What Are Lanyards Used For? Discover Their Versatile Applications – 2024 Guide

What Are Lanyards Used For Discover Their Versatile Applications - 2024 Guide

If you suddenly have an urge to talk about lanyards you’ve come to the right place. This accessory is often overlooked despite being around for a long time. Its history and the number of applications can hardly be neglected. For one, this accessory has been around since the 15th century.

The place of birth – France. Since their early days, lanyards have evolved a lot, and they managed to remain relevant up to 2024. In this article we will delve deeper into their application and how well they fare in modern times. 

What Are Lanyards? The Basics Unveiled

What Are Lanyards The Basics Unveiled

You already know the answer to this question, as you’ve seen them before for sure. The only reason why you’re not too familiar is that you never named them. In essence, the lanyard is a simple cord or strap. You can wear it around your neck, on the shoulder, or wrist. Its primary function is to help you carry an item. It can be an identification card, keys, a smaller bag, or some other item.

As you’ll see below they serve many purposes, and their versatility is what makes them such an amazing accessory. A lanyard can be made from a plethora of materials such as nylon, leather, or polyester depending on what you intend to use them for. 

The History of Lanyards

To fully understand lanyards and their diverse application you need to take a look into their past first. As we already stated, the first lanyard, at least the defined one, appeared in France back in the 15th century. The French term used to describe one is lanière. Their first application was to tie items to suits or uniforms primarily being focused on knives or whistles.

So, as you can guess, their first serious application was tied to the military. With time, and centuries they have evolved into what we have today and what companies such as BPS have in their storages for diverse use. Now that you know these small tidbits about lanyards, it’s time to start talking about their true form and application. 

Military Use

Even after a few centuries, things haven’t changed all that much. Lanyards still have their application with the military. One could even claim that they are indispensable when it comes to military usage. Today they’re mostly used to connect pistols, knives, and swords to parade uniforms and of course whistles.

So, in addition to military use, one could say that all uniformed services such as police and firefighters use them too. Furthermore, they’re used to diversify the military between branches often serving as a distinction between regiments. With ties to the military, lanyards are often used in various color combinations and braid patterns to diversify ranks and achievements and are a great part of military tradition and symbolism. 

In our guide to the versatile applications of lanyards in 2024, we delve into the aspects of lanyard quality, answering the question of whether plain lanyards offer reliable durability for their various uses.

Everyday Application

Everyday Application

Lanyards and their application can be narrow and broad. In this section, we’re going to talk about their broad usage for everyday life, which is not surprising considering their versatility. So, you might be using one without even knowing it is a lanyard. For one, they are mostly used to keep our keys, ID cards, and various other smaller items connected.

It is easy to see how they managed to enter our daily lives considering that they provide both convenience and safety. Today’s market is diversified in terms of lanyard size, shapes, and materials used, and everyone can find an application for one. They don’t only offer a high specter of application but also versatility, customization options, and personalization. 

Industry Usage

When it comes to lanyard industrial applications their purpose revolves around safety. For one, in some heavy industries, they serve as devices for retrieval and restraint. Thanks to their application they help keep workers safe by preventing falls, and different accidents.

When you work in the construction business for example a lanyard can make all the difference between a safe day at work and a big accident. When it comes to occupational safety you can’t underestimate the significance of this device. In many companies, the safety protocols and various regulations revolve around the practical and safe use of lanyards. 

Discover the versatile applications of lanyards in business, and learn how to utilize them as an integral part of your brand-building marketing strategies, as discussed in the related article.

Tech & E devices

How can a simple item such as a lanyard that was invented in the 15th century have a serious application today? Well, it is quite easy when you think about it. They have managed to adapt to the technological boom that is still ongoing today. This is why they have found their way to be used in the technological and electronic world.

Many people all over the world use lanyards to protect their MP3 players, smartphones, USB devices, cameras, etc. They’re an ideal solution to prevent theft, loss, or damage to any of these devices. People even use them to keep their earbuds safe or to keep their other devices close to them at all times. 

ID and Security 

ID and Security 

Starting from military use to the world of high technology, you can understand that a lanyard has many purposes. It is an ideal item to be used in highly secured areas as a means of identification and as a form of initial security at facilities that have strict safety and security protocols. They are ideal to be used as a means to display badges, ID cards, or tickets. Security guards all over the world use them daily.

Just think about it. You see a lanyard in every hospital, corporation, concert, business HQ, or any other facility that has security guards or security of any form. As we said, they do not only have a myriad of applications they’re also very customizable. That’s a lanyard for you. 

In our 2024 guide, we explore the versatile applications of choosing the appropriate lanyards, a crucial aspect when considering the diverse uses of these versatile accessories.


Welcome to the world of lanyards. It is a world that keeps on evolving and growing. We could go on and on talking about lanyards but we’ll stop here. Their purpose and application can’t be denied. An item that has survived more than five centuries and is still going strong deserves every ounce of respect.

All that is left is to think for yourself where you could use one. If you have an idea, you already have a clue where to get the best lanyard possible. 

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