10 Safest Cities In Maryland 2024: Embrace Serenity

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Despite its reputation for a higher violent crime rate than the national average, Maryland has been making strides in improving safety over the past few years. Currently, the state records a violent crime rate of 4.5 per 1,000 residents, a figure that, while higher than the national average of 3.6, has been on a steady decline.

This suggests that while Maryland may have a higher risk factor compared to other states, it’s not an absolute representation of the entire state. Living in Maryland doesn’t automatically equate to being a victim of violent or property crime.

Indeed, Maryland is home to numerous cities that are considered safe havens, boasting low crime rates. These cities have been evaluated based on their violent and property crime rates, with a heavier emphasis placed on violent crimes.

Continue reading to discover some of Maryland’s safest cities, ideal for both living and visiting.

10 Best Places

City Violent Crime Rate (per 100k people) Property Crime Rate (per 100k people) Median Income Population
Ocean Pines 0.7 5.9 $71,271 12,264
Hampstead 1.1 4.8 $75,286 6,397
Glenarden 0.6 8.7 $91,923 6,234
Centreville 0.8 8.0 $95,521 4,882
Mount Airy 0.5 12.1 $117,341 9,472
Berlin 0.6 13.8 $61,042 4,862
Thurmont 2.2 6.2 $72,868 6,824
Taneytown 1.9 9.4 $73,457 6,824
Bowie 1.0 15.2 $112,444 59,093
Havre de Grace 2.6 11.9 $74,335 13,890

10. Havre de Grace

Havre de Grace Maryland

Violent Crime Rate: 2.6 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 11.9 per 100k people
Median Income: $74,335
Population: 13,890

Situated on the picturesque coast and serving as a suburb of Baltimore, this small community offers a blend of suburban tranquility and city vibrancy. It’s a popular choice among Maryland residents, largely due to its superior public schools and a plethora of recreational activities.

The community is a stone’s throw away from Baltimore, making it an ideal location for those who commute for work or enjoy the city’s bustling restaurant scene and regular entertainment options.

While the crime rates are slightly higher compared to other communities on this list, they remain significantly lower than both the state and national averages. Over the years, the crime rate has remained relatively stable, with a notable decrease in property crime.

Given these factors, we anticipate this community will continue to be a safe and appealing choice for residents in the coming years.

9. Bowie

Violent Crime Rate: 1.0 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 15.2 per 100k people
Median Income: $112,444
Population: 59,093

Bowie, a moderately-sized suburb on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., presents an interesting case when it comes to crime rates. While its violent crime rate is impressively low, the property crime rate is notably higher, which has placed it lower on our list.

The reasons behind the elevated property crime rate remain unclear, especially given the community’s affluent status, with a median income significantly above average.

Despite this, Bowie remains one of the more desirable places to live in Maryland, provided it fits within your budget.

Its proximity to Washington, D.C. makes it a convenient location for those who commute to the capital for work or leisure. Yet, Bowie itself offers a wealth of activities, ensuring that residents have plenty to enjoy without needing to venture far from home.

8. Taneytown

Taneytown Maryland

Violent Crime Rate: 1.9 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 9.4 per 100k people
Median Income: $73,457
Population: 6,824

Once holding the title of Maryland’s safest town, Taneytown has seen a recent uptick in crime, causing it to relinquish its top spot. Despite this, it still ranks eighth, making it safer than the majority of towns in the state.

Taneytown is a community brimming with families and young professionals. Its public schools offer quality education, even though they may not be the best in the state.

Due to its smaller population, Taneytown has a quieter, more laid-back vibe. While this contributes to a lower crime rate, it also means fewer entertainment options, a point some residents have noted.

In essence, Taneytown is your quintessential small town. It boasts an average cost of living and slightly above-average income levels. It may not be the most exciting place, but it offers a safe, comfortable, and average lifestyle for those seeking a quieter pace of life.

7. Thurmont


Violent Crime Rate: 2.2 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 6.2 per 100k people
Median Income: $72,868
Population: 6,824

Thurmont, much like other towns on this list, is a small community that offers a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. Its size might limit the range of amenities, but it doesn’t detract from its charm. The town is home to several young professionals and is recognized as a great place to raise a family, thanks to its decent public schools.

Thurmont comes alive with various annual festivals, injecting a dose of excitement and attracting visitors from outside the town. It’s a quintessential small town, complete with the charm and values that come with it. The town’s older demographic lends it a conservative ethos that is deeply ingrained in the community.

Despite its size, Thurmont boasts over 20 restaurants, offering a variety of dining options for residents and visitors alike. The town also hosts delightful events such as horse carriage rides and a tree lighting ceremony, adding to its small-town allure. While many residents commute to nearby areas for work, Thurmont itself offers a quaint and comfortable lifestyle.

6. Berlin

Berlin, MD

Violent Crime Rate: 0.6 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 13.8 per 100k people
Median Income: $61,042
Population: 4,862

Berlin, a small town steeped in historical significance, boasts an impressively low crime rate. However, its property crime rate is somewhat higher than other towns on this list, which has affected its ranking.

Berlin is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. The town is dotted with historical sites, including a museum and preserved historic homes that offer a glimpse into the past. One of the notable landmarks is the Burley Plantation, a relic dating back to 1677.

Financially, Berlin presents a mixed picture. The median home value surpasses the national average, indicating a higher cost of living. However, the average income aligns with the national average. This disparity might deter some people from settling in Berlin due to the higher living costs. Despite this, Berlin’s rich history and low crime rate make it an appealing choice for those who value safety and historical charm.

5. Mount Airy

Violent Crime Rate: 0.5 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 12.1 per 100k people
Median Income: $117,341
Population: 9,472

Mount Airy, while having a commendably low violent crime rate, has a higher property crime rate, which pushes its overall crime rate above many towns we’ve examined. However, the likelihood of becoming a victim of violent crime remains relatively low.

Recent years have seen a slight uptick in crime in this town, although data is somewhat limited as the community only started reporting crime statistics two years ago due to its small size.

Despite these factors, Mount Airy is often regarded as one of the more desirable places to live in Maryland. It’s a magnet for families and professionals alike, drawn by the town’s low crime rate.

The town is also home to numerous parks, adding to its appeal for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The local schools are highly rated, further enhancing Mount Airy’s reputation as a great place to live.

4. Centreville


Violent Crime Rate: 0.8 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 8.0 per 100k people
Median Income: $95,521
Population: 4,882

Centreville, a quaint community nestled in Queen Anne’s County, may be small in size but it’s big. Despite its modest population, it’s the largest town in the area and offers a surprising array of services and businesses for residents and visitors alike.

The town has become a hub for entertainment and work, drawing people from surrounding areas and contributing to its thriving community.

History buffs will appreciate the numerous historical sites scattered throughout the town. Centreville embodies the essence of a traditional small town, with peaceful, tree-lined streets, a variety of public schools, and numerous town parks.

The town’s strategic location at the intersection of several major roadways benefits local businesses by attracting travelers. Adding to its charm, Centreville is situated along a river, complete with a public access point and a boardwalk.

This allows residents to enjoy activities like fishing and boating, making Centreville not just a place to live, but a place to truly enjoy life.

3. Glenarden

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Violent Crime Rate: 0.6 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 8.7 per 100k people
Median Income: $91,923
Population: 6,234

 Glenarden, a small community nestled in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., serves as a peaceful retreat for its residents, many of whom commute to the capital for work and other necessities. The town has become a favored retirement spot, attracting a significant number of retirees, while also being home to a good number of younger professionals.

When it comes to crime rates, Glenarden stands out with significantly lower figures compared to the rest of Maryland. Violent crime is particularly low, almost a rarity. However, the town does see a slightly higher rate of property crime, which has influenced its position on our list.

Financially, Glenarden residents enjoy a median income that surpasses the national average, making it a relatively affluent community. This higher income level may contribute to the lower crime rate, as wealthier communities often see fewer crimes. Despite the higher property crime rate, Glenarden remains a safe and prosperous community.

2. Hampstead

Violent Crime Rate: 1.1 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 4.8 per 100k people
Median Income: $75,286
Population: 6,397

Situated in the heart of Maryland, Hampstead is a small town that offers a safe and nurturing environment. Its significantly lower population contributes to a reduced violent crime rate, making it an ideal place to raise a family. This, coupled with high-performing schools, has earned Hampstead a spot among the best places to raise children in Maryland.

Violent crime in Hampstead is virtually non-existent. As per FBI statistics, severe crimes like murder and robbery are almost unheard of, with most violent crimes being limited to assaults.

Property crimes are also significantly lower than the national average. Theft, in particular, is less common, further enhancing Hampstead’s reputation as a safe community. All these factors combined make Hampstead a highly desirable place to live.

1. Ocean Pines

Ocean Pines

Violent Crime Rate: 0.7 per 100k people
Property Crime Rate: 5.9 per 100k people
Median Income: $71,271
Population: 12,264

Nestled on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Ocean Pines is a charming residential community that offers a tranquil and scenic living experience. This small haven is adorned with breathtaking waterfront vistas and expansive wooded areas, providing a serene backdrop for its residents.

Despite its modest population, Ocean Pines is far from dull. It’s a paradise for water enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities such as swimming and boating. The community boasts its public yacht club and a golf course, catering to a variety of recreational interests.

With an abundance of parks and walking trails, residents and visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. The community’s proximity to the coast, a mere 5 miles away, adds to its allure, making ocean-related activities a popular pastime.

In essence, Ocean Pines is a gem of a community that beautifully blends tranquility with a vibrant lifestyle, all within a stone’s throw from the coast.

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What factors contribute to a city’s safety ranking in Maryland?

 The safety ranking of a city in Maryland is primarily determined by its crime rates, both violent and property. Cities with lower crime rates are generally considered safer.

Other factors that may contribute to a city’s safety ranking include the quality of its public schools, the median income of its residents, and the availability of recreational and entertainment options.

How does the crime rate in Maryland compare to the national average?

 As of the latest data, Maryland’s state-wide violent crime rate is 4.5 per 1,000 residents, which is higher than the national average of 3.6.

However, it’s important to note that this rate has been decreasing over the years, and there are many cities in Maryland with crime rates significantly lower than the state and national averages.

What recreational activities are available?

These cities offer a variety of recreational activities. For instance, Ocean Pines is known for its water-related activities such as swimming and boating, and it even has a public yacht club and a golf course.

Centreville is situated along a river and features a public access point and a boardwalk, allowing residents to enjoy fishing and boating. Thurmont hosts various annual festivals and has over 20 restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy.

What is the cost of living in these safe cities in Maryland?

The cost of living can vary significantly across these cities. For instance, Bowie is an affluent community with a median income significantly above average, suggesting a higher cost of living.

Berlin also has a higher median home value compared to the national average. On the other hand, Taneytown has an average cost of living and slightly above-average income levels.

It’s advisable to consider the cost of living alongside safety and other factors when choosing a city to live in Maryland.

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