Audi Q9 Rumors: A New Luxury SUV Coming in 2025?

2024 AUDI Q9 orange

Not a lot of carmakers draw as much attention as the top three German names. Whenever there is a new Audi on the horizon, even a rumor of it, all eyes are turning. Recently, rumors have been stirring about a brand new full-size luxury SUV, the Q9. This comes after the news of a new generation of Q7 being scheduled for 2025. Reportedly, the two SUVs will launch at practically the same time thus elevating Audi into a new era of large personal vehicles.

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NOTE: This news is yet to be officially confirmed by a source familiar with the situation. Audi has not commented on it nor have there been any official reports.

What are the Rumors Saying?

After a huge SUV was spotted doing test laps at the famous Nurburgring, as reported by Driving, people started talking. What car is it? Is it the new Q7 or perhaps something entirely new? What makes this line easily noticeable is there including the giant wheels, noticeable attention-stealing grille, and recognizable chassis shape.

Of course, the vehicle was covered entirely in Audi’s classic wrapping they normally use for their developing projects. The German carmaker has made a habit of using this wrapping when testing their Asian market cars, but who’s to say what market this specific SUV is for?

What are the Rumors Saying - Audi Q9 Rumors

The Q9’s Potential Competitors

As is always the case, the new Audi will be competing with the SUVs by the remaining two German brands that round up the big 3, Mercedes and BMW. As things are looking out, the two SUVs will be the Mercedes-Benz GLS and the BMW X7.

Alongside the Q7, these cars have been the gold standard when luxury SUVs are concerned. If the new 2025 Q7 is scheduled for release, the battle will rage on. However, if this is truly a Q9, then Audi is taking things to a whole new level.


It is impossible to say with any sort of guarantee what this car will have under the hood, or what its general specs will look like. As everything is shrouded in mystery so far, all we can do is speculate.

And speculate we will, albeit with some educated guesswork. The SUV should have at least a twin-turbo V6 with the possibility of a V8 hybrid trim following suit. Any new car has it, so why not the new Q7 or Q9?

2024 AUDI Q9 interior

Last Combusiton Audis Ever?

Another interesting rumor, according to Car Expert, is that the Q7 and/or the Q9 are going to be the last combustion cars by Audi. This is of course a big deal as an era would finally come to a close and the future will officially begin.

The Q7 is slated for a mild-hybrid technology powertrain. There are even some claiming that a Q6 and a Q8 are somewhere in the mix for beyond 2025, 2026, and well into the 2030s.

The Verdict?

Sadly, everything remains a rumor. The tests at the German racetrack are all we can judge the car on. While the trademarks for the Q9 have reportedly been filed according to the Motor Authority, it still seems to be a plan for the future.

SUVs are very popular in the USA and China, two of the biggest markets for Audi and in general. In any case, fans of the brand and of the full-size luxury SUV should be covered in the next several years.

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