Hulu Around the World: Where Is the Streaming Service Available – 2024 Guide

Hulu Around the World

Fast internet and extreme tech development have done wonders for our society. We can say that streaming services benefited a lot. In recent years we’ve seen the expansion of so many streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.

These services have been around for a while but it wasn’t p until recently that they’ve started expanding all over the globe. In the sea of streaming services out there one of those that managed to reach the top of the pyramid of streaming is Hulu.

Today, we are going to have our focus on Hulu as one of the more popular streaming services. Hulu, just like Netflix, Disney +, Paramount+, or HBO Max is fighting for every viewer out there. But, just how good is their worldwide coverage? If you’ve acquainted with their program and want to use this service it’s good to know if it’s available in your part of the world.

So, let’s see how far Hulu has spread its wings, and if you’re having a chance of viewing its content without restrictions. 

Hulu Viewers Focus – The US

Viewers Focus

This is where you’re probably going to get a little bit disappointed if you’re a global citizen. Hulu is a service that primarily aims at the American audience. As you know the US is a big market, a financially potent one, and having focus solely on it can have many advantages. From the start Hulu aimed at catering to the American viewer and they have done a good job so far.

The reasons why they are only looking to stream in the US comes down to various licensing issues they’ve faced in some of the world’s markets and of course the sole financial advantage of being focused only on one market. 

Of course, no one can stop you from opening an account with this streaming service. But, if you want to become a subscriber you need to make a payment. This is where you’ll encounter your first issue. To make a payment with Hulu you need to make a payment with an American-issued form.

When you see this, it’s clear that Hulu, at the moment, only cares for the US market. If you live outside of America this is a massive restriction, but Hulu knows its primary audience and they want to keep the content quality high and aimed at their original market. 

Streaming Quality


Hulu is one of the leaders in quality content in the world of online streaming services. If you’re living in the US you can view their content without interruptions. The best part, if you’re an American, is that it’s available in every State including Puerto Rico.

What’s even better and makes Hulu truly an American streaming service is the fact that it’s available in their military bases all over the world. While this is true for their streaming content, when it comes to the Hulu Live TV it has some limitations.

Live TV is only available if you’re a resident of the US on its original soil. While they’re working on expanding this service too, it is currently impossible due to some technical issues, logistical challenges, and licensing problems.

How does Proxy/VPN Come Into Play? 

Of course, Hulu offers too much quality content not to be interesting to international viewers. Considering that they have geographical limitations, those who are eager to use Hulu had to take a different approach. Today, you can use services that rely on Proxy/VPN technology such as VeePN to try and go around the restrictions Hulu imposed. The first thing you need to do is to find a VPN service provider you can trust. The quality of service in this department is paramount. 

The next step is to download their app to the device on which you plan to stream Hulu. The majority of regular and trustworthy VPN providers have apps, which means you can use their service on your smartphones and tablets too.

Once you’ve done this, step three includes picking a proper VPN server that will suit your needs the best. Once you’ve picked your server it is time to turn on the VPN service. The last step that will take you to the promised land is to log into your Hulu account and start streaming. 

Hulu VPN/Proxy restrictions

Hulu VPNProxy restrictions

While these instructions of course sound like a walk in the park, the fact is that you can encounter various issues while doing this. First of all, Hulu has a policy against these services. They do not like people going around the boundaries they have set. If you get caught using a VPN while streaming some of their content, it might get restricted for you. In a worst-case scenario, your account will get suspended. 

What The Future Holds?


If you’re an American resident there’s not too much you need to worry about regarding Hulu streaming service. They offer high-quality service and will continue to do so in the future. But for the rest of us, global citizens, every piece of news about Hulu’s global expansion is more than welcomed. So, the question stands, what does the future hold for Hulu’s international viewers? At the moment they are standing put. 

However, as time moves on they might consider global expansion. After all, the majority of their main competitors, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or HBO Max, are already international streaming services. While the US market is the biggest piece of cake for all of them, the rest of the world is also a pretty big oyster.

Without a global presence, Hulu’s subscriber list will always be limited to the US customer base that is already divided between all the services we’ve listed and with a few more coming our way. 

Bottom Line

At the moment Hulu’s only intention is to cater to their domestic audience in the USA. If this is going to change in the future, we can’t tell. What we do know is that we’ve provided you with an alternative, which is, in our opinion, worth the risk. So, if you’re not a US resident, nor do you want to use a VPN/Proxy, you’re left with one remaining choice – wait for Hulu’s global expansion. 

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