New Gossip 2024 Toyota 4Runner – What are the Speculations & Industry Insights

Toyota is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, and the hype around their models is always present. The new 4Runner is one of those SUVs that will always polarize the public. The downside of its popularity is that we will encounter a lot of fake information before the release date is due. Before we continue, the question that needs to be asked is just how much do we know about the new 4Runner model, and is it due in 2024?

Note: The New 4Runner will not arrive anytime soon, and all the information regarding it is scarce and it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The article below is pure speculation based on the information we gathered on the web.

Key Takeaways

  • Anticipation for the New 4Runner: Like many car enthusiasts, I’m eagerly waiting for the new Toyota 4Runner, but it seems we’ll have to be patient until at least 2025, as per MotorTrend’s insights.
  • Skepticism Around Early Information: I’ve learned to take early speculations with a grain of salt, especially with popular models like the 4Runner, where rumors often outpace facts.
  • Major Overhaul Expected: Personally, I’m excited about the complete redesign that Toyota is planning for the 4Runner, aiming to outshine rivals like the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler with new powertrains and technology.
  • Mixed Feelings About Hybrid Transition: While the shift to a 2.4-liter hybrid powertrain aligns with modern trends, I know some long-time 4Runner fans might miss the classic 4.0-liter engine.
  • Price Speculation: Given the significant updates and market trends, I’m bracing for a higher price tag on the new 4Runner, though the exact cost remains a mystery for now.
  • Awaiting Concrete Details: As with any eagerly anticipated model, I’m on the lookout for more concrete information and official announcements from Toyota about the 4Runner’s future.

When Will a New 4Runner Hit the Market?

4Runner TRD


At this moment, the better question would be if it will hit the market. Of course, it will, as the 4Runner is one of the best-selling Toyota models. Its popularity simply requires a new model. While we would love to tell you that it’s on the way, that’s simply not the case. The way things stand today, Toyota has no plans of launching this model in 2024 MY. Instead, they will push its release date to 2025. According to motortrend.com 4Runner is due in 2025 and it will be a completely new vehicle.

Now, this is some good news. The same outlet claims that the new model will be just that – a brand-new SUV. They will remodel everything starting with the platform, overall design, and of course, the powertrains. All of this is needed as the 4Runner, despite its popularity, started to fall behind competitors in departments such as fuel economy, technology, and engine department.

The goal is to top Ford’s Bronco and pack their body-on-frame SUV with potent turbo-four mills and super-strong V-6 hybrid powertrains. MotorTrend also notes that in the not-so-distant future, we might be looking at a fully electric 4Runner.

Why The Drastic Change?

It is a well-known fact that the 4Runner is a popular model from Toyota. They sold 120 thousand units just last year. Compared to 2021 that’s a massive drop despite being an impressive number. They’re no longer the leader in the domain as that spot belongs to the Jeep Wrangler and is closely followed by the Ford Bronco.

With the expectations that the new Toyota Tacoma will steal the show this year, the 4Runner should come out during the fall of 2024 as 2025 MY. This is a big disappointment for fans of this model but Toyota needs to work hard on both redesigning the existing model and staying ahead of competitors. With brand new interior and exterior it should be an eyesight for every car enthusiast.

The Package Under the Hood

While we have a long way to go until the new 4Runner hits the roads, TopSpeed has a few predictions regarding its future powertrains. It is speculated that the main package under the bonnet is going to be the 2.4-liter hybrid powertrain that is also present with the new Tacoma. It is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission which should work as a charm on the 4Runner.

While this is good news for some, the old fans of 4Runner are not convinced with the new hybrid option touted as the standard powertrain for future models. Everyone and their mother are in love with the standard 4.0-liter mill that powers the current model.

Pricing Estimates

At the moment of writing this article, the new 4Runner is just a pipe dream for car enthusiasts. It is very hard to tell when it will come out and how much it will be priced. With all the drastic changes that will most likely happen we can expect a shift upwards in price.

Count in the yearly inflation and the trend of overpricing new models in the year they come out, and you already know that the new 4Runner won’t be cheap. As for its release, let’s wait and see before we jump to conclusions and make false statements. More news and concrete facts will come our way sooner than later.


Will the new 4Runner offer different trim levels, and what might they include?

While specific trim levels for the new 4Runner have not been detailed, it’s typical for Toyota to offer a range including base, off-road focused, and luxury-oriented trims. Expect variations in features like suspension systems, interior finishes, and technological amenities.

Can we anticipate any special editions of the 2024/2025 4Runner similar to previous models?

Toyota often releases special editions of their popular models. While there’s no confirmed information, it’s plausible that the new 4Runner could see unique editions with exclusive features or design elements.

Will the new 4Runner maintain its off-road capabilities in the hybrid or electric versions?

Toyota is known for balancing off-road prowess with new technology. It’s likely that the hybrid or electric versions of the 4Runner will be designed to uphold its strong off-road heritage, possibly with enhancements specific to electric drivetrains.

How will the new 4Runner’s interior design compare to the current model?

While specifics are not yet available, the new 4Runner is expected to feature a more modern and possibly more luxurious interior, with upgraded materials, advanced infotainment systems, and enhanced connectivity features.

Are there any plans for Toyota to include autonomous driving features in the new 4Runner?

As of now, there’s no specific information about autonomous driving features in the new 4Runner. However, given industry trends, it’s possible that Toyota will include advanced driver-assistance systems as part of its feature set.

Will the new 4Runner have improved towing and payload capacities compared to the current model?

With the anticipated powertrain upgrades, it’s reasonable to expect improvements in towing and payload capacities. However, exact figures will depend on the final specifications of the engine and chassis design.

Final Words

The upcoming Toyota 4Runner, slated for a 2025 release, promises a complete redesign with advanced hybrid powertrains, potentially revolutionizing the SUV market. While details are still emerging, this model is poised to set new standards in performance, efficiency, and design, eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and critics alike.


The information provided in this article about the 2025 Toyota 4Runner is based on speculation and available online sources. Actual details may vary upon the vehicle’s official release. Toyota has not confirmed all the features, specifications, or release details discussed. Readers are advised to consult official Toyota announcements for accurate and up-to-date information.

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