Beetlejuice Net Worth 2024: The Wealth Behind the Laughter

Beetlejuice Net Worth and biography

So, there’s this guy named Lester Napoleon Green, but honestly, most folks know him as Beetlejuice. Born on a sunny June 2nd, 1968, in the lively city of Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, Beetlejuice is quite the character.

You might have heard him on “The Howard Stern Show,” where he brings his unique brand of comedy and charm to the airwaves. But that’s not all—Beetlejuice has also popped up in various movies, leaving his quirky mark wherever he goes.

Now, here’s the interesting part: Beetlejuice deals with some medical challenges. He’s got dwarfism, which means he’s only about 1.30 meters tall (that’s around four feet three inches, for those keeping track). And his head? Well, it’s relatively small due to a condition called microcephaly.

But here’s the thing: Beetlejuice doesn’t let any of that stop him. Nope! His talent shines through, and he’s been rocking the entertainment scene since the year 2000. Talk about a dynamic presence, right?

Key Takeaways

  • Beetlejuice, born Lester Napoleon Green, gained fame through regular appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” and roles in movies like “Scary Movie 2” and “Bubble Boy.” 
  • Born with dwarfism and microcephaly, Beetlejuice overcame these challenges to pursue a career in entertainment. 
  • Despite his popularity, Beetlejuice’s net worth is estimated at around $200,000.
  • Beetlejuice remains active in the entertainment world, showcasing his versatility and resilience.
Real Name Lester Green
Stage Name Beetlejuice
Net Worth $200,000
Date of Birth June 2, 1968
Place of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey
Profession Entertainer, Actor
Best Known For His appearances on The Howard Stern Show and in the movie “Scary Movie 2”
Height 4 feet 3 inches (1.3 m)
Nationality American
Gender Male
Ethnicity African American
Doing Lately Still making appearances on The Howard Stern Show and performing stand-up comedy

Net Worth

According to sources, Beetlejuice’s net worth is only about $200,000. Further, it is enough amount of wealth regarding his popularity and salary by appearing in several shows, events, and occasions.

That amount of Beetlejuice net worth may not be high. However, that is quite good for this man since his special character, physical, and personality made him popular.

Beetlejuice’s Career

Before we get into the financial aspects of Beetlejuice’s life, let’s take a moment to appreciate his illustrious career.

Beetlejuice first graced the television screens on the Howard Stern Show in 1999, sharing the stage with another little person while promoting Rooney’s dwarf company.

Howard Stern, the host, was instantly captivated by Beetlejuice’s unique charm, dubbing him a “Once in a Lifetime Guest”.

This marked the beginning of his regular appearances on the show, which significantly boosted his popularity.

In 2000, Stern entrusted Beetlejuice, or Lester Green, with the honor of accepting a special achievement award on his behalf at the AVN Awards.

Beetlejuice’s fame continued to rise as he guest-starred on the popular wrestling show “WCW Nitro”.

2002 saw them venturing into the music industry, appearing in a rap music video and featuring in several songs on the album, which undoubtedly contributed to his growing net worth.

Beetlejuice also participated in amateur boxing matches against other little people, adding another feather to his cap.

In 2019, renowned director Michael Bay expressed interest in casting Beetlejuice in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” according to slashfilm.com.

In 2016, he became an internet sensation, going viral on popular platforms. He further expanded his repertoire by releasing his song “Beetle in the House”, featuring big names like Sean Paul, Big Freedia, and Snoop Dogg.


Early Days


As the fifth of six children, Green grew up in the Marion Section of New Jersey. His life took a turn when Sean Rooney, the owner of a Dwarf Tossing company, discovered him in a bar.

This encounter led to Green becoming an entertainer under Rooney’s guidance, and he was bestowed with the nickname “Beetlejuice”, a nod to the 1988 movie of the same name.

In terms of education, Beetlejuice was a diligent student at PS 31 in Jersey City, where he also received special education.

How Does He Make Money?

beetlejuices career

He made money by appearing on The Howard Stern Shows. However, some critics target the issue of exploitation on Beetlejuice.

Nonetheless, that does not stop stern from making Beetlejuice more and more popular at that time.

He also appears on several events and other shows. He got some royalties from his works. Besides, he took part in films.

For instance, Scary Movie 2 as Shorty’s brain and Bubble Boy as Lil’ Zip are the films that he played.

Fun fact, Scary Movie 2 is one of my favorite movies.

Rooney’s Company

While Beetlejuice is primarily known for his comedic and acting talents, he also maintains an affiliation with Rooney’s company. This connection, however, doesn’t appear to be a significant business venture for him.

The most substantial contribution to his net worth comes from his earnings from The Howard Stern Show. Indeed, Howard Stern himself is a pivotal figure in Beetlejuice’s career, playing an instrumental role in his success and financial growth.


How did Beetlejuice get his start in the entertainment industry?

HE was discovered in a bar by Sean Rooney, the owner of a Dwarf Tossing company. Rooney helped Beetlejuice become an entertainer and gave him his stage name, which is a reference to the 1988 movie “Beetlejuice”.

What is Beetlejuice best known for?

Beetlejuice is best known for his regular appearances on The Howard Stern Show. He has also made appearances in films like “Scary Movie 2” and “Bubble Boy”.

What is his relationship status?

Beetlejuice had a public relationship with a woman from Puerto Rico in 2003. They were briefly married for four months.

Where does Beetlejuice live?

It’s not exactly known where Beetlejuice currently resides. However, he once revealed on The Howard Stern Show that he lived with his mother in Georgia.

What is his connection to Rooney’s company?

He maintains an affiliation with Rooney’s company, which is a Dwarf Tossing company. However, this connection doesn’t appear to be a significant business venture for him.

What is he doing lately?

He continues to make appearances on The Howard Stern Show and performs stand-up comedy. He remains a vibrant personality in the entertainment industry.

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