Indiana Deputy Killed in Fatal Dog Attack, 8-Year-Old Son Wounded

INDIANAPOLIS — An attack by a dog in her own home resulted in the death of a sheriff’s deputy, also leaving her 8-year-old son with bite injuries, according to authorities on Wednesday.

46-year-old Tamieka White was declared dead on site Tuesday evening, not long after Indianapolis police responded to the incident at her residence on the eastern side of the city, as confirmed by officials. She had been serving the Marion County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy since 2007.

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Her son, who was also a victim of the dog attack that was reported around 7:45 p.m., is healing from injuries that were not life-threatening, as per The Indianapolis Star.

An officer who arrived at the scene was charged by the aggressive dog, leading the officer to shoot and kill the dog, reported the Indianapolis police.

A representative from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department stated that the dog didn’t belong to White and that the actual owner had been identified by the police. Details about the owner have been withheld.

According to a statement from Indianapolis Animal Care Services, the dead dog, three more dogs, and a cat were seized from White’s residence. The department mentioned that they could not confirm the breeds of the dogs without conducting a DNA test, but they appeared to be of a “pitbull-type.”

These animals are currently held for further investigation into the incident.

On Wednesday, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office informed that White had been serving in the Judicial Enforcement Division since 2007. Her duties included transporting inmates, collecting overdue taxes, and delivering legal documents.

Sheriff Kerry Forestal expressed his sorrow in a statement, “Deputy White was a beacon of positivity for everyone who knew her,” he said. “We deeply appreciate her almost 17 years of dedicated service to our agency.”




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