MrBeast Net Worth 2024: A Testament to YouTube Success

A Testament to YouTube Success Mr Beast

MrBeast, a YouTube sensation renowned for his thrilling stunt videos, has amassed a staggering net worth of $120 million, as reported by Forbes. However, this YouTube prodigy turned philanthropist has no intention of hoarding his wealth.

At the tender age of 24, MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, made a bold declaration on Twitter, vowing to leave this world with not a single dollar in his bank account. He expressed his refusal to lead a life dictated by materialistic pursuits.

His vision extends beyond his personal channel. He aims to establish other channels like Beast Gaming and Beast Reacts, allowing him to operate his main channel at a loss, thereby maximizing its growth.

His ultimate goal? To leverage the influence of his main channel to establish hundreds of homeless shelters and food banks, redistributing all his wealth.

In 2020, MrBeast took a significant step towards this goal by launching Beast Philanthropy, a YouTube channel dedicated solely to showcasing his charitable deeds.

Despite featuring numerous philanthropic videos, such as “We Built Wells in Africa” and “We Saved an Orphanage,” Donaldson’s initiatives have been met with a degree of skepticism from some fans.

We Saved an Orphanage

Attribute Details
Net Worth $120 Million
Name MrBeast
Salary $32 Million +
Monthly Income $3 Million +
Date of Birth May 7, 1998
Age 25 Yrs
Gender Male
Height 1.89m (6′ 2″)
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American

Let’s delve deeper into MrBeast’s financial status, his earnings from YouTube, and his charitable contributions.

What is MrBeast’s net worth?

MrBeast is a massive name in the context of YouTube and the internet. Jimmy runs the channel and has been known widely by the name of his channel.

He began posting videos on YouTube in the year 2012. His early contents were not so popular, and mostly included gaming videos and details about the wealth of other YouTubers.

Attribute Details
Net Worth $120 Million
Name MrBeast
Salary $32 Million +
Monthly Income $3 Million +
Date of Birth May 7, 1998
Age 25 Yrs
Gender Male
Height 1.89m (6′ 2″)
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American

However, he rose to prominence in 2017, and never stopped afterward. MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson has a massive net worth of $120 million.

How much money he donated to charity?

When MrBeast secured his first brand deal, he chose to give it all away.

In an interview with Forbes, he shared, “Honestly, I got my first brand deal for $10,000 and I gave it away. I got it, went outside and gave it to a homeless person.” He added, “I don’t want to play it up too much. It just felt good. It’s a world where I take 10 grand and light it on fire and make 20 grand.”

In the years that followed, Donaldson continued this spirit of generosity, donating millions from his fortune. Here are a few highlights of MrBeast’s philanthropic endeavors:

According to the Beast Philanthropy website, Donaldson’s contributions have made a significant impact on food security. He has donated over 5.5 million pounds of food, delivered more than 4.5 million meals, and fed nearly 300,000 individuals.

In 2022, in response to the crisis in Ukraine, Donaldson donated $3 million to aid Ukrainian refugees. This generous donation provided essential supplies, including soap, shoes, food, and medical supplies.

Education is another area where MrBeast has made a difference. He donated $300,000 to students in need, providing essential school supplies like laptops and tablets.

Healthcare is also on MrBeast’s radar. He funded cataract surgeries for 1,000 individuals. Considering that the cost of cataract surgery ranges between $1,600 and $6,000, according to Good Rx, this is a significant contribution.

Where do MrBeast’s earnings from philanthropy videos go?


MrBeast, the pioneer of philanthropic stunt videos, says he does not profit from his philanthropy videos or channel. He says he pours all of his earnings back into video production to further his charity efforts.

“100% of the profits from my ad revenue, merch sales, and sponsorships will go towards making the world a better place!” MrBeast states on his YouTube channel MrBeast Philanthropy.

According to MrBeast’s videos, proceeds have helped support a wide range of causes, including Ukraine and the food pantry.

YouTube Stats

Attribute Details
Name MrBeast
Youtube Channel Click Here
Subscribers 163 Million
Start Date Feb 20, 2012
Total Videos 742
Views Last 30 Days 453 Million

YouTube Subscribers

  • First 1000 subscribers: April 14, 2014
  • First 5,000 subscribers: August 11, 2015
  • First 10,000 subscribers: October 28, 2015
  • First 50,000 subscribers: June 11, 2016
  • First 100,000 subscribers: July 8, 2016
  • First 1 million subscribers: May 6, 2017
  • First 5 million subscribers: May 29, 2018
  • First 10 million subscribers: November 6, 2018
  • First 20 million subscribers: June 8, 2019
  • First 30 million subscribers: February 14, 2020
  • First 40 million subscribers: August 5, 2020
  • First 50 million subscribers: January 3, 2021
  • First 60 million subscribers: April 18, 2021
  • 67.4 million subscribers: Sep 1, 2021 
  • 93.6 million subscribers: April, 2022
  • 97.4 million subscribers: June, 2022
  • 105 Million Subscribers: Sept 2022
  • 123 Million Subscribers: Dec 2022
  • 151 Million Subscribers: May 2024
  • 163 Million Subscribers: June 2024


  • Residence: MrBeast, a renowned American YouTuber, calls the United States his home. His impressive wealth has allowed him to acquire a collection of properties scattered across the country. From the sunflower fields of Kansas to the bustling streets of New York, MrBeast owns stunning homes in various locations, including Georgia, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Always on the move in pursuit of fresh and exciting content, he frequently transitions between these residences.
  • Automotive Collection: MrBeast’s passion extends beyond creating YouTube content to include a fascination with luxury vehicles. His impressive car collection boasts a variety of high-end brands, including the sleek elegance of a Mercedes, the innovative design of an Audi, the timeless appeal of a Porsche, and the rugged durability of a Ford, among others. Whether he’s cruising around town or heading to a shoot, MrBeast can often be spotted behind the wheel of these extravagant machines, adding a touch of style to his journey.


Known globally as MrBeast, Jimmy Donaldson is a prominent figure in the digital world. Born in Kansas, United States, on May 7, 1998, Jimmy has kept much of his early life under wraps. However, a few details about his background have come to light.

Raised in North Carolina alongside his brother, Jimmy attended a private high school in his home state. Following his high school graduation, he embarked on a college journey but decided to leave after his first year. J

immy has also been open about his battle with Crohn’s Disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel condition. Despite this health challenge, he appears to be managing well in recent times.

Jimmy’s YouTube journey began in 2012 when he was just a teenager. His early start in the digital space quickly paid off, as he rapidly gained popularity and became a significant influencer.


MrBeast, a household name in America, holds an impressive record as the individual with the highest number of YouTube subscribers across all his channels, totaling over 200 million.

This is an extraordinary feat. His main channel alone boasts around 163 million subscribers, making him the second most subscribed individual in America, considering a single channel.

MrBeast embarked on his YouTube journey at the tender age of 13, quickly gaining popularity. His early content primarily featured videos about other YouTubers and gaming.

However, his career took a significant turn in 2017 when he posted a video of an extravagant stunt. This video catapulted him to fame, leading to a surge in his subscriber count and a dramatic increase in his video views.

Beyond his YouTube success, MrBeast is also renowned for his philanthropic endeavors. He has spearheaded fundraising initiatives for environmental causes such as tree planting and ocean conservation. His philanthropy extends to various other areas as well.

MrBeast’s exceptional work has not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with several awards and recognitions, including the Streamy Awards, the 12th Annual Shorty Awards, and the Kids Choice Awards, among others.


MrBeast has completed his high school studies at Greenville Christian Academy. He started working as a YouTuber when he was in school. Later, he went to East Carolina University but dropped out from there very soon. His career in YouTube and the internet peaked in 2017.


What has been a key factor in Mr. Beast’s financial success?

Mr. Beast’s financial success can be attributed to his innovative content, which has garnered billions of views on YouTube, attracting lucrative brand sponsorships and driving significant merchandise sales. His ability to continually engage his audience and create viral content has been a cornerstone of his success.

Can anyone replicate Mr. Beast’s financial success?

While there’s no guaranteed recipe for success, the core elements of Mr. Beast’s approach to YouTube – creating engaging, unique content and effectively monetizing the platform – can serve as a blueprint for aspiring YouTubers.

For those interested in a more structured guide, free training, such as this one, can provide valuable insights into succeeding on the platform.

Final Words

In conclusion, MrBeast’s journey from a young YouTuber to a multimillionaire philanthropist is nothing short of inspiring. His dedication to creating engaging content, coupled with his commitment to giving back to society, sets him apart in the digital world.

Despite his immense wealth, MrBeast’s focus remains on using his influence for the greater good. His story serves as a powerful reminder that success is not just about accumulating wealth, but also about making a positive impact in the world.

As he continues to grow his empire, there’s no doubt that MrBeast will keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on YouTube and beyond.

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