Ac Milan vs Inter Milan Head to Head Record: A Clash of Titans

Ac Milan vs Inter Milan

The AC Milan vs. Inter Milan head-to-head record is more than a mere tally of wins and losses; it’s a vivid chapter in a historic rivalry known as the “Derby della Madonnina.”

Putting two of Italy’s soccer giants against each other, this clash transcends the pitch to capture global attention. With rich histories, star-studded lineups, and fiercely passionate fan bases, when AC Milan and Inter Milan go head-to-head, it’s not just a game—it’s a Clash of Titans.

Overview of AC Milan and Inter Milan

ac milan ac interAC Milan and Inter Milan are two iconic and successful football clubs in Italy. Both teams are based in Milan and have a fierce rivalry dating back several decades.

This overview provides insight into the history, achievements, and significance of these two clubs. AC Milan, also known as Associazione Calcio Milan, was founded in 1899.

The club has a rich history, winning the Serie A title 19 times and the UEFA Champions League on seven occasions.

Inter Milan, founded in 1908 as Football Club Internazionale Milano, has also had a successful history with 19 Serie A titles and three UEFA Champions League trophies. They are known for their strong defensive style of play.

The rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan is intense and deeply rooted in Milan.

The matches between these two clubs called the “Milan Derby,” evoke strong emotions in fans and players. The rivalry is fueled by the fact that both clubs share the San Siro stadium.

Significance of Head-to-Head RecorAC milan

  1. Rivalry intensity: The head-to-head record between AC Milan and Inter Milan holds immense significance due to the intense rivalry between the two clubs. This rivalry is shaped by historical, geographical, and cultural factors, making each encounter highly anticipated.
  2. Impact on team motivation: The head-to-head record serves as a constant reminder to both teams of their past performances against each other. A positive record can boost the confidence and motivation of the winning team, while a negative record can motivate improvement and overcoming their rival. 
  3. Historical significance: The head-to-head record reflects the historical significance of the AC Milan vs Inter Milan rivalry. Over the years, both teams have had memorable moments, iconic goals, and intense battles, all contributing to the historical narrative of the rivalry.
  4. Relevance and implications: The head-to-head record is relevant not only for the teams and their fans but also for the wider football community. It serves as a benchmark for assessing the competitive balance between the two clubs and indicates the level of dominance one team has over the other. Understanding and analyzing this record provides valuable insights into the dynamics of one of football’s most iconic rivalries.

Historical Rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan

HistoryACThe historical rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan is intense and passionate. It dates back to 1908 when Inter Milan was formed and AC Milan was founded in 1899.

These clubs have been battling it out on the pitch for over a century.

  1. Intense Matches: The matches between AC Milan and Inter Milan are highly anticipated and fiercely contested. The players and fans can feel the tension and rivalry on the field. These matches showcase physicality, skillful play, and memorable moments.
  2. Local Bragging Rights: The rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan is about more than just winning titles. Both clubs are based in Milan and have a strong local fanbase. Winning the derby is a matter of pride and elevates the team’s status in the eyes of their supporters.
  3. Historic Success: AC Milan has won 19 Serie A titles and 7 UEFA Champions League titles, while Inter Milan has won 19 Serie A titles and 3 UEFA Champions League titles. This history of success adds to the rivalry as the clubs strive to outperform each other.
  4. Impact on Italian Football: The historical rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan has had a significant impact on Italian football. It has raised the overall level of play in Serie A and made matches between other clubs more exciting and competitive.
  5. Player Transfers: Over the years, there have been high-profile transfers between AC Milan and Inter Milan, fueling the historical rivalry. Players like Clarence Seedorf and Andrea Pirlo have represented both clubs, intensifying the competition between them.

Head-to-Head Record

Old Photo ACWhen it comes to the fierce rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan, their head-to-head record speaks volumes. From their thrilling encounters in Serie A to memorable clashes in the UEFA Champions League, this section delves into the rich history of their battles on the field.

We’ll explore their overall head-to-head record and dive into the significant matches that have defined this iconic rivalry. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey through the matchups and moments that have defined AC Milan vs Inter Milan.

Overall Head-to-Head Record

Total Matches Played AC Milan Wins Inter Milan Wins Draws
236 79 88 69

In 289 meetings, AC Milan won 79 matches, while Inter Milan won 88 matches. The teams drew 69 times.

These statistics highlight the competitiveness and closely contested nature of the Milan Derby. Both teams have achieved success against each other, with Inter Milan having a slight advantage in wins.

The overall head-to-head record demonstrates the fierce competition and rich history of the Milan Derby. Inter Milan has historically had the upper hand, but over the years, Inter Milan has narrowed the gap and consistently provided tough competition.

The rivalry between these two teams is renowned for producing thrilling matches with memorable moments. Fans eagerly anticipate each Milan Derby, and the overall head-to-head record only adds to the excitement.

Regardless of the outcome of each match, the overall head-to-head record is a testament to the fierce competition and rich history of the Milan Derby. It showcases the passion and intensity that both clubs bring to the field whenever they meet.

Matches in Serie A

This rivalry has been a cornerstone of Serie A, the top tier of Italian football, since the inaugural 1926–27 season of the Divisione Nazionale, which marked the beginning of a truly national Italian league. From that season onwards, the two Milanese giants have faced each other at least twice a year in the league, each encounters a heated battle for city bragging rights and crucial points in the league standings.

These matches have been marked by their intensity, passion, and high stakes, with both teams often in contention for the league title. The Derby della Madonnina is not just a football match; it’s a cultural event that transcends the sport and captivates the entire city of Milan.

Serie A

Metric AC Milan Inter Milan Draws
Serie A Wins 65 76 59

Coppa Italia

Metric AC Milan Inter Milan Draws
Coppa Italia 10 9 8

Campionato Alta Italia

Metric AC Milan Inter Milan Draws
Campionato Alta Italia 1 1 0

Supercoppa Italiana

Metric AC Milan Inter Milan Draws
Supercoppa Italiana 1 1 0

One of the most memorable matches in the history of this rivalry took place on 11 May 2001. On this day, AC Milan recorded the largest victory in a Milan derby in Serie A, defeating Inter Milan by a staggering 6-0 margin. This match is remembered not just for the lopsided scoreline, but also for the masterclass in attacking football displayed by AC Milan.

Led by the likes of Andriy Shevchenko, who scored a brace, and Serginho, who orchestrated the attack from midfield, AC Milan ran riot against their city rivals. The Rossoneri’s performance that day was a perfect blend of tactical discipline, technical brilliance, and ruthless efficiency in front of goal.

Matches in UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League, the pinnacle of European club football, has also been a stage for the intense rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan. The two clubs first met in this competition in the semi-finals of the 2002–03 season, marking their first-ever encounter in a European competition.

This was a unique situation as both teams share the same home ground, the San Siro, making the concept of ‘home’ and ‘away’ games somewhat blurred. In this historic encounter, AC Milan progressed to the final on the away goals rule, despite both matches being played at the same stadium.

The two legs ended in a 1-1 aggregate draw, but AC Milan’s goal in the ‘away’ leg, scored by Andriy Shevchenko, proved decisive. This victory was a testament to AC Milan’s resilience and tactical acumen, as they navigated a tricky tie against their fiercest rivals to reach the Champions League final.

Champions League

Metric AC Milan Inter Milan Draws
Champions League 2 1 2

The two clubs crossed paths again in the quarter-finals of the 2004–05 Champions League. The tie was marred by controversy in the second leg when the match was abandoned due to flares thrown onto the pitch by Inter fans.

UEFA subsequently awarded AC Milan a 3–0 victory for this match, and they advanced to the semi-finals on a 5–0 aggregate scoreline. This incident underscored the intense passion and sometimes volatile nature of this rivalry, even on the European stage.

More recently, in the 2022–23 Champions League season, the Milanese rivals met once again in the semi-finals. This time, Inter Milan emerged victorious, reversing the outcome of their first European encounter nearly two decades earlier.

This victory marked a significant moment for Inter, as they demonstrated their resurgence on the European stage and continued their quest for Champions League glory.

Other Significant Matches

The rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan, while most prominent in Serie A and the Champions League, extends far beyond these competitions. It permeates every competition in which the two teams participate, including the Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, minor tournaments, and even friendlies.

Each encounter, regardless of the competition, carries with it the weight of history, pride, and the desire to assert dominance over the other. The Coppa Italia, Italy’s premier domestic cup competition, has seen numerous clashes between AC Milan and Inter Milan.

These matches are often fiercely contested, as the teams vie not only for progression in the tournament but also for the bragging rights of the city. Similarly, the Supercoppa Italiana, a one-off match typically between the winners of Serie A and the Coppa Italia, has also been a stage for this rivalry.

These matches offer an opportunity for the teams to claim an early psychological advantage in the season. Even in minor tournaments and friendlies, the intensity of the rivalry is palpable.

These matches, while not carrying the same competitive stakes, still hold significant importance for the players, the clubs, and the fans. They serve as opportunities for the teams to test new strategies, for players to stake a claim for a place in the team, and for the fans to enjoy the spectacle of the Derby della Madonnina.

The roots of this rivalry can be traced back to the very first derby match, held in the final of the Chiasso Cup of 1908. This football tournament played in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, saw the two Milanese rivals face off on 18 October of that year.

AC Milan emerged victorious, winning 2–1, and thus began a rivalry that would grow to become one of the most intense and storied in football.

Key Moments and Memorable Matches

MaldiniOver the years, AC Milan and Inter Milan have shared intense rivalries and exhilarating encounters on the football pitch. In this section, we’ll dive into the thrilling realm of key moments and memorable matches between these two iconic football clubs.

Brace yourself for a journey through iconic goals and awe-inspiring performances that have left a lasting impact on the fans and the history of this fierce rivalry. Get ready to relive the electrifying passion and unforgettable drama that defines AC Milan versus Inter Milan.

Iconic Goals and Performances

The history of the Derby della Madonnina is filled with iconic goals and performances that have left an indelible mark on the rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan. These moments have not only decided matches but have also shaped the narrative of this intense rivalry.

One such moment came on 25 March 1951, when Gunnar Nordahl, AC Milan’s Swedish striker, found the back of the net in a Milan derby. Nordahl, who is considered one of the greatest forwards in the history of AC Milan and Serie A, was known for his incredible scoring prowess.

His goal in this particular derby is remembered for its importance in the match and for adding to Nordahl’s legacy as a Milan derby hero. The 1960s brought another memorable era in the Milan derby, as two of Italian football’s biggest stars clashed in this fierce rivalry.

Sandro Mazzola for Inter and Gianni Rivera for AC Milan were the protagonists of this period. Mazzola, a versatile forward, was a key figure in Inter’s success during the 1960s, while Rivera, an attacking midfielder known for his creativity and vision, was the linchpin of AC Milan’s team.

Matches during this era were not just about the result, but also about the individual duel between Mazzola and Rivera. Both players were the talismans for their respective teams, and their performances often decided the outcome of the derbies.

Their face-offs on the pitch were a spectacle in themselves, showcasing their skill, talent, and the competitive spirit of the Milan derby.

Rivalry Intensity and Fanbase

InterFansTo truly grasp the rivalry intensity between AC Milan and Inter Milan, we must delve into the immense fanbase that supports these teams. Fan loyalty and passion play a crucial role in defining the intensity of any rivalry, and the Milan Derby is a prime example of this.

One effective way to assess the strength of the fanbase is by examining the number of supporters and the electric atmosphere they create during matches. AC Milan and Inter Milan collectively boast a fanbase that spans millions across the globe.

In Milan, the rivalry between these two teams is deeply embedded in the culture, resulting in divisions among families and friends. Now let’s delve into some statistics that vividly illustrate the significant influence of the fanbase.

AC Milan boasts an impressive estimate of 17 million supporters worldwide, while Inter Milan enjoys a considerable following of around 15 million fans. These figures serve as a testament to the ardent passion and unwavering dedication of these fans.

When it comes to the Milan Derby, the level of fan support escalates to unprecedented heights. The stadium atmosphere becomes electric, with fans harmoniously merging their voices to create a symphony of chants and cheers.

The unwavering passion exhibited by these supporters serves as fuel for the players on the field, leading to incredibly intense matches. The rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan has achieved global recognition, attracting fans from every corner of the world.

Their rich history, unparalleled success, and legendary players have ignited the imaginations of countless football enthusiasts.

Impact on Team Motivation

InterplayerThe impact on team motivation is evident in the head-to-head record between AC Milan and Inter Milan. This record influences the players in various ways, ultimately fueling the rivalry intensity.

Every match between these two teams becomes a battle to prove superiority and gain bragging rights, motivating the players to outperform their rivals on the field. The historical significance of their encounters serves as a constant reminder for both teams, motivating the players to perform consistently throughout the season.

They are aware of the importance of each match against their rival, pushing them to maintain a high level of motivation and effort. In addition to this, the head-to-head record reflects the historical success of each team, creating a desire among the players to leave their mark on the rivalry and create a positive legacy.

They aim to be part of memorable victories that will be remembered by fans and future generations. Positive results in head-to-head matches against Inter Milan or AC Milan can significantly boost team morale.

Victories over their rival instill confidence in the players, fostering a winning mentality that can carry over to other matches. Conversely, defeats can motivate them to seek redemption and improvement.

The head-to-head record between these two teams profoundly impacts team motivation. It drives the players to increase rivalry intensity, perform consistently, make history, and boost team morale.

These factors contribute to the intensity and competitiveness of the matches, making them even more enticing for fans and spectators. AC Milan and Inter Milan share a long-standing fierce rivalry, resulting in iconic moments and performances over the years.

The passion and determination displayed by both teams make their encounters highly anticipated and full of drama.

Historical Significance

StrikeThe rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan holds historical significance. Dating back to their first meeting in 1909, this competition has shaped the identity of both clubs and holds a special place in Italian football history.

It is one of the oldest and most enduring rivalries in football and has created an unparalleled legacy over the past century. This rivalry transcends football and is deeply ingrained in the Milanese culture, with passionate fans from both sides.

The passion displayed in the Milan Derby extends beyond the football pitch and permeates the city’s social and cultural life. AC Milan and Inter Milan have enjoyed immense success, winning numerous domestic and international titles.

Battles between players like Paolo Maldini and Javier Zanetti have elevated the rivalry to legendary status, and it has significantly impacted Italian football as a whole. This rivalry represents the rich history of Italian football and embodies the passion, tradition, and glory of the sport.

Summary of Head-to-Head Record

FromDroneThe head-to-head record between AC Milan and Inter Milan is a testament to the intensity and competitiveness of one of the world’s most iconic football rivalries. With a total of 289 matches played between the two teams, the record is closely contested and reflects the ebb and flow of power between these two Milanese giants.

Inter Milan holds a slight advantage in terms of victories, having won 80 matches compared to AC Milan’s 71. This edge is a reflection of Inter’s periods of dominance, particularly during the late 2000s and early 2010s when they were led by the likes of José Mourinho and boasted players such as Javier Zanetti, Wesley Sneijder, and Samuel Eto’o.

During this time, Inter Milan not only dominated the Milan derby but also Italian and European football, winning multiple Serie A titles and the coveted UEFA Champions League. However, the rivalry between AC Milan and Inter Milan is far from one-sided.

AC Milan has had its own periods of dominance, particularly during the late 1980s and early 1990s under the guidance of Arrigo Sacchi and later Fabio Capello. With a team that included legendary players such as Franco Baresi, Paolo Maldini, and Marco van Basten, AC Milan was a force to be reckoned with, not only in the Milan derby but also in Italian and European football.

They clinched numerous Serie A titles and European Cups during this period, balancing the scales in this intense rivalry.

Trophies Comparison

Trophy AC Milan Inter Milan
Serie A Titles 19 19
Coppa Italia 5 8
Supercoppa Italiana 7 7
European Cup/Champions League 7 3
European Cup Winners’ Cup & UEFA Cup 2 3
(European) UEFA Super Cup 5 0
Intercontinental Cup / FIFA Club World Cup 4 3

Relevance and Implications of Head-to-Head Record

AfterGoal1The head-to-head record between AC Milan and Inter Milan is not just a matter of local bragging rights. It has often had implications for the Serie A title race and has even decided the outcome of major European competitions.

The rivalry is one of the most intense and historic in world football, and the head-to-head record is a testament to the competitiveness and significance of these matches. It holds historical significance and has shaped the perception of both clubs within the footballing world.

These matches have become highly anticipated events, attracting a large fanbase and creating excitement and passion.

Best Players in the History of AC Milan and Inter Milan

Club Players
Inter Milan Samuel Eto’o, Luigi Cevenini, Jair, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Tarcisio Burgnich, Mario Corso, Christian Vieri, Julio Cesar, Esteban Cambiasso, Iván Córdoba, Sandro Mazzola, Roberto Boninsenga, Alessandro Altobelli, Walter Zenga, Giuseppe Baresi, Luis Suarez, Giuseppe Bergomi, Giacinto Facchetti, Giuseppe Meazza
AC Milan Herbert Kilpin, Dida, Zvonimir Boban, Pierino Prati, Aldo Boffi, Giovanni Trapattoni, Daniele Massaro, Kaka, Ruud Gullit, Andrea Pirlo, Filippo Inzaghi, Jose Altafini, Nils Liedholm, Sebastiano Rossi

Players Who Played for Both Inter Milan and AC Milan

The rivalry between Inter Milan and AC Milan, two of Italy’s most successful football clubs, is one of the most intense in the world of sports. Despite the fierce competition, more than a century of players have featured for both clubs. Here are some notable names:

Giuseppe Meazza

A legend for Inter, Meazza played for the club from 1927 to 1940, scoring 284 goals. He later moved to Milan in 1940 and scored 11 goals in 42 games.

Giorgio Ghezzi

An Inter goalkeeper who made 186 appearances for the club and won two Serie A titles. He later joined Milan and won another Serie A title.

Andrea Pirlo

Started his career at Inter, moved to Milan in 2001, and became one of the greatest midfielders of all time. He won multiple titles with Milan.


Cristiano Ronaldo, The Brazilian striker joined Inter in 1997 and scored 49 goals in 68 games. He later joined Milan for the 2007-08 season, scoring nine goals in 20 appearances.

Clarence Seedorf

Joined Inter in 2000 and later moved to Milan in 2002. He won multiple titles with Milan, including two Champions League trophies.

Hernan Crespo

Joined Inter in 2002, scoring seven goals in 18 games. He was later loaned to Milan for the 2004-2005 season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Played for Inter from 2006 to 2009, scoring 57 goals in 88 games. Later joined Milan and scored 28 goals in 32 games.

Mario Balotelli

Started his career at Inter and later joined Milan, where he scored 26 goals in 43 games.

Fulvio Collovati

A World Cup-winning defender who played for both Milan and Inter in the 1980s.

Sergio Battistini

Started his career with Milan in 1980 and later joined Inter in the summer of 1990, winning the UEFA Cup twice.

Roberto Baggio

Played for Milan from 1995 to 1997, scoring 12 goals in 51 appearances. Later joined Inter for two seasons.

Lorenzo Buffon

Played for Milan from 1949 to 1959, winning four Serie A titles. Later joined Inter and won another Serie A title.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many head-to-head matches have AC Milan and Inter Milan played in their history?

AC Milan and Inter Milan have played a total of 289 official matches against each other.

Who has the most wins in the AC Milan vs Inter Milan matches?

Inter Milan has recorded the most wins in head-to-head matches, with 80 victories.

What is the significance of the San Siro stadium in the AC Milan vs Inter Milan rivalry?

The San Siro stadium has been the iconic and shared home ground for both AC Milan and Inter Milan since 1947. It has witnessed many passionate derby matches.

Have AC Milan and Inter Milan ever played in the Champions League knockout stages?

Yes, they have faced each other five times in the Champions League knockout stages, with Milan advancing to the final in the 2002/03 season and winning the title.

What is the meaning behind the name “Derby della Madonnina”?

The name “Derby della Madonnina” refers to the Milan Derby, and it is derived from the statue of the Virgin Mary on top of the Milan Cathedral, known as “Madonnina” by the locals.

Will there be a replacement joint stadium for AC Milan and Inter Milan?

There are plans for a replacement joint stadium, which could potentially move the iconic Milan Derby to a new stage.

Final Words

In conclusion, the head-to-head record between AC Milan and Inter Milan truly represents a clash of titans in the world of football. Throughout the years, these two iconic Italian clubs have engaged in fierce battles on the pitch, creating an intense and passionate rivalry that captivates fans worldwide.

The historical matches between AC Milan and Inter Milan have been filled with drama, excitement, and unforgettable moments. Each encounter showcases the skill, determination, and fighting spirit of both teams, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

As we delve into their head-to-head statistics, it becomes evident that these clubs are evenly matched, with victories and defeats being narrowly spread between them. This level of competitiveness only adds to the allure of the Derby della Madonnina, making it one of the most anticipated fixtures in the football calendar.

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