Matthew Perry’s Dating History: A Tribute to a Legend

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Matthew Perry, the iconic actor best known for his role as Chandler Bing on “Friends,” left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. With his recent passing, we not only remember him for his unparalleled comedic timing and wit but also for the relationships that shaped his life.

From Hollywood A-listers to lesser-known figures, Perry’s dating history is as diverse and intriguing as the roles he played on screen. Let’s take a journey through the romantic chapters of his life, paying homage to a man who touched so many hearts, both on and off the screen.

Julia Roberts (1995-1996)

Julia Roberts

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts had a brief yet memorable relationship in the mid-’90s. Their romance blossomed around the time Roberts made a guest appearance on “Friends.”

Perry, in his memoir, candidly shared the insecurities he felt during their relationship, feeling he would “never be enough” for the Hollywood superstar. Their whirlwind romance ended after just two months, but it remains a significant chapter in Perry’s romantic journey.

The “Friends” Connection

Julia’s cameo on “Friends” is still fondly remembered by fans. The chemistry between Perry and Roberts was palpable, making their real-life relationship all the more intriguing.

Perry’s reflections on their time together reveal a vulnerable side to the actor, one that many might not associate with the confident and witty Chandler Bing.

Why It Ended

Perry’s memoir sheds light on the reasons behind their breakup. He felt overwhelmed by the idea of dating someone of Roberts’ stature and was constantly anxious about the potential end of their relationship.

This chapter in Perry’s life underscores the pressures and insecurities that even celebrities face in their personal lives.

Yasmine Bleeth (1996)

Yasmine Bleeth

Following his relationship with Roberts, Perry was linked to “Baywatch” star Yasmine Bleeth. Fans of “Friends” might recall Chandler Bing’s on-screen crush on Bleeth, making their real-life romance a delightful twist of fate. Their relationship was short-lived, but it left an indelible mark on Perry’s dating history.

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The “Baywatch” Beauty

Yasmine Bleeth, with her iconic role in “Baywatch,” was a heartthrob of the ’90s. Perry’s brief romance with her was a testament to his charm and appeal. Their relationship, though fleeting, was a union of two of the decade’s most recognized faces.

Chandler’s Ongoing Crush

Even after their breakup, Chandler’s infatuation with Bleeth was referenced in subsequent seasons of “Friends.” These playful nods added a layer of meta-humor to the show, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Neve Campbell (1998)

Neve Campbell

The late ’90s saw Perry romantically involved with another co-star, Neve Campbell. Their relationship began on the sets of “Three to Tango,” a romantic comedy that showcased their undeniable chemistry. However, like many of Perry’s relationships, this too was short-lived, ending even before the movie’s release.

On-Screen Romance

“Three to Tango” brought Perry and Campbell together as love interests. Their on-screen rapport was a testament to their off-screen connection. While the movie may not have been a blockbuster, it remains a testament to their brief but passionate romance.

A Quiet End

Little is known about the reasons behind Perry and Campbell’s breakup. Their relationship was one of the quieter chapters in Perry’s dating history, but it further highlighted his penchant for forming connections with his co-stars.

Maeve Quinlan (2002-2003)


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His early 2000s saw him in a relationship with Maeve Quinlan, a renowned face from the soap opera world. Known for her long-standing role in “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Quinlan and Perry’s relationship was one of the actor’s more serious endeavors.

A Serious Affair

Unlike some of his previous flings, Perry’s relationship with Quinlan seemed to have more depth. The two were frequently spotted together at events, and their relationship lasted a significant amount of time in the fast-paced world of Hollywood romances.

The Mystery of Their Split

The reasons behind Perry and Quinlan’s breakup remain shrouded in mystery. While there were no public spats or controversies, fans speculated about the reasons. The two were seen together at a charity event in 2006, hinting at a friendly breakup and mutual respect post their romantic involvement.

Lauren Graham (2003)

Lauren Graham

2003 was a year of brief romances for Perry, one of which was with the “Gilmore Girls” star, Lauren Graham. Their relationship, though short, was filled with sweet moments, and the two later collaborated professionally, proving their enduring bond.

A Brief Fling

Perry and Graham’s romance was a fleeting chapter in both their lives. However, the two shared a special connection, evident from their subsequent collaborations and public appearances together.

From Romance to Reels

Despite their short-lived romance, Perry and Graham’s bond endured. They later starred together in the indie film “Birds of America” in 2008, showcasing their undeniable chemistry and mutual admiration.

Rachel Dunn (2003-2005)

Rachel Dunn

Relationship with professional volleyball player Rachel Dunn was a refreshing change from his previous Hollywood romances. Their relationship was more public, with Dunn accompanying Perry to several events, especially during the emotional ending of “Friends.”

A Different Kind of Love

Dunn, with her athletic background, brought a different dynamic to Perry’s life. Their relationship was a testament to Perry’s diverse taste in partners, proving that he wasn’t limited to dating just within the entertainment industry.

An Open Book

Unlike his other relationships, Perry was more open about his time with Dunn. He spoke fondly of her in interviews, highlighting the depth of their bond. In a rare public declaration, Perry shared with the Evening Standard in 2004 about the profound impact Dunn had on his life and his commitment to their relationship.

Lizzy Caplan (2006-2012)


One of the most significant relationships in Matthew Perry’s life was with “Mean Girls” actress Lizzy Caplan. Spanning six years, this relationship stands out as Perry’s longest romantic involvement, marked by its privacy and depth.

A Private Affair

Despite being together for several years, Perry and Caplan managed to keep their relationship largely away from the prying eyes of the media. This discretion speaks volumes about their mutual respect and the depth of their bond, valuing their privacy in a world where celebrity relationships are often under the microscope.

The Silent Breakup

Rumors of their relationship being on the rocks started circulating in 2013. Caplan’s reluctance to discuss Perry in interviews added fuel to the fire. It was later revealed that the couple had parted ways a year prior, in 2012. The quiet end to their long-standing relationship left many fans and well-wishers heartbroken.

Molly Hurwitz (2018-2020)

Molly Hurwitz

In the latter part of the 2010s, Perry found love again with literary manager Molly Hurwitz. Their relationship took a serious turn when Perry proposed, but fate had other plans.

A Modern Romance

Perry and Hurwitz’s relationship was very much a product of the modern age. Hurwitz confirmed their relationship in 2020 with a Valentine’s Day Instagram post, a nod to Perry’s then-new status as an “Instagram influencer.”

The Heartbreaking End

The world was elated when Perry announced his engagement to Hurwitz. However, just six months later, the couple called it off. Perry’s representative released a statement in June 2021, expressing the mutual decision to end their relationship and wishing Hurwitz the best for her future.


1. Did Matthew Perry ever date any of his “Friends” co-stars?

No, Matthew Perry did not date any of his “Friends” co-stars. While there were rumors and speculations, none were confirmed.

2. How did Matthew Perry and Molly Hurwitz meet?

While the exact details of their first meeting are private, Molly Hurwitz is a literary manager, suggesting they might have met through industry connections.

3. Were there any other rumored relationships in Perry’s life?

Yes, like most celebrities, Perry had his fair share of rumored relationships, but not all were confirmed.

4. Did Perry ever comment on his dating life in interviews?

Perry was generally private about his personal life. However, he occasionally opened up about certain relationships, like his time with Rachel Dunn.

5. How did Perry’s struggles with addiction impact his relationships?

Perry was open about his battles with addiction. While it’s personal and speculative to comment on how it directly impacted each relationship, it’s known that he sought support from loved ones during challenging times.

Final Words

 Matthew Perry’s journey, both personal and professional, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of many. His romantic endeavors, filled with passion, heartbreak, and love, mirror the complexities of relationships we all navigate. As we remember this iconic actor, we also celebrate the love stories that enriched his life, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of human connections.

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