Florida Man’s ‘Demonic’ Crime: Uber Eats Driver Killed and Dismembered

Uber eats driver killed

Pasco County, Fla. — A 56-year-old Uber Eats driver, Randall Cooke, was brutally murdered and dismembered after delivering food to the home of a reported “Demonic” gang member, according to authorities.

Oscar Solis, 30, is charged with the random killing of Cooke at a residence in Holiday, Florida, and disposing of his remains in trash cans. Investigators also discovered the victim’s wedding ring and car keys at the delivery location.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco described the suspect as a “very violent individual” and referred to the murder as a “horrific crime of passion.” He further characterized the actions of the accused as “demonic.”

Solis, who is 6ft 4in and weighs 315 pounds, previously worked as security at a strip club, as noted in an arrest affidavit. He now faces charges of murder during a robbery, failure to register as a convicted felon, and a parole violation.

Authorities link Solis to the MS-13 gang in Indiana, where he was released from prison in January after serving a four-year sentence for assault and burglary.

The arrest was made after investigators obtained video footage from the Florida home that showed the victim arriving with the food delivery but never leaving. The following day, the video allegedly captured the suspect carrying multiple trash bags to the side of the house.

Sheriff Rocco mentioned that when deputies searched the property, they went through the trash bags and found Cooke’s remains.

Pasco County is situated just north of Tampa, Florida, along the Gulf coast.




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