10 Safest Cities in Alaska 2024: Embrace the Wild

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Welcome to the majestic realm of Alaska, where nature’s grandeur unfolds in every direction. As the vastest state in the U.S., Alaska stretches across a staggering expanse, yet it remains a land of solitude with a mere 730,000 souls calling it home. This sparse population lends Alaska an air of untouched wilderness, where the dance of the Northern Lights and the call of the wild resonate more profoundly than anywhere else.

But, like any gem, Alaska has its imperfections. Despite its serene landscapes, it grapples with a higher-than-average crime rate. However, for those captivated by its allure and considering making Alaska their abode, fear not. Many pockets of this great state are havens of safety and community.

So, as you embark on your Alaskan adventure, let the beauty of its glaciers, forests, and wildlife guide you, but also tread with awareness and choose your new hometown wisely. In Alaska, the promise of a life intertwined with nature awaits, balanced with the modern challenges of the contemporary world.

Best Places To Live

Rank City Population Violent Crimes Violent Crimes (per capita) Nonviolent Crimes Nonviolent Crimes (per capita)
1 Haines 2,508 3 0.119 16 0.638
2 Wrangell 2,521 1 0.0387 23 0.9123
3 Cordova 2,179 6 0.2754 12 0.5507
4 Valdez 3,845 5 0.130 68 1.7685
5 Seward 2,850 6 0.2105 74 2.5965
6 Sitka 8,588 21 0.2445 227 2.6432
7 Unalaska 4,546 17 0.374 49 1.0779
8 Petersburg 3,262 10 0.306 77 2.36
9 Homer 5,797 12 0.207 216 3.726.1
10 Palmer 7,403 26 0.3512 244 3.296

10. Palmer: A Snowy Retreat Near Anchorage

  • Population: 7,403
  • Violent Crimes: 26 (0.3512 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 244 (3.296 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Aggravated Assault
  • Crime Comparison: 42% Above National Crime Rate, 12.86% Below State Crime Rate

Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, Palmer is a picturesque town located just 42 miles northeast of Anchorage. While it offers a serene escape, it’s also bustling with activity, especially during the Alaskan State Fair held every August.

Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in mountain hiking or feel the rush with river rafting, while those seeking a more laid-back experience can tee off at the local golf course. And when hunger strikes, Palmer boasts a variety of restaurants serving delectable dishes.

While the town’s crime rate is a tad higher than the national average, it fares better than many other parts of the state, making it a relatively safe haven in the heart of Alaska.

9. Homer: The Halibut Capital with Scenic Charm

Homer Alaska

  • Population: 5,797
  • Violent Crimes: 12 (0.207 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 216 (3.726.1 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Burglary
  • Crime Comparison: 53.13% Above National Crime Rate, 6.03% Below State Crime Rate

Perched on the edge of Kachemak Bay, Homer is not just a town; it’s an experience. Often dubbed as the halibut fishing capital, this picturesque town is also home to the iconic Homer Spit – a lively stretch dotted with quaint shops, eclectic galleries, and mouth-watering eateries.

But Homer’s allure doesn’t stop at fishing. Adventure seekers can embark on mesmerizing glacier tours or get up close with Alaska’s majestic bears.

And while the town sees a slightly elevated nonviolent crime rate, its impressively low violent crime statistics make it a relatively safe and serene spot to soak in Alaska’s natural beauty.

8. Petersburg: Alaska’s Little Norway

  • Population: 3,262
  • Violent Crimes: 10 (0.306 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 77 (2.36 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Burglary
  • Crime Comparison: 1.03% Above National Crime Rate, 37% Below State Crime Rate

Nestled on an island, Petersburg is a vibrant testament to Alaska’s rich fishing heritage. Beyond its bustling ports, the town beckons with enchanting glacier tours, invigorating forest hikes, and captivating wildlife spectacles. But what truly sets Petersburg apart is its deep-rooted Scandinavian legacy. Founded by a Norwegian immigrant, the town radiates a unique Nordic charm, rightfully earning its title as “Alaska’s Little Norway.”

7. Unalaska: The Fishing Heart of the Aleutian Islands


  • Population: 4,546
  • Violent Crimes: 17 (0.374 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 49 (1.0779 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Aggravated Assault
  • Crime Comparison: 43.47% Below National Crime Rate, 65.31% Below State Crime Rate

Unalaska, the crown jewel of the Aleutian Islands, stands as a testament to Alaska’s enduring maritime legacy. With a significant portion of its port facilities nestled in the nearby Amaknak Island or the renowned Dutch Harbor, Unalaska is a bridge between tradition and modernity.

The city is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a plethora of trails, prime wildlife viewing spots, and unparalleled fishing opportunities. As one of the U.S.’s leading fisheries ports in terms of volume, Unalaska is not just a place; it’s a celebration of the rich tapestry of Alaskan life.

6. Sitka: The Paris of the Pacific

  • Population: 8,588
  • Violent Crimes: 21 (0.2445 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 227 (2.6432 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny, Aggravated Assault, and Burglary
  • Crime Comparison: 12.43% Above National Crime Rate, 31% Below State Crime Rate

Sitka, the most populous city on our list, is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Once dubbed the “Paris of the Pacific” in the 1800s, Sitka’s rich tapestry of Tlingit, Russian, and American heritages paints a vibrant picture of its storied past.

The city’s relatively low crime rate, especially when compared to the state average, ensures that its residents and visitors can immerse themselves in its museums, majestic mountains, and fishing expeditions with peace of mind.

5. Seward: The Gem of Kenai Peninsula

Seward, Alaska

  • Population: 2,850
  • Violent Crimes: 6 (0.2105 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 74 (2.5965 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Burglary
  • Crime Comparison: 9.29% Above National Crime Rate, 32.93% Below State Crime Rate

Nestled at the pinnacle of the Kenai Peninsula, Seward is a haven of natural beauty and tranquility. With its commendable safety ratings, it stands as one of Alaska’s safest havens.

The city’s proximity to the breathtaking Kenai Fjords National Park offers residents and visitors a front-row seat to nature’s grandeur. Surrounded by towering mountains and pristine waters, Seward is not just a city; it’s an experience, where safety and serenity walk hand in hand.

4. Valdez: The Golden Gateway of Alaska

Valdez Alaska

  • Population: 3,845
  • Violent Crimes: 5 (0.130 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 68 (1.7685 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Burglary
  • Crime Comparison: 26.08% Below National Crime Rate, 54.64% Below State Crime Rate

Valdez, christened in honor of a distinguished Spanish Navy minister, graces the eastern shores of Port William Sound. A relic of the gold rush era, today’s Valdez stands as a pivotal port in Alaska’s maritime landscape.

Adventure seekers can marvel at the region’s majestic glaciers and tread its scenic trails. For those inclined towards the arts and history, the Valdez museum offers a rich tapestry of the city’s cultural heritage and storied past.

3. Cordova: The Salmon Capital at the Crossroads

Cordova Alaska

  • Population: 2,179
  • Violent Crimes: 6 (0.2754 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 12 (0.5507 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Aggravated Assault
  • Crime Comparison: 67.84% Below National Crime Rate, 80.26% Below State Crime Rate

Cordova, fondly referred to as “the Crossroads of Alaska,” nestles near the Copper River’s mouth. A town where fishing isn’t just an industry but a way of life, Cordova celebrates its deep-rooted connection to the waters.

Every July, the town comes alive with the Copper River Salmon Jam, a jubilant homage to the salmon that sustains its community. In Cordova, the rhythm of the waves and the dance of the salmon are the heartbeats of a town steeped in tradition and unity.

2. Wrangell: The Serene Island Sanctuary

  • Population: 2,521
  • Violent Crimes: 1 (0.0387 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 23 (0.9123 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Car Theft
  • Crime Comparison: 62.93% Below National Crime Rate, 77.25% Below State Crime Rate

Nestled on the northern crest of Wrangell Island, the town of Wrangell stands as a beacon of safety and tranquility. Boasting the lowest violent crime rate, Wrangell’s serene shores are a testament to its harmonious community.

The town’s lifeblood is its flourishing fishing industry, making it an idyllic haven for those seeking a tranquil day at sea, reeling in nature’s bounty.

1. Haines: The Crown Jewel of Alaska’s Safety

Haines, Alaska

  • Population: 2,508
  • Violent Crimes: 3 (0.119 per capita)
  • Nonviolent Crimes: 16 (0.638 per capita)
  • Most Common Crimes: Larceny and Burglary
  • Crime Comparison: 70.50% Below National Crime Rate, 81.90% Below State Crime Rate

Perched gracefully in the northern reaches of Alaska’s panhandle, adjacent to the majestic Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, lies Haines – the epitome of safety and serenity in Alaska.

With an impressively low crime rate, Haines proudly wears the crown as Alaska’s safest city. But safety isn’t its only allure. The city is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of activities from hiking to fishing to exhilarating rafting adventures.

And as autumn leaves begin to fall, the skies of Haines come alive with the annual Bald Eagle Festival, a spectacle that celebrates the majestic birds that grace its skies.


What are the least safe cities in Alaska?

While specific rankings can change from year to year, cities like Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Wasilla have historically reported higher crime rates compared to other Alaskan cities.

What city in Alaska has the most crime?

 Anchorage has consistently reported the highest number of crimes in Alaska, both in terms of violent and property crimes.

Is Alaska the safest state to live in?

 No, Alaska often ranks higher in crime rates compared to the national average, particularly in terms of violent crimes.

Is the crime rate bad in Alaska?

Alaska has a higher crime rate compared to the national average, especially in categories like violent crimes. However, crime rates can vary significantly between urban and rural areas.

How safe is living in Alaska?

Safety in Alaska can vary based on the region. While some cities report higher crime rates, many smaller towns and rural areas experience lower crime. It’s essential to research specific areas before making any decisions.

What state has the least crime?

Historically, states like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine have reported some of the lowest crime rates in the U.S.

Is it smart to move to Alaska?

Moving to Alaska can be a great decision for those seeking natural beauty, outdoor activities, and a unique lifestyle. However, potential residents should consider factors like the cost of living, climate, job opportunities, and crime rates before making a move.

Is Alaska cheap to live there?

The cost of living in Alaska can be higher than the national average, especially in cities like Anchorage. This is due to factors like transportation costs, heating expenses, and the price of goods. However, Alaska does offer the Permanent Fund Dividend, an annual payment to residents, which can offset some living costs.

Final Words

Alaska, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, offers a unique blend of serenity and adventure. While it’s essential to be aware of the crime statistics in various cities, it’s equally crucial to remember that numbers don’t define the spirit of a place.

Each city in Alaska has its own charm, history, and community that contribute to its unique identity. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of the wild or the comfort of a close-knit community, Alaska has a place for you.

Always do thorough research, visit potential hometowns, and engage with locals to get a genuine feel for the place. Here’s to finding your perfect Alaskan haven!

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