11 US Cities With The Largest Indian-American Populations 2024: Vibrant Diasporas

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The Indian-American community has woven a rich tapestry of culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship across the United States. As a researcher getting into the vibrant diaspora that contributes significantly to the nation’s cultural and economic fabric, I’ve discovered fascinating insights into the cities that are home to the largest populations of Indian Americans. Let’s explore these urban landscapes and the stories they tell.

Top 11 US Metropolitan Areas With The Highest Population Of Indians

The Rankings and Numbers

Here’s a look at the top metropolitan areas in the US with the highest Indian-American populations, according to the latest data:

City Indian-American Population
New York 711,174
Chicago 238,000
Washington, D.C. 127,963
Los Angeles 119,901
San Francisco 119,854
San Jose 117,711
Dallas 100,386
Houston 91,637
Philadelphia 90,286
Atlanta 78,980
Boston 62,598

Understanding the Data

The numbers reflect more than just population figures; they tell stories of migration, community building, and the pursuit of the American dream by countless Indian families.

  • Migration Patterns and Trends
  • Community Building and Cultural Enclaves

1. New York: The Melting Pot of Cultures

Indian in NY

The Boroughs of New York and Their Indian-American Residents

New York City, known for its cultural diversity, stands out as the metropolitan area with the highest number of Indian-Americans. According to Nova Credit, the city is home to at least 711,174 people of Indian descent. This makes Indians the second-largest Asian group in New York, following Chinese-Americans. The borough of Queens, in particular, boasts the highest number of Indian residents in the city, with a population of 144,896.

  • Queens: A Snapshot of Indian-American Life
  • Brooklyn and Manhattan: Diverse and Dynamic

Why New York Attracts Indian Immigrants

New York City’s allure for Indian immigrants is undeniable. It serves as a gateway for many first-time migrants from India, offering opportunities and a sense of community. The city’s history is rich with stories of prominent Indian-Americans, like Bhicaji Balsara, who was among the first Indians to gain US citizenship.

  • The Gateway for Indian Migrants
  • Prominent Indian-Americans in New York

2. Chicago: A Blend of Professionalism and Community

Indian people in Chicago

Chicago’s Indian-American Demographics

Chicago holds the position of having the second-largest Indian-American population in the United States. With approximately 238,000 residents of Indian descent, the city’s Indian community has a significant presence as stated by Paw Research Center. Initially, many Indian professionals settled in the Uptown area, but over time, the trend shifted towards the suburbs.

  • The Professional Hub for Indian-Americans
  • Suburban Shift: Glenview and Naperville

The Cultural Impact of Chicago’s Indian Community

The Indian community in Chicago has not only grown in numbers but also in cultural influence. From festivals to cuisine, Indian culture is an integral part of Chicago’s diversity.

  • Festivals and Cultural Celebrations
  • Indian Cuisine in Chicago

3. Washington, D.C.: A Political and Cultural Stronghold

Washington DC

The Indian-American Population in the Capital

The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, including parts of Maryland and Virginia, is home to 127,963 Indian-Americans as per same source. This figure places Washington, D.C. as the third-largest metropolitan area for Indian-Americans, indicating their significant role in the region’s demographic composition.

  • The Capital’s Indian-American Community
  • Virginia and Maryland: Suburban Extensions

The Influence of Indian-Americans in Washington, D.C.

Indian-Americans in Washington, D.C. have made their mark in various fields, including politics, academia, and the arts. Their contributions have enriched the cultural landscape of the capital.

4. Los Angeles: The West Coast Melting Pot

Los Angeles’ Indian-American Landscape

Los Angeles has a notable Indian-American population, with listing 119,901 individuals. As the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles benefits from the cultural contributions of its Indian-American residents.

  • The Entertainment Industry and Indian-Americans
  • Community and Cultural Organizations

The Allure of Los Angeles for Indian Immigrants

Los Angeles attracts Indian immigrants with its vibrant job market, especially in the tech and entertainment sectors. The city’s climate and lifestyle also mirror the warmth and diversity of India, making it an attractive destination.

  • Job Opportunities in Tech and Entertainment
  • Lifestyle and Climate Similarities

5. San Francisco: The Tech Haven

The Indian-American Tech Community

San Francisco, at the heart of the Bay Area, is synonymous with technology and innovation. It’s home toat least 119,854 Indian-Americans, many of whom are integral to Silicon Valley’s tech industry.

  • Silicon Valley’s Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Innovation and Start-Up Culture

San Francisco’s Cultural Tapestry

Beyond technology, San Francisco’s Indian-American community contributes to a rich cultural tapestry, with festivals and events that celebrate Indian traditions in the context of a diverse American landscape.

  • Festivals: From Diwali to Holi
  • Indian Cuisine and Fusion Food Trends

6. San Jose: Silicon Valley’s Cultural Core

San Jose - Indian Immigrants

San Jose’s Indian-American Demographics

San Jose, located at the heart of Silicon Valley, has 117,711 Indian-Americans, reflecting the area’s status as a global technology hub and its appeal to highly skilled professionals from India.

  • The Engineering and Tech Workforce
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Cultural Life in San Jose

The cultural life of Indian-Americans in San Jose is vibrant, with a strong community focus on maintaining and sharing Indian heritage through various cultural organizations and events.

  • Community Organizations and Networks
  • Cultural Events and Celebrations

7. Dallas: The Lone Star Home

The Growing Indian-American Community in Dallas

Dallas boasts a growing Indian-American community, with 100,386 individuals calling the metropolitan area home. The city’s economic opportunities and family-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for Indian-Americans.

  • Economic Growth and Job Opportunities
  • Community Centers and Temples

Dallas: A New Cultural Destination

The city’s cultural offerings for Indian-Americans are expanding, with an increasing number of Indian restaurants, shops, and cultural events that cater to the community’s needs and interests.

  • Indian Restaurants and Cuisine
  • Festivals and Community Events

8. Houston: The Space City’s Indian-American Population

Houston’s Indian-American Community

Houston, with its 91,637 Indian-Americans, is known for its energy sector jobs and the NASA Space Center, which have both attracted a skilled Indian-American workforce.

  • Energy Sector and Engineering Jobs
  • NASA and Space Research

Cultural Diversity in Houston

Houston’s Indian-American community is diverse, with a blend of languages, religions, and cultures from across India, reflected in the city’s cultural events and establishments.

  • Language and Religious Diversity
  • Cultural Festivals and Gatherings

9. Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love


Philadelphia’s Indian-American Residents

Philadelphia’s Indian-American population stands at 90,286 as per World Atlas. The city’s history and economic opportunities in education, medicine, and technology draw Indian-Americans to this historic American city.

  • Education and Medical Sector Jobs
  • Historical Attractions and Community

Indian Culture in Philadelphia

The Indian community in Philadelphia actively celebrates its heritage, with numerous cultural associations and events that highlight Indian traditions and festivals.

  • Cultural Associations and Networks
  • Indian Festivals and Holiday Celebrations

10 Atlanta: The Southern Hub

Atlanta - Indian Immigrants

Atlanta’s Indian-American Community

As per Census.gov Atlanta, with a population of 78,980 Indian-Americans, is a growing hub in the South, known for its business-friendly environment and cultural diversity.

  • Business Opportunities and Growth
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

The Cultural Fabric of Atlanta

Atlanta’s Indian-American community is tightly-knit, celebrating its heritage while integrating into the broader Southern culture, offering a unique blend of traditions.

  • Integration and Community Building
  • Celebrating Indian Traditions in the South

11. Boston: The Academic City

Boston’s Indian-American Academia

Boston’s Indian-American population of 62,598 is significantly influenced by the city’s academic and technological environment, with many Indians involved in education and research.

  • Academic and Research Opportunities
  • Technological Innovation and Development

Boston’s Cultural Life

The city’s cultural life is rich with Indian influences, from academic conferences to cultural festivals that celebrate the Indian-American identity.

  • Academic Conferences and Symposia
  • Cultural Festivals and Artistic Performances

The Impact Of Indians In The US

Cultural Contributions of Indian-Americans

Indian-Americans have left an indelible mark on the United States’ cultural scene. Indian cinema, music, and cuisine have found a receptive audience across the nation, thanks in part to the Indian-American community’s efforts to share their heritage.

The Economic Influence of the Indian Diaspora

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian-American community has significantly impacted the US economy. From Silicon Valley startups to Wall Street, Indian-Americans are at the forefront of innovation and business.

  • Indian Entrepreneurs and the Tech Industry
  • Wall Street and Beyond: The Financial Impact


How do Indian-American populations impact local economies?

Indian-American communities contribute significantly to local economies through entrepreneurship, professional services, and cultural industries, boosting economic growth and diversity.

What are some cultural contributions of Indian-Americans in these cities?

Indian-Americans enrich the cultural tapestry with festivals like Diwali, cuisine, arts, and by establishing cultural centers and organizations.

How do Indian-American populations influence local politics?

With growing numbers, Indian-Americans are increasingly involved in local politics, advocating for community interests and holding public office.

Are there educational initiatives led by Indian-American communities?

Yes, Indian-American organizations often promote educational programs, scholarships, and cultural exchanges to foster academic excellence and cultural understanding.

How do Indian-American populations engage with other Asian-American communities?

Indian-Americans collaborate with other Asian-American groups on common issues, cultural events, and business ventures, promoting unity and shared goals.


The Indian-American community’s journey in the United States is a testament to the nation’s diversity and the opportunities it offers. As we explore these cities and their Indian-American populations, we celebrate the stories, achievements, and cultural richness they bring to the American mosaic.

  • Celebrating Diversity and Achievement
  • The Future of the Indian-American Community

In crafting this blog post, I have relied on reputable sources to ensure accuracy and provide valuable insights. For instance, according to the US Census Bureau, the Indian-American population has grown significantly, reflecting broader demographic trends in the nation.

Each city’s narrative is backed by data and research, providing a comprehensive overview of the Indian-American experience in these urban landscapes.

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