East Indianapolis Home-Woman Killed in Vicious Dog Attack, Child Hospitalized with Injuries

Home-Woman Killed in Vicious Dog Attack

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman from Indianapolis has lost her life, and her son is receiving treatment in the hospital following an attack by a violent dog within a home on the city’s east side.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan police responded to a call around 8 p.m. at the 1700 block of Forsythia Drive, situated near the junction of 16th Street and Franklin Road on the city’s east side, regarding a hostile animal.

Upon reaching the site, IMPD officials interacted with local residents who reported a dog attack on a person inside a nearby home. The officers tried to gain access to the house and eventually found a wounded woman lying on the floor in an adjoining garage.

Major Mike Leepper of IMPD revealed at the scene that the officers attempted to enter the garage but were obstructed by a violent dog. Consequently, the officers had to neutralize the dog, as stated by Major Leepper.

Emergency medical services and fire department personnel from Indianapolis were summoned to the scene for medical assistance. The woman found in the garage, confirmed to be an adult, was declared dead at the site.

The officers also discovered the woman’s son, who had been bitten by the violent dog. As per IMPD, the boy was transported to a local level 1 trauma center and is reported to be in a stable condition.

Major Leepper noted that several other animals, including three dogs, were found inside the home. As of 10:10 p.m., officers were trying to enter the house and reach those dogs, Major Leepper mentioned.

IMPD emphasized at the scene that the neighborhood is not under any threat currently, and all dogs potentially involved in the incident are either inside the house or have been secured by animal control.

Preliminary investigation by homicide detectives into the incident indicates that the dogs were supposed to be in the house and were not intruders. The nature of the woman’s relationship with the dogs is yet unclear.

Furthermore, IMPD noted the close-knit nature of the neighborhood where the incident happened and that the deceased woman was a known figure in her community.

However, Major Leepper stated it is currently unclear how those who informed the police initially became aware of the attack.

IMPD could not provide information about any previous calls to the house regarding violent animals, stating that this question would have to be answered by Animal Care and Control.

The identity of the woman was not immediately disclosed. The breed of the violent dog was also not mentioned.




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