10 Safest Cities in Ohio 2024: Secure Skies and Streets


Ohio is a beacon of opportunity for newcomers. As the heart of the Midwest’s bioscience industry, it proudly hosts the headquarters of renowned corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Goodyear, and Wendy’s. Beyond its economic prowess, Ohio is a cultural hub with a plethora of world-class museums and prestigious universities.

Safety is another feather in Ohio’s cap. With a violent crime rate that’s 18.9 percent below the national average and property crime rates that also sit below the country’s average, it’s no wonder residents feel secure.

In 2017, the state recorded 300.3 violent crimes and 2,577.5 property crimes for every 100,000 residents. Dive into the list of Ohio’s top 10 safest cities, and you’ll quickly grasp why a whopping 11.7 million individuals proudly declare Ohio, the Buckeye State, their home.

10 Best Places To Live

10. Seven Hills: A Serene Haven

Seven hills, Ohio

  • Population: 11,690
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 25.7
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 334.4
  • Most Common Crime: Property
  • 82% Below National Crime Rate

Nestled to the south of Cleveland, Seven Hills presents a tranquil refuge with a warm community spirit. The median home price of $183,200 offers an enticing invitation, while a decade of home appreciation at 6.8 percent adds to the allure.

With a strong focus on education, Seven Hills stands as a shining example. As you contemplate your journey to Ohio, this hidden gem is one to hold close.

9. Hudson: Where History Meets Prosperity

  • Population: 22,287
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.5
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 467.6
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 78% Below National Crime Rate

Nestled as an affluent suburb of Akron, Hudson beckons as a family-friendly haven with a rich historical tapestry. Its sprawling historic shopping district echoes tales of the past, as this town once stood as a sanctuary for those seeking freedom during the Underground Railroad era.

Citizens of Hudson played a crucial role in aiding slaves on their journey to Canada. Today, this vibrant community thrives with exquisite restaurants, a wealth of amenities, and the chance to secure a home in a place where history and prosperity intertwine.

8. North Ridgeville: A Lakeside Sanctuary

  • Population: 32,954
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 26.5
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 194.0
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 88% Below National Crime Rate

Nestled to the west of Cleveland, North Ridgeville stands as a lakeside sanctuary, offering a remarkable quality of life largely due to its minimal crime footprint.

A significant contributing factor to its allure is the cost of living, which sits comfortably at 11.3 percent below the national average. Amid this welcoming landscape, homes beckon at an inviting average of approximately $190,400.

7. Ada: Where Excellence Resides

Ada, Ohio

  • Population: 5,970
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 18.0
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 234.0
  • Most Common Crime: Property
  • 86% Below National Crime Rate

Ada, a haven of exceptional small-town living, beckons to a community largely composed of young professionals. Elevated by a top-tier school system, this town offers affordability that echoes through its homes, with a median price of $139,100.

The cost of living presents yet another delightful surprise, boasting an impressive 20 percent dip below the national average.

6. Rocky River: Coastal Charisma

Rocky River, Ohio

  • Population: 20,211
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 35.0
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 349.8
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 87% Below National Crime Rate

Nestled along Lake Erie’s shore, Rocky River extends a quick 20-minute lifeline into Cleveland for commuters. Garnering a soaring position in numerous “best city” rankings, this town boasts an average home price of around $216,000.

From waterfront properties to condos and historic Tudor-style homes, the variety is vast. As hikers explore the wooded trails of Rocky River Reservation, a sense of nature’s embrace prevails.

5. Kirtland: Suburban Sanctuary

  • Population: 6,818
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 0.0
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 366.6
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 84% Below National Crime Rate

Nestled just south of Lake Erie, the suburb of Kirtland presents not only safety but a coveted standing among Ohio’s finest places to reside.

Encircled by dense forests, Kirtland offers an idyllic setting for great housing, exceptional entertainment choices, and appealing schools. Dotted with enticing restaurants and parks, this slice of Ohio invites you to savor life’s pleasures.

4. Waterville: Tranquil Charms

  • Population: 5,484
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 0.0
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 327.9
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 85% Below National Crime Rate

Nestled in the heart of tranquility, Waterville’s residents revel in their town’s boast-worthy low crime rates and family-oriented atmosphere.

Amid this pleasant community, the median home price beckons at around $200,000, while a cost of living that’s 6.9 percent below the national average adds to the allure. Perched along the Maumee River, this suburb of Toledo paints picturesque landscapes, perfect for morning anglers seeking a peaceful catch.

3. Broadview Heights: Thriving Haven

Broadview Heights

  • Population: 19,242
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 10.4
  • Nonfiolent Crimes Per Capita: 83.2
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 96% Below National Crime Rate

Emerging as Ohio’s third safest city, Broadview Heights graces us with its presence as a thriving suburb within the greater Cleveland region. Claiming a home in this secure and blossoming haven requires an investment of a little over $223,000, a compelling proposition indeed.

And in a harmonious fusion of excellence, Broadview Heights boasts remarkable public schools, with a high school graduation rate soaring to 95 percent — a noteworthy 14 percent above the national average.

2. Sagamore Hills: Nature’s Retreat

Sagamore Hills Ohio

  • Population: 10,956
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 4.0
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 37.0
  • Most Common Crime: Property and Larceny
  • 91% Below National Crime Rate

Taking the runner-up spot for Ohio’s safest city is Sagamore Hills, a tranquil bedroom community neighboring Cleveland. Its claim to fame rests on low violent crime figures and the absence of registered sex offenders.

Embracing the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, this town offers a bounty of outdoor escapades. A stellar educational system further elevates its appeal, making it a magnet for families seeking a well-rounded lifestyle.

1. Olmsted Falls: A Beacon of Safety

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

  • Population: 8,912
  • Violent Crimes Per Capita: 0.0
  • Nonviolent Crimes Per Capita: 157.1
  • Most Common Crime: Property
  • 91% Below National Crime Rate

When “safe” means zero — zero murders, zero robberies, zero aggravated assaults — Olmsted Falls emerges as the resounding champion atop Ohio’s safest cities list.

This historic Cleveland suburb masterfully melds small-town charm with urban proximity, earning it a high livability rating. As the embodiment of tranquility, Olmsted Falls is a testament to safety and community.

5 Safety Tips for Exploring Ohio

  1. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings: Criminals often target distracted tourists. When in public, minimize phone usage and stay alert. Keep an eye on people and vehicles around you. Being vigilant is key to your safety.
  2. Travel with a Buddy: Traveling alone can pose risks. Solo tourists are often more vulnerable to criminals. Having a travel companion ensures someone is watching out for you. Plus, on road trips, multiple drivers can share the journey.
  3. Plan Your Stops in Advance: Map out your route and plan gas stops, meal breaks, and enjoyable detours. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings to stay safe. Avoid rest stops or gas stations that appear sketchy to maintain your security.
  4. Always Have a Map: While smartphones offer digital maps and GPS, carrying a physical map as a backup is wise. It ensures you can navigate if technology fails. Asking for directions at gas stations or restaurants is an option, but having your map is a reliable choice.
  5. Be Prepared for the Unexpected: Travel can bring unexpected challenges. Equip yourself with essentials like a spare tire, jack, jumper cables, and an extra phone charger for car troubles. Carrying a printed map, toothbrush, change of clothes, and other necessities can also be invaluable in unforeseen situations. Preparedness empowers you to handle any scenario promptly and safely.
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What is the most dangerous city to visit in Ohio?

Canton, Ohio holds the reputation of being the most dangerous city in the state. Despite its relatively low population of just over 70,000, Canton experiences high rates of violent and property crimes compared to surrounding towns.

Is there a safest region to stay in when traveling to Ohio?

Yes, the northeastern part of Ohio stands out as a safe region to consider staying in. Seven out of the ten safest cities in Ohio are located in this area, making it a relatively secure choice. However, it’s worth noting that safe cities can be found in other regions of the state as well.

Are there major areas I should avoid when traveling to Ohio? 

Yes, it’s essential to be mindful of crime rates and safety concerns in any city or region you plan to visit in Ohio.

As with any destination, doing thorough research on crime statistics, local safety tips, and travel advisories is crucial to ensure your safety and well-being during your trip.

Final Words

In summary, Ohio’s blend of economic vitality, cultural richness, and safety make it a destination worth exploring, experiencing, and even calling home.

So whether you’re wandering through its museums, strolling its campuses, or discovering its cities, Ohio welcomes you with open arms and a commitment to your well-being.

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