How to Use eWallets for Casino Transactions in Australia

Use eWallets for Casino Transactions

Technological developments and casinos go hand in hand. Who would have thought? Well, many people in the world in charge of either did. While individuals are still suspicious of digital currencies, eWallets, online payments, and various digital software, online casinos have accepted them with open hands.

The only reason why you should fear anything we listed is the lack of knowledge. So, how about we learn a valuable lesson together? That’s fine by us. To play in a casino that operates with crypto or any other form of digital payments you need to have an eWallet.

Today’s lesson will be about how to use eWallets for casino transactions in Australia. But, first, let’s see what an eWallet is. 

What’s an eWallet? 

Considering that you’re planning on gambling in an online casino that operates with digital currencies, eWallets, and other modern payment software the chances are you already know what an eWallet is. But, let’s think for a second that we’re starting from scratch here. Zero-knowledge is the starting point.

So, what’s an eWallet? We’re talking about a form of digital currency. Through it, you can make all sorts of transactions with online casinos. Once you enter this niche you’ll learn about different systems that operate in this domain such as NetSpend, Skrill, or PayPal.

When you open an account with any of these providers you’ll receive an eWallet and soon a door to different types of transactions with online gambling establishments will be opened and you’ll have access to them through your smartphone, laptop, or any other device of this kind.  If you’re new to this niche of payment services, let us tell you which ones are the best choices if you’re planning on playing in an Australian online casino such as Fair Go or similar outlets. 

Why should you switch to an eWallet? There are plenty of reasons. The primary ones are tied to security. Your account is secure, and you can even recover it if you lose the password or get logged out. Furthermore, it allows you the freedom to apply. You can play anywhere and anytime if you leave enough funds in your wallet.

There’s no need to have your cards or cash on hand. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection. Could be that the most important part for many casino players is that both deposits and withdrawals are immensely fast when you use this method. 

How Does it Function in The Land Down Under? 


Australia is a country that is very open to online gambling. Yes, they have rules and regulations, but they do not make life hard for gambling enthusiasts. Instead, they look to adapt to all the latest, modern trends and technological innovations that come their way.

This is what makes it easy to understand why Australian casinos were one of the first that adopted eWallets as a way of handling deposits and withdrawals.

Let’s start with the most famous and thus the most popular options out there:

1. PayPal

You’ve heard of PayPal, right? It’s one of the most secure ways to transfer your funds on the Internet. It’s no wonder online casinos found it as an ideal way to handle transactions for both them and their players. PayPal is not a novelty on financial markets, but casinos haven’t been using it for too long. Today, you don’t have to second guess PayPal.

It’s secure, fast, and almost bulletproof. You can tie it to your bank account, credit or debit card and the easiest way to deposit and withdraw money from casinos is available to you. Players in Australia rate it very high with its average grade being 4.9/5. The reasons are simple. It’s easy to use; its availability is top-notch; safety and reliability are unparalleled, and it provides high-end privacy. 

2. Skrill

Another amazing option. When you operate with more than 40 different currencies including digital ones, you will be well accepted in the gambling community. If you’re in for some online gambling, which always includes depositing and withdrawing funds, Skrill is a great choice to be your primary partner.

We’re talking about another highly rated service among Australian players. They have a 4,6/5 rating according to BetSquare. What puts them this high is the fact that Skrill offers some of the easiest registration in the whole domain. Also, they pride themselves in being a good partner to live casinos which were easy to become due to their rapid payouts. 

3. Neteller

The third most popular option in Australia is called Neteller. It is an easy way to handle all of your online transactions. To be able to use it, you need to connect it to your bank account. Transfer the money to your eWallet and the fun can begin. It is ideal for all types of online transactions and online casinos are no exception.

Its rating is set at 4,8/5 and that should tell you enough. What players love about it is the fact that it’s highly reliable. Add safety to the mix and you’re set to go. An additional option that everyone loves to have is SSL encryption. Beyond that, Netelleer is also easy to use due to its simple interface. There’s not much you could ask from your eWallet. 

4. ecoPayz

While you can say that Neteller is easy to use, and that’s true, ecoPayz is on another level. This trait is what makes it so popular among the Australian players. What makes it a little bit different from other options on his list is that it’s seen and used as a prepaid option for deposits at online casinos. It’s rated 4.6/5 by BetSquare which is fairly good and acceptable.

It’s a great eWallet due to its quickness of transactions, it’s reliable and anonymous. You can rely on it to make your deposits and withdrawals fast, secure, and without interruptions. Do not hesitate in making this your preferred eWallet choice. 

Bottom Line

E-Wallets are a well-accepted means of casino transactions in Australia. As you can see there are plenty of options at your disposal, and none of them is too complicated to use. All you need to do is open an account with an eWallet provider, connect it to your bank account, credit card, or debit card, transfer the funds to your eWallet, and put down a deposit to the online casino of your choice.

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