Get Ready for New 2024 Honda Odyssey – What to Expect

Get Ready for New 2024 Honda Odyssey - info

As we approach the new year, car enthusiasts across the globe are getting more and more eager to check out the newest vehicle model releases. Among these much-anticipated vehicles is the new 2024 Honda Odyssey, a car promising supreme comfort, safety, and reliability.

But what to expect from this model, and what features should we anticipate to come along with it? Read on as we thoroughly researched and found some interesting information regarding this minivan.

Important Note: Our article includes a mix of industry insights and educated guesses about the new model. We have clearly marked the speculative parts for clarity.

What Can We Expect Design-Wise?

Needless to say, the Honda Odyssey has been a standout vehicle in its category since its inception back in 1994. In recent years, the model has been revamped design-wise with some subtle modifications that made the recent vehicles in the series much more visually appealing.

While the Odyssey is known for its design and comfort, it’s essential to be aware of the intricacies of its engine and potential challenges to ensure longevity.

With that said, we should expect some refresh in design for the upcoming Honda Odyssey, although, according to our research, Honda did not officially confirm anything.

It has been speculated that the new Odyssey model will undergo a redesign to make the model look more up-to-date by modern standards, but so far, there has not been any official information that will give us definitive answers to design questions many potential buyers want to know about.

Confirmed Specifications

While details about the new Honda Odyssey are scarce, we have analyzed industry trends and our insights suggest potential features for the 2024 model. These are not confirmed by Honda.




3.5 L Direct Injection SOHC i-VTEC® V6


280 HP


262 lb.-ft.

Transmission 10-Speed, Automatic with Grade Logic Control

Potential Release Date

There have been countless speculations and misinformation regarding the new Honda Odyssey release date recently. However, we have run into a credible source recently.

Christopher Smith from motor1.com reported spotting a vehicle, which might be the new model, under camouflage. For more details, refer to the original article on motor1.com.

Here is the official sneak peek from motor1.com.

Final Words

One thing is certain, car enthusiasts – the 2024 Honda Odyssey release is approaching. Despite the fact that there is not a lot of credible and official info regarding this minivan, judging by the speculations and the actual official info from the Honda website, there is a lot to be excited about.

We will update this article with fresh and official information as soon as we get it, so make sure to revisit us and find out about the latest vehicle releases across the globe.

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