Where to Customize Corporate Swag- Comprehensive Guide

Customize Corporate Swag

If you’re asking yourself what company swag is, you’re not running your business the best way possible. Company swag refers to various branded merchandise that employers use to gift their employees during the holiday season or on some important occasion.

In its essence, it is a promotional strategy. It helps different brands to reach their customers with more ease.

The bottom line is that company swag is just simple items that customers use daily. But, when branded with a company name or logo they are used as constant brand reminders and this is where their power lies. 

What Does Corporate Swag Do?

While it might not appear like that, company swag is a part of every company’s business strategy. How? Well, it does many things for one brand.

First of all, it is all about promoting the business’ identity. Secondly, it has a positive effect on the morale of the employees. Lastly, it can be used as a promotional tool, and a connection established with potential clients.

When you focus on making your company swag items of the highest quality, and be useful to the receptors, brands have a chance to change the perception of how they’re viewed. 

Best Corporate Swag Ideas 

Best Corporate Swag Ideas 

We have told you what corporate swag is and how it should be used. Now, we are going to give you a few ideas of what you can buy for your employers, clients, and partners in this department.

The good news is that the selection is quite diverse, so there is little chance that you won’t be able to use at least one of the items from our list to help you promote your company.

Below, you have some of the best corporate swag ideas, and if you care to attain any, all of them can be found at BPS. 

1. Custom Lanyards

When it comes to swag items, not many others can go above lanyards. They’re versatile and practical. The best part is that they’re easily customizable and are an ideal item to be branded with a company name, logo, or any other element.

This is what makes them great for everyday use but also company events and different promotions.

There are plenty of companies that operate in the domain of customization of lanyards, and finding the right partner shouldn’t be too hard. 

2. Custom Pins

The fact that pins are small items doesn’t make them any less powerful in terms of company swag. Despite their miniature stature, they’re also quite easy to customize.

This is why companies often use them for promotional purposes and attach company names and logos to pins.

They can be used as a quiet fashion accessory as they’re best worn on bags and clothes. With the right pin, a business can say a lot about its identity through the smallest mediums of them all. 

3. Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

A company swag can’t get more applicable to daily life than it can with custom keychains. They are not only useful but are visible making them an ideal time to be used for company branding.

Companies can do wonders with keychains in terms of materials used and design which is why they’re close to the top of our list. Keychains are an ideal way for any company to push forward their brand strategy. 

4. Custom T-Shirts

A walking advertisement. T-Shirts are billboards for brands. But, they’re cheaper, and moveable, making them an ideal promotional tool. Companies can make various decisions in this field.

First of all, they can start from material and color, then move towards shapes and sizes. In any case, t-shirts offer plenty of space to position your brand name or logo any way you want it. 

5. Custom Water Bottles

Custom Water Bottles

There is no better way to show that our company is eco-friendly and that you know how to run a promotional campaign than custom water bottles.

Water bottles are necessary in any company, during business meetings, corporate events, and simply in offices for employees to drink. This is what makes them so easy to customize.

With customized water bottles you can reach more audience than you ever hoped for through means of killing the thirst, promoting your eco-friendly principles, and just supplying people with life-saving liquid this is the way to go. 

6. Custom Socks

There is no better way to warm anyone’s heart than to give them a pair of socks. Yes, it might seem banal, but it is not. When it comes to company swag socks are slowly but safely climbing the list of the most popular gifts one could receive.

The socks can be customized in so many ways it is hard to count. You can later sizes, colors, and patterns, and add both the brand name and a logo to them.

In terms of creativity and cosines, it is hard to beat socks in terms of corporate swag gifts.

7. Custom Stickers

The best way to make your brand more visible is to take a sticker and stick it someplace visible. This is why stickers found their way to our list. They are not only a good way to make your brand visible, it are also one of the more cost-effective ways to do it.

When you add the limitless ways to customize stickers you get quite simple but a winning formula. With a simple sticker, you can make a statement that will show your brand’s ideas, and value, and show how creative and unique you can get.

Also, everyone loves stickers, so why not use them to give people something to have fun with and promote your brand at the same time? 

8. Custom Patches

Let’s take a few steps back through time. Here, we have a vintage way to showcase the company’s swag. Custom patches are a great way you can make your brand visible and have a real-life application to this product.

Here, you have one of the more original ways to represent the company’s swag. Patches can be used in many ways.

Some people would attach them to their clothes, and bags, while others will tie them to furniture or in a car. Once again brand visibility and real-life application go hand in hand. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, company swag is just way more than simple pieces of merchandise. It is used as a way to brand a company and as a beacon of visibility.

For those on the receiving end, it can even be a morale booster and a way to connect both with your peers and your employers. In this article, we have covered almost a dozen ways you can make your corporate gift-giving day a much better experience with company swag.

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