30+ Cars So Strange, You Won’t Believe They Exist

The shiny, attractive appearance of a car is one of its best-selling features. However, not every vehicle’s destiny is to remain like this. Automobile lovers around the world are finding many new ways to add a special touch to them.

Sure, customizing your ride can be harmless fun… until it no longer resembles a vehicle. Tacky stickers, unorthodox colors, and questionable modifications can transform your car into a vehicle of fears rather than dreams.

A Facebook group called “PoSC” is a place where people gather to post their sightings of the most bizarre-looking vehicles on the streets. Enjoy steering through this list of some of the funniest ones that will make you question your knowledge about cars.

31. The Bat-Mobile Got A Jurrasic Upgrade!

Batman Dino Car

30. Reject Modernity, Embrace Retro

Uhhhhhhhhhh Yes Plz

The origins of car modifications can be traced back to the 1920s–1930s in California, when “Hot Rodding” became a thing. It’s a transformation of a vehicle to be lighter and faster for racing.

In the beginning, those were old cars that had been stripped of all nonessential parts like bumpers, windshields, and hoods and had modified or new engines to be more powerful. Eventually, it became a legitimate sport.

Car clubs began to form, and race tracks were built so that people could show off their customized builds. Interestingly, the “Hot Rod” races were done in a straight line, as previously they were done illegally on city streets or straight roads.

The racers would start at the same point and time after a given signal. The first car to cross the finish line became the winner. This gave way to the colorful culture of automotive modifications that we know today.

29. Do We Have Any Liam Fans Around?

28. Ring Ring, Bananna Pho-Car!

If you’ve ever wanted a banana boat but on wheels… Here ya go!

27. Your Life’s A Mess? I Think That Compared To This Guy You’re Fine

Not all mods are bad or tasteless, they can be renewed and brought back to life by someone who’s willing to put in some work. Here are some popular and unharmful ways a vehicle can be modified:

  • Repainting your car can make the biggest difference, but if you don’t enjoy making such long-term commitments, there is an alternative. Wrapping your car in vinyl film offers you the freedom to choose any color you’d like, provides protection, and can be removed whenever.
  • A set of sports seats looks cool and can be more comfortable and supportive.
  • Raising or lowering your vehicle’s height is also a great way to change the look of your car, and it might make your ride more comfortable.
  • Changing out your rear and tail lights can also add detail and interest to your vehicle.

Before customizing your ride, it’s a good idea to check your country’s guidelines for vehicles to avoid fines and safety issues.

26. Gas On The Go

25. No Parking Space? No Problem!

I Have No Idea

Bulldose those pesky parkers away! 

24. Speed 0, Mobility 100

23. Only Real Manly Men Can Take A Ride On This Truck

Now That's A Statement. Not Necessarily A Bad One Considering The Ribbon

Why exactly do people like to pimp up their cars? The main reason is to improve performance and make it go faster. Also, it helps to stand out in the crowd of ordinary-looking cars.

By improving its fuel efficiency, it can save you money. Additionally, it’s a great hobby to express your personality and bond with other enthusiasts. Lastly, show-quality vehicles can enter competitions and win cash prizes, or they can be sold for a profit.

22. The Car With Rizz

21. A Masterclass On How To Keep People From Getting Too Close To Your Car

Bee Cre8ive

According to a survey done in the US, the most prioritized features when purchasing a vehicle are fuel efficiency and safety.

Interestingly, only 32% seem to assign greater importance to the appearance of their new car. Prioritizing quality and comfort also ranks higher than design.

20. A Car That Only A Cyborg Could Love

There Were Many Points Where Someone Could Have Said

19. Further Proof That Bigger Is Indeed Better

One Way Camper. This Be A Fine Last Ride

This is your mother’s dream car. Just imagine how many shopping bags you could fit in there!

18. Santa’s Rocket Ship!

Santa's Rocket Ship

Ho ho ho, but in space (?)

17. This Driver Is Due A Refund…

I Don't Even Know What To Say Here. Please Help

If not done correctly, mods can not only ruin the look of your car, but also cause safety issues. Tinting your headlights and windows creates a more uniform and aggressive look, but it can affect visibility for the driver and others, causing unpleasant accidents.

Covering seats may also pose a danger, as some of them now have airbags inside. In case of an accident, they may prevent them from deploying correctly. Moreover, inadequate wiring and faulty installations of aftermarket parts can lead to malfunctions.

Modifications can greatly interfere with or disrupt a delicate vehicle system, so it’s best to be knowledgeable in this area before committing to customizing.

16. The Wooden Beetle (Not To Be Confused With The Band!)


15. Alienware Makes Cars Now?

Photos Of Slammed Corvettes

This looks like an E-sport’s player’s dream car. 

14. Rudolph The Red Nosed Camper-Van!

Pontiac 6000 Frankenstein Motorhome?

13. This Might As Well Just Be A Modernized Tank Without All The Cool Destructive Features

110% S**t

I’m throwing in $50 dollars to bet it’s bullet-proof.

12. Wheel’d Up On A Monday Morning

Poorly executed paint jobs and additional body parts can not only damage your car but also make it less appealing to potential buyers. Customizations that speed up the car can affect insurance payments, adding to the general cost of maintenance and making it a less attractive purchase.

A loud exhaust will inevitably decrease your vehicle’s value, as not everyone enjoys driving a car that everyone can hear from a mile away. Unless you’re selling a modified build to a fellow enthusiast, some of these advancements can shorten your list of buyers and decrease your profit.

11. I Don’t Think Rice Can Save This One…

Here's Whatever The Hell This Is

Have you checked your tires recently?

10. Why Are You Grinning At Me Like That?

9. This Guy Brought The Concert To His Car

This car isn’t going to a show, it IS the show.

8. Someone Make This Truck An OnlyTrucks Account!

When You Can’t Decide What Style You’re Going For

It’s easy to get tied up in the world of cars, especially if you’re just a beginner. Automotive blogs stress the importance of planning your projects in advance.

Conducting research about the best cars to alter and how is a smart thing to do before starting.

Having the right car and your modifications planned can save you a lot of time, money, and nerves. It’s also important to be realistic; some alterations might not do what you expect them to.

It’s best to be sufficiently informed and determined about your first customizations before you end up with a vehicle like this guy’s…

7. You’ve Heard Of King Sized, Now Get Ready For Truck Sized!

You Should Call Them

6. Oh! That’s Where I Left My Cheese

I Saw One Of These Yesterday!

5. Something’s Not Quite Right Here

This Gem Made Visiting Some Of My Family A Little Better

4. This Is What I Mean When I Say I’m Having A Mental Breakdown

Duct tape, our best friend. 

3. When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

If There Ever Was A Vehicle That Perfectly Fits This Group

2. Hit N’ Run

I'm Going To Go With No Insurance

1. The Longer You Look, The More Confused You’ll Be

Oh Boy


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