Rumored Release Date of 2024 Nissan Xterra – Find out the Price & Variants

2024 Nissan Xterra - Rumored Release Date

The crossover between trucks and SUVs has become widely popular across the globe. Naturally, various manufacturers worked toward satisfying the needs of fans of these vehicles, and Nissan is certainly among them.

Nissan Xterra is looking to satisfy the needs of such car enthusiasts, and even though it is unclear whether or not this vehicle will ever see the light of day, there have been various rumors on the internet that suggest the release might happen – Whether or not this is true, remains uncertain. Today, we will discuss these rumors.

Important note: The information we are about to share is based purely on speculations and information from other vehicle review websites; thus, it might not strictly be true.

About the Series

Nissan Xterra initially had a lifespan from the 2000 to 2015 model years. This compact SUV, based on a pickup truck platform, was the first Nissan model entirely conceived, developed, and manufactured in the United States. It shared its features with the Nissan Frontier, which you might know by the name of Navara.

Although there were no new models in the series, Nissan Xterra enjoys a dedicated fan base in the SUV community.

Moreover, the landscape of the market has evolved somewhat from what it was several years ago, meaning that there is an increased appetite for authentic body-on-frame SUVs, which is further fueling speculations regarding the potential release of the 2024 model of Xterra.

In a recent update, an informative article touched on the upcoming release date for a certain Nissan model, providing insights into the brand’s latest developments.

Potential Release Date

Nissan Xterra Price

There is no official release date for this particular vehicle, and Nissan had no statements regarding the 2024 Xterra whatsoever. All we have is speculations and rumors, but none of those are coming from legitimate sources and websites.

Why Was Xterra Production Initially Stopped?

As we previously mentioned, this SUV had a lifespan from 2000 to 2015, when the production was discontinued. The production stopped in the U.S. following the 2015 iteration.

Inadequate gas mileage, diminishing consumer demand, and required enhancements in safety and emission standards were identified as contributing factors.

Speculations About the Future Models

If brought back to life in today’s market, Xterra could function as a complementary off-road-centric brand alongside Nissan 2022 Rogue, starting at a U.S. MSRP of $27.150.

This would make them a tandem offering in the compact SUV category, similar to how Murano and Pathfinder co-exist in the mid-size crossover SUV space. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a stretch to think this will happen.

Closing Thoughts

Although there is no official information regarding this beloved SUV model from Nissan, various vehicle enthusiasts still remain hopeful that the new Xterra will see the light of day.

We will keep you posted and update information as soon as Nissan releases anything related to this car.

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