10 Most Dangerous Cities In Nevada 2024: Crime Statistics Revealed


Nestled between Arizona and California, the Silver State, Nevada, is home to an array of marvels. It boasts the engineering wonder Hoover Dam, the lively city of Reno, and the iconic Las Vegas – internationally recognized for its vibrant nightlife and bustling casinos. Over recent years, the state has seen a significant influx of Californians contributing to its rapid urban expansion.

However, it’s not all glitz and glamour. Nevada also has a dark side, with it being one of the riskiest states in the U.S. in terms of violent crime. But don’t be fooled into thinking the entire state is a hotbed of criminal activity. In reality, Nevada is a patchwork of neighborhoods, with plenty of suburbs and regions within major cities that offer safe and enjoyable living environments for families and individuals alike, if you are thinking of relocating there be sure to check out our complete guide for doing so.

Nevertheless, the large volume of money flowing through Nevada’s casinos can paint a tempting target for criminals, creating hotspots for robberies and theft. So if you’re contemplating moving to or touring Nevada, it’s vital to be well-informed about the state’s more perilous urban areas. Read on to discover more about Nevada’s most dangerous cities.

Top 10 Unsafe Places In Nevada

City Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
Reno, NV 254,349 $58,790 1,419 27.75
Las Vegas, NV 1,666,803 $56,354 8,854 28.21
North Las Vegas, NV 249,854 $59,835 2,158 21.19
Elko, NV 20,601 $81,232 69 34.48
Sparks, NV 106,010 $64,645 450 23.94
Henderson, NV 317,732 $74,147 543 17.13
Winnemucca, NV 7,800 $66,857 204 28.23
Carlin, NV 2,259 $78,929 15 39.08
Lovelock, NV 1,806 $41,896 6 63.45
Mesquite, NV 19,612 $55,542 20 12.26

Reno, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
254,349 $58,790 1,419 27.75

Reno NV

Nestled in Nevada’s northern realm, a stone’s throw away from the scenic Lake Tahoe, is the city of Reno. While it might be smaller in terms of population compared to Las Vegas, it casts a long shadow in the crime statistics.

In 2022 alone, Reno recorded an alarming 1,419 instances of violent crime, outpacing Las Vegas when factoring in population differences. With Reno clocking in at 1.05 reported violent crimes per capita compared to Las Vegas, it’s a disparity that cannot be ignored.

Reno’s crime figures don’t just tower over Las Vegas; they also eclipse the national average. Boasting a violent crime rate of 5.66, Reno overshadows Las Vegas and markedly exceeds the national figures. It’s for these reasons that Reno, despite being challenged by larger cities, takes an unfortunate lead in this less-than-enviable list.

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Las Vegas, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
1,666,803 $56,354 8,854 28.21

World-renowned Las Vegas, or “Sin City,” understandably holds a notoriety for crime. As Nevada’s most populous city, Las Vegas reports the highest number of crimes statewide, dominating every category of violent crime, including murder, rape, assault, and motor vehicle theft. This statistic reflects not only the city’s size but also its elevated crime rates. With a violent crime rate of 5.36, you have a 1 in 190 chance of falling victim to violent crime in Las Vegas.

This city, teeming with people, is also home to numerous businesses like bars, nightclubs, and casinos, which inadvertently contribute to its high crime rates, reinforcing its ‘Sin City’ reputation.

North Las Vegas, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
249,854 $59,835 2,158 21.19

north las vegas

Bordering Las Vegas, North Las Vegas similarly grapples with violent crime. With over 2,000 reported violent crimes, including 118 rapes and 1,565 aggravated assaults, North Las Vegas has a violent crime rate twice the national average. Despite being slightly lower than Las Vegas proper, it still surpasses the norm.

However, since 2018, there’s been a noticeable dip in crime rates, a welcomed relief for residents and law enforcement alike.

Elko, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
20,601 $81,232 69 34.48

Elko, a petite town nestled along Interstate 80 connecting Reno and Salt Lake City, features an alarmingly high crime rate. Despite having less than 25,000 inhabitants, Elko struggles with violent crime rates almost equivalent to Las Vegas and 25% higher than the national average.

With high incidents of rape (18) and motor vehicle theft (73), Elko’s crime rate of 34.48 even surpasses Las Vegas and Reno, a surprising figure for such a small town.

Sparks, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
106,010 $64,645 450 23.94

Sparks Nevada

Sparks, a suburb of Reno, resides just 4 miles east and unfortunately shares Reno’s crime issues. As Nevada’s fifth-largest city, Sparks carries a significant crime burden, with violent crime rates akin to neighboring Reno.

However, Sparks has fewer incidents of murder. With only one reported murder or manslaughter case in 2022, Sparks, despite having a population four times that of Elko, reported fewer homicides. Additionally, Sparks flaunts a higher average household income than Reno, showing that not all is grim.

Henderson, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
317,732 $74,147 543 17.13

Henderson Nevada

Henderson, Nevada’s second-largest city and one of the fastest-growing areas in the U.S., registers a violent crime rate of 10.7 per 1,000 citizens. Despite its rapid growth and proximity to Las Vegas, Henderson remains relatively safe. Still, with over 500 incidents of violent crime reported in 2022, it’s placed fourth in Nevada, although this ranking is two spots lower than expected based on population size.

Winnemucca, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
7,800 $66,857 204 28.23

Winnemucca, a mining town near gold operations and Nevada’s famous sand dunes, is marred by high crime rates, especially property crime, despite its small size. Although violent crime is low, its property crime rates are some of the highest in Nevada, surpassing Sparks and Henderson.

Carlin, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
2,259 $78,929 15 39.08

Carlin Nevada

Carlin, a small town positioned along Interstate 80 between Elko and Winnemucca, carries a high crime rate of 39.08, despite having fewer than 2,500 residents. With a violent crime rate double the national average, its 15 reported violent crimes in 2022 appear significant.

Lovelock, NV

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
1,806 $41,896 6 63.45

Located along Interstate 80 northeast of Reno, tiny Lovelock experiences high crime rates disproportionate to its population. One of the factors contributing to the high crime rate is Lovelock’s status as the city with the lowest household income on this list. Despite this, its crime rate has been declining, hinting at a more peaceful future.

Mesquite, NV

Mesquite Nevada

Population Median Household Income Violent Crimes in 2022 Crime Rate per 1,000 People
19,612 $55,542 20 12.26

Mesquite, a small town near the Arizona and Utah borders, is known for its casinos. Despite not having the highest crime rates in Nevada, its popularity with out-of-state visitors contributes to an unusually high rape incidence rate. As one of Nevada’s few incorporated cities reporting individual crime statistics, it merits inclusion on this list.

Safety Tips

  1. Ensure Hotel Room Safety Nevada’s allure of casinos, especially in Reno and Las Vegas, attract an influx of visitors hoping to strike it rich. While hotels typically provide reliable security, taking additional precautions is advisable. Make sure to always secure the door with a deadbolt, and consider investing in a portable door jammer for added safety. Create an impression of occupancy even when you’re out by leaving the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door and keeping the blinds closed. Furthermore, never allow unfamiliar individuals into your room, even if they claim affiliation with the hotel.
  2. Stay Alert The dazzling neon lights of Nevada’s casinos make for impressive photo opportunities. While capturing these memories, ensure your belongings are secure to avoid any unfortunate surprises. Engage with locals to gain insights about the casino culture, but trust your instincts if a situation or individual appears suspicious. When in doubt, it’s best to remove yourself from the situation.
  3. Stick to Crowded Areas Adhering to this Golden Rule while visiting Nevada’s cities can help ensure your safety. Venturing beyond tourist attractions and bustling areas could lead you into potentially unsafe neighborhoods, where police monitoring is less robust. If you find yourself in sparsely populated areas, it’s best to head back to the more crowded parts of town.
  4. Keep the Bling to a Minimum While a night out in cities like Las Vegas and Reno might inspire you to dress to the nines, refrain from flaunting expensive accessories. Displaying luxury items could attract unwanted attention, making you a target. If you acquire high-end goods while visiting, ensure they’re securely stored in your hotel room safe or at the front desk. However, be sure to obtain proper documentation for items kept at the front desk to avoid potential issues.
  5. Prioritize Safety When Booking Accommodations Before finalizing your accommodation booking, peruse online reviews and conduct thorough research. Look for any safety-related comments to gauge which establishments have the highest safety ratings. While hotels may enforce stringent security measures, they cannot guarantee absolute safety. Thus, booking in reputable neighborhoods is beneficial. Using first-hand insights from previous guests can be invaluable in making an informed decision.


What are some measures I can take to ensure my hotel room is secure in Nevada?

It’s essential to prioritize your safety, especially in a transient city like Las Vegas or Reno. Always deadbolt and lock your hotel room door, and consider using a portable door jammer for an added layer of security.

Also, it can be beneficial to give the impression your room is occupied even when you’re out – this can be achieved by leaving the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door and keeping the blinds closed. Finally, don’t let strangers into your room, even if they claim to work for the hotel. If hotel staff need to access your room, they should have identification or you can call the front desk to confirm.

How can I stay safe while exploring the nightlife in Nevada?

The allure of Nevada’s nightlife is undeniable, but it’s crucial to stay alert. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially when you’re enjoying the neon lights of the casinos. Keep your belongings secure at all times and maintain situational awareness. While interacting with locals can enrich your experience, if a situation or person feels suspicious, it’s better to trust your instincts and distance yourself.

What places should I avoid when visiting Nevada?

While Nevada is a vibrant state with many attractions, there are areas where crime rates are higher. Cities such as Reno, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas have relatively high crime rates. Some smaller towns like Elko, Carlin, and Lovelock also have high crime rates despite their smaller populations. It’s advisable to stick to crowded and well-lit areas, especially during the night, and avoid venturing into unknown neighborhoods.

What should I do if I purchase expensive items while in Nevada?

If you’ve acquired valuable items during your visit, ensure they’re securely stored. Most hotels provide safes in their rooms, and this is an excellent place to keep your valuables. Alternatively, you can also keep them at the front desk. However, make sure you get a receipt or some form of documentation confirming the hotel is holding your valuables. This will help protect your possessions and provide you with peace of mind.

How can I ensure that I’m booking a safe hotel in Nevada?

Research is crucial when choosing a hotel. Look up online reviews and pay particular attention to safety-related comments. You should also investigate the hotel’s location – staying in a well-reputed neighborhood can increase your safety. Additionally, consider the hotel’s security measures.

Do they have 24-hour security? Do rooms come with a safe? Does the hotel have a good record of dealing with incidents? These considerations can help you choose a safe and secure accommodation.

What should I do if I become a victim of a crime in Nevada?

If you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to a crime, your first step should be to contact local law enforcement. Dial 911 for immediate emergencies or find the non-emergency number for the local police department for less urgent situations.

Make sure you provide all relevant details about the incident. If the crime involves loss of possessions, also notify your hotel and check if they have security footage that might assist with the investigation. It would be advisable to contact your embassy (for international travelers) and inform them of the situation. Furthermore, reach out to your insurance provider to understand the next steps for any potential claim.


In conclusion, Nevada, despite its many attractions and vibrant culture, can be an environment that requires heightened vigilance, given its diverse crime profile. From the glittering cities of Las Vegas and Reno to smaller towns like Elko and Lovelock, crime rates vary significantly, with some areas posing higher risks than others.

However, it’s essential to remember that every city, state, and country has areas of concern, and crime is not confined to specific regions. Furthermore, the presence of crime doesn’t diminish Nevada’s charm or the appeal of its world-renowned casinos, natural attractions, and unique desert landscapes.

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