How to Transcribe German Audio Faster: Tips and Tricks for Efficiency

How to Transcribe German Audio Faster Tips and Tricks for Efficiency (2)

Transcription is a lot of fun when you get good at it. When you’re at a starting phase, or you just started doing it with a new language is quite a hustle. It can be troublesome if you don’t know what to do and where to start. These days many individuals are in the transcription business.

If you’re having issues trying to transcribe German audio, we can be of help. This article should be your starting point if you’re about to work on the speed of your German transcription. Below you have a few tips and tricks that will certainly aid your efficiency.

Use Web Tools

Use Web Tools

The best way to go around things these days is to make use of technology. For every job, there is an online tool or software that can aid you in getting the work done faster. Transcription is no different.

For those who want to do it with more speed and with ease, to transcribe German audio faster it’s best to use products such as Vidby. This service can do wonders when it comes to pulling out words from German audio. In a few steps, you can see a written word in front of you.

Work on Your Typing Speed

For some of us, technology is not always a solution. In that case, the answer is to work on your skills and improve yourself. That’s not a bad approach and when we talk of transcribing German audio it can be applied. One of the practices to get it all done faster is to add quickness to your typing process.

It is always possible to type faster, all it takes is a little bit of practice. So, if you don’t want to take things the tech way, doing it through working on yourself is a fine answer too.

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Use a Spell and Grammar Checker

At the end of the day, when we talk of transcription it is not only paramount to do the work quickly, it is important to do it the right way too. This is why you must pay a lot of attention to spelling and grammar. Transcribing quickly does not mean anything if you’re not doing it precisely in terms of grammar and spelling.

This is why your entire operation would gain speed if you owned a spell-checker and grammar while transcribing German. This way you will not have to double-check everything and it will save you time and effort in the long run thus aiding in the fastness with which you do your job.

Use Shortcuts and Abbreviations

Use Shortcuts and Abbreviations

While typing fast is important for quick transcription operation, using shortcuts and abbreviations is vital too, and you should start making them part of your habits ASAP. Typing speed and transcription itself will be done faster this way.

The quantity of time and effort you spend typing could be the part of this work that takes the most tools on your entire operation. By making it more streamlined by the use of shortcuts and abbreviations the entire process will be more efficient without a doubt.

Hire a Helper

Now, we’re not suggesting that you have someone working for you full-time. While that’s a viable option too, in this paragraph we’re only suggesting that you have one person on stand-by to make sure that your work is accurate.

When working on the speed of your transcription process it is possible to create more mistakes than is usually the case. So, having a second pair of hands, ears, and eyes might be precisely what you require for a faster process. Considering that this is the type of help that comes in the end, it is better to have someone rested, go through your work, and ensure that there are no mistakes.

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Take Time to Rest

Many individuals in this line of work believe that there’s no time to rest when the job needs to be done quickly. But there’s a difference between increasing the speed of your work and getting it done quickly. When you aim to make the whole project over from top to bottom in a shorter amount of time than before rest is an important part of that equation.

You mustn’t work too hard as it will put strain on your body and mind. When you’re not rested enough you’ll be prone to making more mistakes. This is why it is essential to give yourself enough time to rest, which will result in increased focus and your work will be done not only faster but with more precision too.

Use Foot Pedals

Use Foot Pedals

That is correct when you’re in the line of work transcribing German audio, it’s not only about using your fingers and head. That’s right, there’s that little bit of work that requires you to make use of your feet too. So, if you desire to add speed to your transcription operation using foot pedals is essential.

How do these pedals work? For one, you can use your feet to stop, play, rewind, and fast-forward audio instead of your hands. What this means is that your hands will have more time and freedom on the keyboard adding to the speed of the transcription process without a doubt. Once you get a grasp on how to simultaneously use both your hands and feet you will reach new levels of productivity in no time.

Remove All Distractions

We live in an age where it’s so easy to get distracted. One could argue that the distractions are all around us. That probably is the case. The best place to start is our smartphones. There isn’t a single person in the world who is not an owner of a mobile device. Add our laptops, tablets, and the rest of the mobile devices to the mix and distractions are everywhere.

Social media platforms and their notification and loud ringtones can easily put us off the needed focus. When transcribing, leave everything out of the equation. No scrolling, browsing, or typing of a different kind. The only typing you need to do is the one you’re transcribing.

Bottom Line

Transcribing German audio is no easy feat. When you want to do it professionally you need to do it quickly. With a few tips and tricks we have for you above you are now almost ensured to do it faster than ever before. Just try out our suggestions and see how it goes. Speed is the result without a doubt.

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