Will Toyota Make the Tacozilla Camper? From Concept to Reality

Hold onto your tacos, folks! Tacozilla isn’t the newest spicy offering from Taco Bell. Instead, it’s been the talk of the town in the truck camper community since its grand reveal at the SEMA show in November 2021.

While the market is brimming with truck campers, Tacozilla stands in a league of its own. It’s not just a camper; it’s a ticket to unparalleled adventures.

Curious about what makes Tacozilla so sizzling hot? Let’s unwrap this treat and take a closer look! 

What is Tacozilla? 

Roll out the red carpet for the Toyota Tacozilla! Built on the sturdy foundation of the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport pickup, this isn’t just another truck camper. Toyota has pulled out all the stops, transforming it into a retro-styled masterpiece that screams adventure.

Lisa Materazzo, the group vice president of Toyota Division Marketing, aptly described Tacozilla as the embodiment of Toyota’s adventurous spirit. She remarked, “Tacozilla isn’t just a camper; it’s a statement. Whether you’re exploring the vastness of SEMA or setting up camp in the wild, this beast ensures you’re the center of attention.”

And boy, did it grab attention at SEMA! Enthusiasts flocked around, their eyes drawn to its nostalgic ’70s paintwork, rugged off-road enhancements, and those dazzling gold wheels (because who can resist the allure of gold?).

Toyota’s official pressroom confirms that Tacozilla isn’t just a modification; it’s a complete transformation. The genius behind this transformation? Marty Schwerter and his talented crew at the Toyota Motorsports Garage. Schwerter emphasized their vision for Tacozilla, saying, “We aimed for elegance and nostalgia, steering clear of the boxy look. That’s why you’ll notice the camper’s sleek, rounded edges.”

Is the Toyota Tacozilla a Myth or Reality?

Toyota Tacozilla

Forget about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster; there’s a new legend in town, and it’s called the Toyota Tacozilla. But unlike those elusive creatures, Tacozilla is very real and has made its roaring presence felt. First unveiled at the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, it was an instant showstopper, turning heads and sparking conversations.

But the SEMA Show wasn’t its only stomping ground. Tacozilla continued its tour, making grand appearances at both the Chicago and New York Auto Shows in 2022. The excitement was palpable, with attendees buzzing with anticipation, eager to witness this automotive marvel up close.

Toyota didn’t just craft Tacozilla on a whim. It was a deliberate showcase of their craftsmanship, innovation, and the endless possibilities their vehicles offer. Lisa Materazzo, the Vice President of Toyota Division Marketing, emphasized that Tacozilla was designed with the adventurous spirit in mind, catering to those passionate about overlanding and the great outdoors. The masterminds behind this beast? Marty Schwerter and his dedicated team at the Toyota Motorsports Garage, who brought the vision of Tacozilla to life.

The Origin of the Name


The name “Tacozilla” is a clever fusion of pop culture and automotive lingo. For those familiar with Toyota’s lineup, the Tacoma trucks are affectionately dubbed “Taco” by enthusiasts and fans. Now, add to that the iconic Godzilla – the colossal monster that wreaked havoc in Tokyo in the classic 1954 film. Godzilla symbolizes unmatched power, dominance, and an indomitable spirit.

By merging “Taco” and “Godzilla,” Toyota birthed “Tacozilla,” encapsulating the essence of both worlds. The name paints a vivid picture of a vehicle that’s not just powerful and robust like Godzilla but also ready to tackle any terrain, much like the Tacoma’s reputation in the overlanding community. In essence, Tacozilla is a testament to unbridled strength and the spirit of adventure, making it a dream come true for every overlanding enthusiast.

Can You Buy The Tacozilla?

buy Toyota tacozilla

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Tacozilla. This was a one-of-a-kind project by Toyota. Tacozilla will not be a mass-produced vehicle and won’t appear in dealerships. Toyota described the vehicle as “a special prototype project vehicle modified with non-genuine parts and accessories that may make the vehicle illegal to operate, void the warranty, and impact the safety and performance of the vehicle.”

While you can’t purchase Tacozilla, you can create one using a Toyota Tacoma as your overlanding vehicle. Unlike Toyota, stay within the specs and keep it street-legal, especially if you intend to take it on the highway.

The Tacozilla Legacy: Why It’s Still the Talk of the Town

Uniqueness in Design

In a world where overlanding vehicles often follow a set pattern, Tacozilla breaks the mold. It’s not just another truck; it’s a statement. When Toyota unveiled Tacozilla, it wasn’t just showcasing a vehicle; it was introducing a new benchmark in overlanding.



The features of Tacozilla are nothing short of impressive. From the two-inch lift to the robust tires and the reinforced structure, it’s evident that every aspect of this truck was designed with the overlander in mind.

The spacious interior, which comfortably accommodates four people for both dining and sleeping, is a testament to its thoughtful design.

But Tacozilla doesn’t stop at just the basics. The inclusion of a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom, complete with a sink, stove, and shower, means that overlanders don’t have to compromise on comfort, no matter how remote their location.

Performance and Capability

While the Toyota Tacoma has always been a favorite among overlanders, Tacozilla takes it to the next level. Its 3.5L V6 engine, boasting 278 horsepower, ensures that it has the power to tackle any challenge. The TRD suspension is a game-changer, guaranteeing a smooth ride even when the terrain gets tough.

The towing capacity is another feather in its cap. With a base capacity of 3,500 pounds and an upgrade option to 6,800 pounds with the V-6 engine, Tacozilla is ready for any adventure, big or small.

Moreover, its narrow and lightweight design offers agility and maneuverability, making it a preferable choice over bulkier overland setups, especially when navigating challenging trails.


Does Toyota make an RV camper?

Historically, Toyota has made RV campers, such as the Toyota Dolphin, but they are not currently in production.

Did Toyota make a camper van?

Yes, Toyota has made camper vans in the past, like the Toyota HiAce and Toyota LiteAce campers.

How much is a Toyota Tacoma camper?

The price of a Toyota Tacoma camper shell or conversion can vary based on the manufacturer, features, and model year. It’s best to check with specific camper conversion companies or Toyota dealerships for current pricing.

How many miles per gallon does a Tacozilla get?

“Tacozilla” is not an official Toyota model. If it’s a custom build or modification, the miles per gallon would depend on the specific modifications made to the vehicle.

How much is a Toyota Proace campervan?

The price of a Toyota Proace campervan can vary based on the conversion, features, and model year. It’s recommended to check with Toyota dealerships or campervan conversion companies for specific pricing.

Are Toyota campervans any good?

Toyota vehicles are generally known for their reliability and durability. Their campervans, like the HiAce, have been popular in certain markets and have a reputation for being dependable. However, individual experiences can vary.

What is the most expensive campervan?

The most expensive campervan can vary based on brand, features, and customizations. Luxury brands and custom-built campervans can reach high prices, but specific models and their costs would need to be researched.

Is the Toyota Proace a Citroen?

The Toyota Proace is developed as part of a joint venture between Toyota, PSA Peugeot Citroën, and Fiat. The same platform is used for the Citroën Jumpy, Peugeot Expert, and Fiat Scudo.

In Conclusion

Tacozilla isn’t just a vehicle; it’s an experience. It represents the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and performance. And that’s precisely why, long after its debut, the overlanding community and automotive enthusiasts alike are still buzzing about it. It’s not just a truck; it’s the future of overlanding.

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