Your Guide to Auto Warranties: 9 Tips for Making Smart Choices for Your Car

Your Guide to Auto Warranties 9 Tips for Making Smart Choices for Your Car

Hope for the best – prepare for the worst. This is an old saying. We can’t tell how far it dates, but it still holds strong today. It is ideally applicable when we talk of car warranties. When you’re happy-go-lucky you tend to believe that nothing bad can happen to yourself and your vehicle.

We wish all the nicest to you and your loved ones, but your car will fail you, sooner or later. This is where a fine warranty steps in. You need one. Here is how you can make the ideal choice for your car.

Learn the Basics

Car warranties or any warranties can be complicated. That doesn’t give you any excuse not to learn the basics. You do not have to dig deep into all the intricacies of a car warranty. However, the basics must be covered. First of all, you need to learn about the kinds of warranties.

On the entry level, there is the factory warranty. This one comes from the manufacturer itself. The second one is the extended one. This is the type you buy for your car once your factory one expires. It’s as simple as that.

Understand The Coverage Offered By Auto Warranty Companies

Understand The CoverageOnce you learn the basics you’ll need to dig a little bit deeper as in this department you can always learn more about top Auto Warranty Companies. The basics are elementary school. You require that high-school education regarding warranties. We’re talking about documents that will have more than a dozen pages. Because of this, you must read them from first to last. Also, focus on the fine print. You need to read the vital details.

Some of them are written in fine print and you do not have the luxury to skip them over. A good example is the bumper-to-bumper coverage. This one aims to cover everything on the exterior minus the tires and brakes. Also, you have the kind that protects the powertrain, transmission, and all the other systems that a car possesses.

Time and Date

All policies have an expiration date. On the day you sign it, the day of the expiration will appear to be far away. No matter how far it is it will come. It will come faster than you think. This is why you always need to be aware of the date of expiration.

In the case of an accident or a car malfunction, you will not be covered beyond the date of expiration. Also, it is worth noting that many warranties are tied to date and time while others are tied to miles you will pass with your vehicle.

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Deductibles Exist

While you might not be aware of them, they exist and you must pay great attention to them and details. There are a few types of warranties that arrive with deductibles. Deductibles are the malfunctions and repairs that the policy does not cover and that you’ll have to pay out of your pocket.

If you do not want unpleasant surprises you’ll learn about them, and in a case of a misfortune you will know who’s responsible for the payment.

Transfer Status

Transfer Status (1)

No, we’re not talking about soccer or Football Manager. It is not that form of a transfer. However, it is curious to witness the change in the football landscape with so many transfers of top-end players to Saudi Arabia. Do you believe you could do the same with your warranty?

It is vital to learn this answer. Some policies can be transferred to a new owner while others can’t, some can be transferred to a new car while others can’t. You are required to know which kind you own and what to do with it.

Contract Only Reputable Companies

When you’re on a hunt for a warranty you could be prone to making a mistake. Car warranty is a serious thing and you can’t be reckless with it. Your insurance company needs to be your long-term partner. You don’t have the luxury of making a mistake in this department.

Because of this, you need to talk only with reputable companies in this domain. Seek friend recommendations, read online reviews, and consult professionals. You choose your path, but it needs one paved with fine bricks.

Learn of Maintenance Requirements

If you have your safety, and the safety of all people who drive in your car you will take good care of your maintenance. While goodwill is one thing, regular maintenance requested by a warranty is a different beast.

Some warranties have a built-in clause that requires specific maintenance. It is tied to a service provider, a certain date and time, or both. If you fail in meeting these requirements you’ll put yourself in danger of having your warranty voided.

Avoid Overlaps

Avoid Overlaps

When you spend on a new vehicle a factory warranty is mandatory. Many people do not track the time and date of a factory warranty before they seek another one. Sometimes it will happen that it overlaps with your new one. When this occurs you do not have the double insurance.

You only have the double expenses. To avoid overall of these two warranties you must be aware of how far the factory one reaches before you decide to get a new one. Saving costs in this department can lead to more money to invest in your vehicle. The better the investment the less need you’ll have to rely on your policy in the first place.

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Shop Around

This is the best advice we can give to anyone. Car warranties are a sought-after commodity. You have so many providers that your choice can rely on many factors. Learn what’s important to you and based on that make your pick. An important thing to do is not to tie yourself to the first company you encounter. Shop around before you find the perfect match. In the meantime do not drive your car around too much.

Bottom Line

It’s not hard to be smart. Just listen to valuable advice, learn a bit, and don’t be afraid to explore your options. With a bit of patience, you will find the right solution in no time. This advice doesn’t apply only to car warranties. It’s universal. But, before you start applying it elsewhere, get the best possible warranty for your vehicle. After that, do as you like.

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