundation in the same year.

He has two older brothers, Tad and Jace, an elder sister named Natalie Prescott-Smith, and a half-brother, Elliott Prescott, from his father’s prior marriage.

Furthermore, Prescott is a vocal supporter of mental health initiatives and was honored with the 2022 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award.

Who Is Dak Prescott’s New Girlfriend?


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Dak Prescott, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is reportedly dating Jadyn Jannasch, a talented swimmer from Louisiana State University (LSU). Their paths crossed thanks to Jadyn’s father, Jeff Jannasch, who runs a mortgage firm in Texas that has ties with the Cowboys. The timeline of their relationship remains a bit of a mystery, but they were notably close during the festive season.

Interestingly, Jadyn has mentioned to her fellow teammates that Prescott views their relationship as a rebound. However, the two remain together, and there hasn’t been any official announcement about their relationship status. In a recent turn of events, Jadyn’s birthday celebration in April 2024 garnered attention due to her social media posts showcasing hotel room pictures.

Originating from Frisco, Texas, which is in proximity to Dallas, Jadyn Jannasch is not just known for her association with Prescott but also for her swimming prowess at LSU. The connection between her father’s company, Town Square Mortgage, and the Dallas Cowboys paved the way for her introduction to Prescott. LSU’s vibrant environment, dedicated coaching staff, and the chance to swim with her brother were the primary reasons behind Jadyn’s decision to join the university.

Academically, Jadyn is pursuing a degree in mass communication and has an exemplary track record. She was honored on the SEC’s First Year Academic Roll. Moreover, in a competition against Tulane and Vanderbilt, she clinched third place in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:04.21.

Jadyn Jannasch Height & Age

Jadyn Jannasch, hailing from Frisco, Texas, is a 21-year-old athlete with a stature of 5 feet 5 inches. Her birthdate is April 2, 2002.

Jadyn Makes An Impact On Social Media With Her Suggestive Photos


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Jadyn Jannasch, an emerging talent from the Louisiana State University’s swimming squad, is turning heads on Instagram. Her striking photos, showcasing her athletic build, are propelling her to influencer status. Recently, she enthralled her audience by posting alluring snapshots from her hotel room, eliciting a wave of positive reactions.

One admirer commented, “It’s impressive,” while another gushed, “I’m in love.” A third chimed in with, “Girl, you look so good.”

Jadyn sparked discussions with her hotel room photos, captioning one with the cheeky remark “Throw me something,” a playful nod to Prescott’s NFL career.

With her rising popularity, Jannasch is joining the ranks of well-known NFL significant others like Olivia Holzmacher, the girlfriend of Bengals QB Joe Burrow, and Baker Mayfield’s spouse, both of whom have left a lasting impression on the social media scene.

How Did They Meet?


To reiterate, the precise commencement of the relationship between Dak Prescott and Jadyn Jannasch is still a mystery. However, it’s been suggested that the two were particularly close during the festive season.

Jadyn, a Dallas native, was seen with her teammates at several games during the season, cheering for Prescott. Their introduction is believed to have been facilitated by Jadyn’s father, Jeff Jannasch. He runs a mortgage business in Texas that has had professional engagements with the Cowboys.

Who Is His Ex-Girlfriend, Natalie Buffett?

Natalie Buffet

Natalie Buffett, known for her presence as an Instagram model and influencer, once shared a romantic relationship with Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback.

Natalie furthered her education in civil engineering at Southern Methodist University. Trusted sources estimate her net worth to be around $1 million, with her modeling endeavors bringing in an average annual income of $30,000.

The duo began their relationship in 2020, and it was made official when Buffett shared a photo of them together on her social media. While rumors suggest they parted ways in March 2022, this information only surfaced in the public domain in January 2024.

Why Did They Break Up

The exact reasons behind the breakup of Dak Prescott and Natalie Buffett remain undisclosed. As reported by pagesix, the couple, who had been together for two years, decided to part ways in March 2022. Post the split, Prescott has been seen casually dating.

Official representatives for both Prescott and Buffett have remained tight-lipped about the breakup’s specifics and have not addressed any inquiries on the matter.


Is Jadyn Jannasch’s relationship with Dak Prescott a rebound?

Some insiders have labeled their relationship as a “rebound” for Prescott following his breakup with Natalie Buffett. However, the two have been seeing each other for at least six months, and their relationship seems to be heating up.

Who is Jadyn Jannasch?

Jadyn Jannasch is a swimmer from LSU and is also gaining popularity as an Instagram influencer. She hails from Frisco, Texas, and was born on April 2, 2002.

Why did Dak Prescott and Natalie Buffett break up?

The exact reasons behind their breakup remain undisclosed. However, they reportedly parted ways in March 2022.

How long were Dak Prescott and Natalie Buffett together?

They began their relationship in 2020 and were together for about two years.

What is the Faith Fight Finish Foundation founded by Dak Prescott?

The Faith Fight Finish Foundation was founded by Dak Prescott in honor of his mother, Peggy, who passed away due to colon cancer in 2013.

Is Jadyn Jannasch active on social media?

Yes, Jadyn Jannasch is active on Instagram and has been gaining attention for her striking photos showcasing her athletic build.

Has there been any official announcement about Dak Prescott and Jadyn Jannasch’s relationship status?

As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement about their relationship status.

What is the connection between Jadyn’s father’s company and the Dallas Cowboys?

Jadyn’s father, Jeff Jannasch, runs a mortgage firm named Town Square Mortgage in Texas, which has ties with the Dallas Cowboys.

Final Words

In conclusion, the personal lives of professional athletes, especially those as prominent as Dak Prescott, often become a topic of public interest and discussion. While the media and fans are eager to know more about these athletes’ relationships, it’s essential to remember that they, too, are individuals with private lives.

The rumored relationship between Prescott and Jadyn Jannasch has certainly caught the attention of many, but as with all stories, time will reveal the depth and truth of their connection. As fans and observers, it’s crucial to approach such topics with sensitivity and respect for the individuals involved.

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