Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Relationship: A Love Story Born in the World of Music

The love story of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky is a tale that intertwines the worlds of music, fashion, and personal growth. Their relationship, which has been marked by mutual respect and admiration, has evolved over the years, creating a timeline that is as fascinating as it is heartwarming.

The Early Days: Friendship and Collaboration (2012-2019)

The relationship between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky began as a professional collaboration when Rocky was chosen as the opening act for the U.S. dates of Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour in 2013. Their professional relationship quickly blossomed into a close friendship, marked by mutual respect and admiration. This friendship was further solidified when Rocky featured in Rihanna’s Fenty Skin campaign in 2020, sparking rumors of a potential romantic relationship.

Their friendship was not just limited to professional collaborations. Over the years, they were often spotted together at various events, further fueling speculation about their relationship status. However, both Rihanna and Rocky maintained that they were just friends, with Rocky even referring to Rihanna as his “sister” in a 2013 interview with MTV News.

From Friends to Lovers (2020)

From Friends to Lovers - Rihanna and Asap Rocky

The turning point in their relationship came in December 2020 when they were spotted having dinner with friends in New York City. This sparked rumors that their friendship had evolved into a romantic relationship. These rumors were confirmed when a source close to the couple revealed that they were indeed dating. The source described their bond as “natural,” highlighting their shared interests and mutual respect.

Their relationship was not just a sudden fling. It was the culmination of years of friendship and mutual admiration. Their relationship was also marked by a deep sense of privacy, with both Rihanna and Rocky choosing to keep their relationship away from the public eye as much as possible.

A Growing Love (2021)

In 2021, their relationship continued to strengthen. A$AP Rocky, in an interview with GQ, referred to Rihanna as “the love of my life.” He also expressed his respect and admiration for her, stating that she was “the one.” This public declaration of love marked a significant milestone in their relationship, highlighting the depth of their bond.

Their relationship was not just about public declarations of love. It was also marked by a deep sense of companionship and mutual support. They were often spotted together, enjoying each other’s company and supporting each other’s professional endeavors. This sense of companionship and mutual support further strengthened their bond, laying a strong foundation for their relationship.

Welcoming Their First Child (2022)


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In May 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named RZA. This marked a new chapter in their relationship, as they navigated the joys and challenges of parenthood together. The birth of their son brought them closer together, further strengthening their bond.

The birth of their son was not just a personal milestone. It was also a public affirmation of their relationship. Despite their desire for privacy, the birth of their son brought their relationship into the public eye, further solidifying their status as a couple. They embraced this new chapter in their lives with grace and joy, celebrating the birth of their son with their fans and the public.

A Second Child on the Way (2024)


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In 2024, the couple announced that they were expecting their second child. Rihanna, ever the fashion icon, was spotted flaunting her baby bump in a shimmering green mini dress during a romantic dinner with A$AP Rocky in Barbados. The couple was also seen enjoying a late-night dinner after A$AP Rocky’s Spotify concert at the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival.

The announcement of their second child was not just a personal milestone. It was also a testament to the strength of their relationship. Despite the challenges of parenthood, they continued to support each other and celebrate their love. Their decision to expand their family further highlighted their commitment to each other and their desire to build a family together.

The couple’s decision to have a second child also marked a new chapter in their relationship. They were not just partners in love, but also partners in parenthood. Their journey as parents, marked by joy, challenges, and growth, further strengthened their bond and deepened their love for each other.

A New Chapter: Stepping Down as CEO (2024)

In the midst of her second pregnancy, Rihanna decided to step down as the CEO of Savage x Fenty, a decision reported by Vogue Business. She chose to continue as the brand’s Executive Chairman, with the former Anthropologie CEO Hillary Super replacing her as the new head of the group.

This decision marked a significant shift in Rihanna’s professional life. It was not just a change in her role at Savage x Fenty, but also a reflection of her evolving priorities. As she embraced the joys and challenges of motherhood, she chose to step back from her CEO role, allowing her to focus more on her family and personal life.

Despite stepping down as CEO, Rihanna continued to be deeply involved in Savage x Fenty. As the brand’s Executive Chairman, she continued to shape the brand’s vision and direction. Her decision to step down as CEO did not mark an end to her involvement with the brand, but rather a new chapter in her professional journey.

The Unseen Moments

While the public moments of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship have been well-documented, there are undoubtedly countless private moments that have shaped their relationship. From quiet nights at home to private date nights, these unseen moments have played a crucial role in their relationship.

One such moment was when A$AP Rocky’s father passed away in December 2012. Rihanna offered her sympathy to Rocky via Twitter, writing, “My most sincere condolences bro,” and adding the hashtag, “#BajanBlood.” This moment of shared grief and support likely deepened their bond and friendship.


Another unseen moment was when the couple made their red carpet debut at the Fashion Awards in London in December 2019. At the time, Rihanna had just ended her relationship with ex-boyfriend Hassan Jameel. A source told Us Weekly in February 2020 that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were “hanging out and hooking up,” and that they were “having fun and have always had chemistry.”

These unseen moments, both big and small, have undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship. They highlight the depth of their bond, the strength of their friendship, and the love that they share.

Final Words

The love story of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky is a captivating narrative that transcends the realms of music and fashion, painting a vivid picture of personal growth and mutual respect. From their early days of friendship and collaboration to their evolution into a committed relationship, their journey is a testament to the power of love, respect, and shared dreams.

Their relationship, marked by significant milestones such as the birth of their children and Rihanna’s decision to step down as CEO of Savage x Fenty, reflects their shared commitment to personal growth and family. Despite the public eye and the pressures of their professional lives, they have managed to nurture a relationship that is deeply personal and private.

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