Florida Man Jumps on 12-Foot Gator’s Back to Free His Dog from The Reptile

Florida Gator Man jump

Tampa (FL)-A beloved pet dog was dramatically rescued from the jaws of a gargantuan alligator by its daring owner in a Florida park just last week.

The event took place on Friday at Riverside Park in Oviedo, Florida, when the couple were out for a leisurely stroll with their canine companion. Suddenly, a 12-foot alligator lunged from the waters, gripping the unsuspecting dog within its deadly maw, city authorities reported.

In an act of raw courage, the man leapt onto the back of the beast, freeing his pet from the jaws of the monster.

In an email to Fox News, Lisa McDonald, city communication manager, detailed, “A pair of sweethearts were simply out enjoying a walk with their furry friend along the Little Econ River at Riverside Park when an alligator made a shocking appearance and seized the dog.”

“Based on what we’ve been told by our staff, though there were no direct witnesses, the boyfriend exhibited extraordinary bravery and jumped onto the alligator to save the dog. They were successful in freeing the animal,” she added.

No emergency call was placed during the incident, and it wasn’t until the next day that park personnel were informed.

The canine hero is currently undergoing treatment at a nearby animal hospital, its current condition remains uncertain.

Upon hearing of the incident, park officials got in touch with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The monstrous alligator was subsequently captured and euthanized that day, as Fox 35 Orlando reported.

The FWC confirmed the formidable alligator stretched a staggering 12 feet and six inches in length.




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